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Updated Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:45 PM

About the Artist - I create whimsical drawings, watercolors, and computer graphic images on the subject of science fiction, fantasy and romance. For over 20 years I have created digital art. However, lately I have been working with watercolors. Pretty much everything I do starts out as a pen & Ink sketch using the old speedball dipping pens. I then color it in with watercolors or scan the drawing and use it as a guide to work over on the computer using a pen and graphics tablet to color the image.

My new art booth at :

The Grove Arcade Portico Market,
Battery Park Avenue,
Downtown, Asheville, NC.
Phone: 828-335-6789

Mon - Sun: 10:30am to 4:30 pm

Besides creating graphic art, I design web sites and produce multimedia presentations for special events. My creative skills are computer graphic design, 3D computer modeling, animation, drawing, painting, logo design, and web design. I used to produce custom media for large corporate events, new product introduction, sales meetings, and conventions. Over the years, I've created commercial art and multimedia presentations for many of America's top corporations and associations.

Children Of The Future

photo by: Michael Traister
Website: www.traisterphoto.com

Meet the Artist

If it's a warm sunny day (weekends only in the winter) you can meet me in the heart of downtown Asheville at my Art Table outside the The Grove Arcade from 10:30 AM- 4:30 PM. I will be selling original watercolors, paintings, prints, cards, and my doodle dot magnets.

In The News

Check out my news story in the Arts & Living section of the Sunday Asheville Citizen Times.

Where can I buy your art in Asheville, NC?

The best place to start, is to visit The Up Draft Fine Art Gallery a unique art destination located at 84 Walnut Street, downtown Asheville. The provide a multimedia, interactive experience. Shop while artist create exquisite art including paintings, jewelry, pottery and glass. More then 60 working artists are represented by the Gallery. I have my very best original pen & ink figure drawings on display in my old friend Andrew Montrie's fine art gallery.

Some of my new pop art and manga drawings are on display at the Laughing Mask Candies , at 84 N. Lexington Avenue.

You can buy some of my science fiction space art at Downtown News and Books in Asheville, NC

Where can I buy your art online?

Visit My Art Break On-line Store   Visit My Etsy On-line Store

Many of my original art and prints are now available online. To order my artwork go to my Etsy store , or visiting my new Art Break gallery Most of my work for sale is on ArtBreak.com All these art websites accept Mastercard and Visa using PayPal.

Note: If you don't see what your looking for in any of these online stores contacting me via email and I will make it available.

How can I keep in touch?

Join my Facebook Fan Newsletter. Once you're a fan you will receive e-mail updates to my latest exploits and art events.
2012 Art Shows and Events

The Big Crafty
Voted WNCs favorite Art Event three years in a row
Sunday, December 2, 12-6pm The Asheville Art Museum, Pack Place & Pack Square, beautiful downtown Asheville, NC

- Indie crafters, artists & makers - Festive DJd music - Locally crafted food, drink & beer - Free admission

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Asheville, NC will play host to The Asheville Comic Expo, a convention for fans of comic books, science-fiction, fantasy, pop culture and more! I will have a table full of my new Anima and Manga super girls, plus more hot space girls and fantasy drawings for ACE.

2011 Art Shows and Events

Fanaticon Mask

The Big Crafty is a Bi-annual festival of indie crafters, artists and makers in Asheville, NC. On July 10, 2011 The Big Crafty will once again be held at Pack Place, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Asheville Art Museum!

Once again I will have a table full of new fantasy watercolors and color pencil drawings available for the Big Crafty. Stop by and check out my latest cool color pencil work on black paper "The Steam PunkFairy", "The Bubble Juggler", and "Cosmic Hearts". I will also have all your favorite collectable edition UFO prints on display too. Plus there is more! A Free Doodle Dot with every purchase. Limit one per customer. Must believe we are not alone.

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, Asheville, NC will play host to FANATICON2, a convention for fans of comic books, science-fiction, fantasy, pop culture and more! Stop by my science fiction art gallery dedicated to spaceships in art, science and literature. If you enjoy Spaceships, Space Travel, UFO's and Alien Worlds, you have to warp over to my sector of space and check out my retro space art.

May 1, 2011
Pack Place Park, Asheville, NC

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, Asheville Grown Business Alliance, The Big Crafty and Just Economics are putting on the BIG LOVE FEST, a free celebration of unchained and independent Asheville. This festival is sponsored and made possible by local and independent businesses, crafters, artists, restaurants, breweries & non profits. The mission of the festival is to support independently-owned businesses in the community and to celebrate their vital economic, social and cultural role in our vibrant local economy.

Asheville Art In The Park is a handmade Market for Professional Artist. The event takes place on three consecutive Saturdays each June and October. Nationally known local artists exhibit at this event in Asheville‘s Pack Square Park. This is the third year in a row that I designed and created the poster for my friend Andrew Montrie who is the promoter of the event. Limited edition custom HD posters, signed by the artist (me) will be on display and available for purchase at my tent. Look for my tent at the heart of the event, Andrew promised me a good spot. ;-)

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