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How Rare Is The Black Kyber Crystal In Star Wars?

How Rare Is The Black Kyber Crystal In Star Wars?

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Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you can easily get lost in the nooks and crannies that fill the world. It creates a sense of mystery that no other sci-fi movie has achieved. There’s a reason it is one of the greats. 

One of the great mysteries in Star Wars is Kyber crystals. The variety of Kyber crystals contributes to some of that mystery. Color changes are prevalent, whereas power and lightsaber effects are more uncommon.

The most frequent colors in Star Wars media are those associated with lightsabers, such as blue, green, and red. Then there are some that are less typical, such as purple, yellow, and white.

However, the Black Kyber Crystal does not make a star appearance and it has fans concluding that it is a rare crystal. But why? Let’s get into it! 

What Are Kyber Crystals Used For?

With more research, it has been determined that kyber crystals are the heart of every lightsaber. It is the energy source that gives the lightsabers their ability to glow and be so powerful.

The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber’s blade color is often determined by the color of the kyber crystal. The black Kyber crystal is the lone exception, as it unlocks a red sword as opposed to a black one.

When a crystal is placed in a Dok-Den Ondar’s Holocron, it also unlocks the wisdom of a different Star Wars character, depending on the crystal’s hue.

A kyber crystal may be acquired as a standalone object for exhibition or decoration, although it is more typical for people to place one in a lightsaber from Savi’s Workshop or an electronic Holocron from Dok-Den Ondar’s of Antiquities.

Many believe that the kyber crystal harnessed the power of the character using it. Characters were able to use their abilities and strengths to their advantage when in battle.

Jedi would be able to harness their power into their lightsaber to protect the peace and justice in the Galactic Republic.

The Rarity Of Kyber Crystals In Star Wars

Throughout the history of Star Wars, kyber crystals were traditionally used by the Jedi Order. They were highly devoted to the crystals and their power.

They have various harvesting sites for the crystals which were protected and a place of worship. However, unlike many were led to believe, the Jedi Order was not the only one with access to the powerful kyber crystals.

People of other cultures and abilities also utilized the power they held. This acknowledgment highly impacts the rarity of kyber crystals throughout Star Wars.

However, despite being rather plentiful, it can be said that kyber crystals were a very uncommon commodity. The time period also affected how uncommon they were.

Kyber crystal supplies were strictly controlled once the Jedi and Sith attained superhuman abilities.

Although there isn’t any canonical evidence to support it, it might be presumed that they would have been easier to find before the Jedi Order was established.

The Harvesting Of Kyber Crystals

One of the reasons that the Jedi Order and many others protected and worshiped the kyber crystals was due to the inability to create them synthetically. The only way of sourcing kyber crystals was what was created naturally.

This only added to the value and rarity of the crystals. For use in lightsabers and superweapons like the Death Star, kyber crystals were mined. And many kyber crystals were broken or destroyed in the process of making both.

In order to harvest new kyber crystals, a person had to be force-sensitive or know the harvesting site’s location. Making the ability to harvest new kyber crystals rather difficult and only added to the rarity of the limited sources.

Not to mention, before the harvesting of these much needed power sources could begin, the Jedi and Sith have some intense issues to work through.

Restriction Of Kyber Supply

Kyber Crystal Cave

When the battle between Jedi and Sith began, both parties discovered the importance of kyber crystals. And with an extremely limited amount available, each party made it a mission to restrict kyber crystal supply as much as possible.

You may recognize this from the Jedi’s protection of the planet Ilum.  Even before the creation of the Jedi Order, Ilum had long been regarded as a sacred planet.

Ilum served as the location where young Jedi would go to obtain their kyber crystal for their lightsaber. This made it an extremely valuable tool that the Jedi had to protect and the Sith must try to destroy.

And vice versa with the Sith’s kyber crystal harvesting sites. And much like a real-life battle, some valuable resources were able to fall through the cracks.

Making them an excellent item for selling on the black market and a rather profitable price. 

With kyber crystals on the black market, common people of the Galactic Republic were able to get their hands on them and the rarer they are, the more valuable they became.

Kyber Crystals On The Black Market

Before the battle of the Jedi and Sith, it was extremely rare for complete kyber crystals to be found on the black market. However, as the battle ensued, more kyber crystals found themselves on the black market.

Kyber crystals for the black market were typically obtained from unauthorized harvesting locations, deserted battlegrounds, or stolen lightsabers.

A Sith might once in a while sell the lightsaber(s) they obtained from Jedi they have defeated. Finding the kyber crystals on their own was far more common because getting a whole lightsaber was so tough.

Lightsabers, when they were available, were worth much more than a single crystal. They also became much more valuable when the Empire made the distribution and selling of kyber crystals illegal.

The Meaning Of Black

Black can represent absence, darkness, death, power, and mystery in color theory. A color like that might be associated with the Sith, not the Jedi. There is just one instance of a Sith having a black lightsaber, though.

How Rare Is The Black Kyber Crystal In Star Wars?

The Darksaber, which is a member of the warrior race known as the Mandalorians, is the most popular black lightsaber. However, as explained above, a black kyber crystal would emit a red glow.

