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The Yellow Lightsaber: Its Meaning And History

The Yellow Lightsaber: Its Meaning And History

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In the Star Wars world, the yellow lightsaber typically denotes a person who suffered a change in identity.

It is a very uncommon color that is only occasionally observed.

Rey’s lightsaber, which was originally blue in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, changes color to golden when she adopts the Skywalker name.

The Jedi Temple guards, who gave up their identities to serve in their position, are renowned for using it as well.

This article will discuss the history of the yellow lightsaber, notable people who have wielded one, and the significance of yellow in the larger Star Wars universe.

What Does Yellow Symbolize?

Yellow can represent vitality, warmth, and optimism in color theory.

Someone can go on to reinvent their complete identity from what it was known as with an enthusiastic optimism for the future.

What Does The Yellow Lightsaber Mean?

According to the fandom, Sentinel Jedi are more likely to utilize yellow lightsabers in the Star Wars canon than Guardian or Consular Jedi.

Jedi Temple Guards

Sentinels are described as Jedi who “ferret out deception and injustice” and “find a balance between the physical and cerebral disciplines of the Jedi Order” in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (KOTOR)

The Sentinel class in this game comes equipped by default with a yellow lightsaber.

For the Jedi order, this color has special meaning, and coils stand for constant protection.

The franchise’s main antagonist, Emperor Palpatine, was terrified of the yellow lightsaber.

Due to the Kyber crystals used in their construction, lightsabers are initially colorless and acquire color only after being gathered and after the user and the crystal have developed a link that represents their morals and values.

Jedi Sentinel

Who Uses A Yellow Lightsaber?

Only a few characters in the Star Wars saga have ever used a yellow lightsaber.

The bounty hunter Asajj Ventress purchased hers on the dark web, and Padawan student Ahsoka Tano also made use of a yellow blade.

Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress fight

Bastila Shan, a character from Knights of the Old Republic, used a yellow lightsaber.

Furthermore, Daisy Ridley’s character Rey wears a yellow lightsaber in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

According to others, this indicates that Rey is a Jedi Sentinel, a fighter who can balance using the Force and physical battle.

The hue of Rey’s lightsaber might also be seen as fitting with the mission of the Jedi Temple Guard.

Rey Skywalker holding yellow lightsaber

Yellow Lightsabers only account 4% of force-users, while more typical colors carried by characters in red, blue, or green, as well as rarer orange, purple, or even black lightsabers. Click here to find out more on the other color lightsabers.

Yellow Lightsaber – Users Quick List:

  • Asajj Ventress
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Bastila Shan
  • Rey Skywalker
  • Jedi Master Tosan

Star Wars Canon

The Jedi Temple Guards were the most well-known users of yellow lightsabers prior to the appearance of Rey Skywalker.

They are a shadowy force with double-sided yellow lightsabers and masked clothing.

The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is under the protection of the temple guards.

Instead of using their own lightsabers, they are given the yellow ones when they are hired as temple guards.

This was done in order to keep the identities of the guards a secret.

Both the blade color and hilt design of some lightsabers can be highly distinctive. Asajj Ventress is present in addition to the temple guard.

Asajj was a crimson lightsaber-wielding bounty hunter. She discovered a yellow lightsaber after having her other ones taken.

Also using a dual-sided yellow lightsaber was Jedi Master Tosan.

Rey Skywalker, who had previously been wielding the renowned Skywalker Lightsaber that had been passed down from Darth Vader to Luke and subsequently to her, has most recently changed to wielding a yellow lightsaber.

This lightsaber served her well up until the end of the sequel trilogy, when she returned it to Lars Moisture Farm, the home of Luke Skywalker.

Here, she put both Leia Organa’s and Skywalker’s lightsabers to rest before constructing her own.

Around this time, she adopted the name Skywalker, and the uncommon yellow light emanating from her kyber crystal.

Star Wars Legends

A specialist group of Jedi known as the Jedi Sentinel received training in security, computers, demolition, stealth, medical, and the ways of the force in addition to fighting and the ways of the force.

They belonged to one of the three types of Jedi.
The Sentinels, the Guardians, and the Consulars were their names.

Sentinels were trained in a combination of combat and diplomacy, whereas Guardians received more training in combat.

The Sentinels were distinguished by their use of yellow lightsabers.

Further specialization options for them included Artisan, Investigator, Recruiter, Shadow, Temple Guard, and Watchman.

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Final Thoughts

Yellow is a significant lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe, and there are many theories surrounding it. With such important characters wielding one, it’s bound to have an incredibly rich history and interesting meaning.

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