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A light saber is a weapon of the Jedi, an order of Force-wielding knights in the Star Wars universe. The blade is a concentrated beam of plasma that is emitted from the hilt of the saber. It is a weapon that requires great skill and training to use effectively, and is deadly in the hands of a skilled user. The light saber is the signature weapon of the Jedi, and is often seen as a symbol of the order.

The Jedi use light sabers to defend the Republic and fight the forces of the Sith. The light saber is a versatile weapon, and can be used for both offense and defense.

The blade can be used to block blaster bolts and deflect enemy attacks. The saber can also be used to strike an opponent, and is capable of cutting through flesh and metal. The light saber is a powerful weapon, but it is not without its dangers. The blade is extremely hot and can cause serious injuries if not used properly. The Jedi must be careful not to allow themselves to be struck by their own light saber blades.