So, were the Mandalorians using black kyber crystals and our knowledge is wrong? Or were they using something else entirely?

Can White Crystals Make A Black Crystal?

The only known Madelorian to be allowed into the Jedi Order, Tarre Vizsla, is the most known Jedi for creating a Darksaber.

A theory is that his kyber crystal became black as his soul aligned with it. Meaning a black kyber crystal could not be harvested.

While this was not proven, it allowed for the knowledge that a crystal’s color could be changed once fully formed. Allowing many to believe that a black kyber crystal could be created through transformation.

Since black is the antithesis of white, a kyber crystal can also be transformed to create a black kyber crystal.

Following the Tarre Vizsla theory, he lived and fought in the battle of Jedi and Sith where there is a strong possibility that white kyber crystals existed and could be transformed to black.

This theory is extremely brittle due to the structure of the Jedi’s process of making lightsabers. But without any more information, it can neither be confirmed nor denied.

 What Makes A Black Kyber Crystal Special?

As you research black kyber crystals, you will come to the conclusion that black kyber crystals are not natural crystals.

With the various harvesting sites, to the knowledge of the millions of star wars fans, a black crystal is not grown on any planet of the Galactic Republic. They are crystals that have been transformed to align with the force-users soul.

However, there are others that believe that a black kyber crystal would emit a red saber, not a black one. This can be a little tricking as many lightsabers turn red when they are turned to the dark side through the act of ‘bleeding’.

The quick answer is that they are uncommon and are discovered by accident. Because obtaining one is unpredictable and solely by chance, there is additional hoopla surrounding this color of Kyber crystal.

There is a particular remark contained in each black Kyber Crystal, however, to provide a bit extra clarity. The message inside a black kyber crystal will read:

“Today you have found something truly special. This small fragment of obsidian is infused with the power of the dark side. When placed inside a lightsaber or a Holocron, this rare fragment with unnatural powers mined from dark side shrine will have similar properties as a red Kyber Crystal.”

These can be found and bought at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiques located in Batuu at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Overall, the rarity is what makes a black kyber crystal so special. Everyone wants what they can’t have. 

Other Rare Kyber Crystals

While black is one of the most rare kyber crystals, it is not the only one. In both Canon and Legends, there are other colors known to be just as rare as black. Other crystals which are rare in the Star Wars world are:

White Kyber Crystals

As stated above, it was theorized that Mandalorian and Jedi warrior, Tarre Vizsla, transformed a white kyber crystal into a black one and created the Darksaber.

However, there is another color that is known for using white kyber crystals, Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka Tano is the only confirmed character to use white kyber crystals.

She purifies the crimson kyber crystals from vanquished Sith. The crystals’ white color is a result of the purifying procedure.

The lightsaber hilts were first made from scrap metal that Tano had collected during the year following the collapse of the Republic, but they were eventually improved to be more useful and attractive.

Cyan Kyber Crystals

A cyan kyber crystal is only used in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Once a player collects a cyan kyber crystal, they can then use it throughout the game.

As you venture into franchises on the Star Wars realm, you will begin to become familiar with other rare kyber crystals. This is because each branch has different rules and beliefs.

In Legends you can create kyber crystals synthetically, altering the value and rarity of the power source.

How Rare Is The Black Kyber Crystal In Stars Wars?

From everything above we can state that the black kyber crystal is a true mystery. It is only notably mentioned once as the Darksaber, owned by The Mand’alor, Tarre Vizsla.

However, it is never confirmed whether the black blade is created using a black kyber crystal, or another source. The most common colors of lightsabers are blue, green, and red, the color black is rarely seen. 

It is also theorized that black kyber crystals were the result of using force on a white kyber crystal. Which was never confirmed either.  Therefore, the existence of a black kyber crystal is extremely rare.

With only one reference throughout the entire franchise, many believe that the black kyber crystal is the rarest crystal in the entire Galactic Republic.

With the meaning of black being darkness, many were led to believe that Sith would obtain the black kyber crystal, yet this never takes place.

He transforms his once blue saber into a red through the ‘bleeding’ process, making the powers of the mighty black kyber crystal a mystery.

If you happen to find yourself at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, visit Batuu and purchase a red kyber crystal with a silver tip in hopes of getting a black kyber crystal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Get The Black Kyber Crystal?

The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber’s blade color is determined by the color of the kyber crystal (the only exception is for a black kyber crystal, which unlocks a red blade).

What Is The Lifespan Of A Kyber Crystal?

The crystals developed in a planned manner, gradually building up their prismatic structure. They had no clear lifespan and ranged in size from the size of a fingernail to enormous dimensions.

Regardless of size, all cybers were tuned to the Force.


So, how rare are black kyber crystals in Star Wars? The short answer is extremely. With only one known reference but no confirmed sightings, there is no telling what power a black kyber crystal holds.

Whether The Mand’alor created a black kyber crystal by aligning his soul with the crystal, or they emit a red lightsaber and not black, many believe that they are truly powerful.

And the only way to get one is to visit Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiques at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, purchase a red kyber crystal with a silver tip, and hope that yours turns black.

Enjoy the mystery and anticipation to discover if you have what it takes to hold, a black kyber crystal.

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