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The Neopixel Lightsaber Companies You Need To Know About

The Neopixel Lightsaber Companies You Need To Know About

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The majority of Star Wars fans have probably tried to visualize what it would be like to have their very own lightsaber and battle with their enemies.

Luckily, dreams can come true with the invention of the replica (much safer) neopixel lightsabers.

A neopixel lightsaber blade has been created to be removable from the hilt, so you can swap it whenever you like. 

In this article, we have listed the neopixel lightsaber companies that you need to know about when buying a new lightsaber.

What Is A Neopixel Lightsaber?

A neopixel lightsaber is a custom made lightsaber containing LED strips running along the length of the blade.

The LED light strips give the lightsaber the bright, iconic light-up colors and feature RGB color changing customization. Not only do they light up like the real thing, but they also make customized sounds. 

Neopixel Lightsaber Features

These lightsaber blades light up as you already know, but they are actually brighter than the in-hilt LED/baselit configuration which is why customers prefer them.

The visual effects of these lightsabers can also be customized. Visual effects include:

  • Blade scrolling effects
  • Blade animations
  • Blaster bolt deflect
  • Unstable blade effects 
  • Rainbow blade effect 

There are also a number of sound effects that can be bought with a neopixel lightsaber, these include but are not limited to: 

  • Battle clashing sounds
  • Smooth swing sounds
  • Background music 
  • Blaster deflection
  • Ignition
  • Saber lock-up

Neopixel Lightsaber Companies

Please note that this list is a good starting point but isn’t a definitive list of Neopixel lightsaber retailers. Always do your research before buying a product through a website you’ve not used before. 

How Much Do They Cost?

As with any product, there are always going to be more expensive versions that are of better quality.

But you can easily find secondhand lightsabers that work perfectly well on sites such as eBay, Amazon, and The Pach Store.

Many stores offer discounts when you sign up to mailing lists and there are often sales that can offer massive discounts. 

Budget Friendly Lightsabers

Sabertrio and The Pach Store are great retailers to check out if you’re looking for a budget-friendly neopixel lightsaber.

The more budget-friendly options tend to be of lower quality, but that can’t be said for every single one. If a saber has ‘eco’ in its name you can usually guess they are using a lower-budget soundboard.

In particular, The Pach store has many options available for under $100 as the lightsabers are second-hand. Many of their neopixel sabers have a Proffieboard or the Asteria soundboard.

Doing the right research or buying second-hand can be a great way to save money. 

Higher-end Lightsabers

Higher-end pixel sabers may cost you a little more but they can come with cool features such as connecting your saber to your phone via Bluetooth.

For example. Electrum Sabercrafts has an app that allows you to customize the colors, lighting effects, motion effects, and sound right from your phone. 

Other types of neopixel lightsabers include battle sabers which are for those that want to engage in combat and are rather indestructible.

Bendu Armory is a great example of a company that sells combat sabers. 

The more expensive lightsabers can cost anywhere between $200 to $600. Double-check the product listings to ensure that your saber comes with a blade.  

Ghost Lightsaber by Sabers Pro
Ghost lightsaber – by SabersPro,com

Are Neopixel Lightsabers Worth It?

If you’re deciding whether or not to buy your first neopixel lightsaber, then you might be weighing up your options. There are some negatives that come with buying a neopixel lightsaber. 

One example is the price, neopixel lightsabers tend to cost more than in-hilt LED versions so if you’re on a budget then you might need to save for one or buy second-hand.

The neopixel blades are also more expensive than standard blades. 

Another limitation of neopixel lightsabers is that their batteries drain a lot faster than in-hilt LED versions as they have more special effects that require a lot of battery power. 

As with any product, it is only considered to be ‘worth it’ if it holds value to the customer. For those that want a lightsaber to perform many functions such as sound and light effects then a neopixel lightsaber is worth it.

Final Thoughts

Here we have listed some of the best retailers that sell neopixel lightsabers. We highly recommend thoroughly researching companies and lightsaber models to ensure that you get the right product for you. 

We hope you found this article interesting and informative, giving you a better idea of where to buy neopixel lightsabers in the future.

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