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All You Need To Know About The Black Lightsaber

All You Need To Know About The Black Lightsaber

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Lightsabers are most iconic and badass weapons that have ever been created in the world of fiction. 

Essentially, they are swords made from light or laser (plasma). However, this is not all that they are. Each lightsaber represents something different, and they are not all made equal. 

Jedi, for example, are likely to be seen with green, blue, orange, or purple lightsabers, whereas the Sith favor red lightsabers, which are thought to have been made by pouring their hatred into the dark side, causing the kyber crystal to “bleed” and lead to the color red. 

Some lightsabers are fairly common, whereas others are exceptionally rare, the black lightsaber being one of the rarest. 

This article will be providing you with more information on this interesting lightsaber. 

What Is The Black Lightsaber? 

As mentioned above, black lightsabers are incredibly rare. Lightsabers are made from light, and black is a color that is absent from all light, which is what makes this weapon all the more interesting. 

Black lightsabers are known as Darksabers, and they also look different from other regular lightsabers.

Instead of being cylindrical, these sabers are curved, resembling a real sword. They also have a soft glow of white light around the edges. 


The Darksaber was created by a Mandalorian called Tarre Vizsla. He was the first Mandalorian Jedi and created the Darksaber for himself. 

Once he passed away, the Darksaber was kept by the Jedi Order in one of their temples for several generations, but Vizsla’s descendants broke in and retrieved it in order to unite all of Mandalore.

From this point on, the Darksaber was known as a symbol for the Mandalorian people and would fill them with pride whenever they laid eyes on it. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold onto the Darksaber forever, and Darth Maul was able to get his hands on it, using it alongside his famous red lightsaber. 

Darth Maul holding the Darksaber

All hope was not lost for the Mandalorian people though, as after Darth Maul, the Mandalorian weapons export, Sabine Wren was able to get her hands on it again, training with it before gifting it to Bokatan Kryze, another Mandalorian who used it to unite the Mandalorian people once again. 

The reason why the Darksaber has been in the possession of many hands is because it is a tradition of the Mandalorian people, that the Darksaber is obtained only after the previous owner has been defeated in battle. 

Star Wars Legends

The above history of the Darksaber refers to Star Wars canon, but it does also exist briefly in Star Wars Legends. 

However, it is only seen in video games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

In the above games, players can use the black crystal to transform the color of the lightsaber that belongs to Galen Marek, the son of two Jedi Knights and the apprentice of Darth Vader

The Meaning Of The Color Black

The color black normally signifies death, darkness, absence, and power. It also represents the notion of mystery. 

Knowing the meaning of this color, one would assume that a Darksaber would belong to those who favor the dark side, such as the Sith. 

However, as mentioned above, only one Sith was known for using this Darksaber, Darth Maul. Aside from this, the Darksaber belongs to the Mandalorians. 

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Origins Of The Lightsabers 


Now that you’re aware of the history of the Darksaber, we’re going to provide you with some information on lightsabers in general. 

Lightsabers get their color from a certain lightsaber crystal, and this is in the form of a mineral that uses the energy of the blade to form. 

Some believe that finding these crystals make for a rite of passage that leads to using the Force. 

Many of these crystals, known as ‘kyber crystals’ are found on the planet Ilum which is shown in The Clone Wars movie. This is an ice planet, where Padawans were known for completing a ritual named ‘the Gathering’

The kyber crystals used to make lightsabers are completely uncolored, but once a Jedi finds one, they take on different colors in order to make a lightsaber. 

It is said that these colors resonate with each Jedi, and represent who they are as a Jedi. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, the black lightsaber is known as the Darksaber, and belongs to the people of Mandalore.

It carries a slightly different appearance to regular lightsabers, as it resembles more of a sword.

It is the belief of the Mandalorians, that one can only obtain this lightsaber after the previous owner has been defeated in battle. 

Therefore, throughout the ages, this Darksaber has been passed on to different owners, including Darth Maul

Although the color black is associated with darkness, those who own this lightsaber do not necessarily have those traits, so the exact meaning of this saber is unknown.

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