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What Is a Bacta Tank? – It’s Awesome

What Is a Bacta Tank? – It’s Awesome

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Since Star Wars is set in a sci-fi universe, they have all sorts of futuristic technology that is used by the characters that inhabit the world. Medicine and treating injuries are no exception. With that in mind, what is a bacta tank?

A bacta tank is a cylinder-shaped tank made of steel and filled with a healing liquid called bacta. Characters in the Star Wars universe use them to recover from injury and illness by soaking in them. The bacta tank can be used by any faction of people.

Bacta tanks are the go-to resource for treating injuries of all severity. Find out more about bacta tanks and their significance by continuing below.

How Are Bacta Tanks Used In The Star Wars Universe?

Bacta tanks are steel cylinder-shaped pods filled with a fluid called bacta that can heal all manner of injuries.

Characters can heal their injuries in the bacta tank by submerging in it for any length of time depending on the severity of the injuries.

Most injuries only take a few hours to heal when submerged in bacta, however, some deep ones can take a day or two. Patients can also be kept in a comatose state within a bacta tank

A Bacta Tank in use

Before getting into the bacta tank, women dress in a white gown and men wear white boxer briefs. 

When using a bacta tank, the patient has to wear a mask to receive a steady supply of oxygen or the substance they need to breathe while soaking.

Although they are extremely useful, submerging in a bacta tank is described as an uncomfortable experience by many inhabitants.

The bacta is so thick and slimy that it can feel like you are being completely encased in it, Some users need sedatives administered before going in the tank to minimize discomfort.

Bacta tanks also come in a portable option known as a bacta pod so that characters can get the most out of its healing properties while on the go.

After each use, bacta tanks are emptied, sanitized, and disinfected before being refilled for the next patient.

What is Bacta?

Bacta is the healing liquid that is placed inside the tanks. It consists of bacteria particles called alazhi and kavam.

It has a very strong smell and sour taste that makes users turn up their noses. It’s so thick that any residue would stay in the nose and mouth for weeks after treatment 

They are naturally found in the body fluids of all of the beings in Star Wars. It is said to also be mixed with other man-made substances to help with healing.

Inhabitants of the Star Wars universe describe it as a warm substance that can be used to treat minor and major injuries.

Bacta conforms to the vessel it is placed in, it can be used in tanks or small dishes depending on the size and kind of wound. It also comes in patches and administered injections 

History of Bacta Tanks in Star Wars

An insect-like species called Vratix was manufactured by two different companies after being approved for medical use.

It replaced juvan as the go-to healing method for the people of the Star Wars universe. Before it was mass-produced individuals would attempt to grow small batches in their homes.

During the Clone Wars, bacta became the primary way to heal troops. After bacta was on the market for a while, a bacta suit was invented that would treat the wearer with an artificial bacta.

Bacta continues to be used in the current iterations of Star Wars in synthetic forms.

What Star Wars Characters Use Bacta Tanks?

Bacta tanks have been used by many characters throughout the series,

Darth Vader was submerged in one regularly to heal sustained injuries to his body, however, it could not heal the damage to his lungs.

Dagan Gera was a Jedi who was kept in a comatose state from within a bacta tank. Although it allowed him to stay alive and heal most of his injuries, the bacta did not regenerate his arm.

Luke Skywalker used one to heal after sustaining injuries on an ice planet while fighting with the rebels 

Boba Fett also used a bacta tank throughout the story in The Book of Boba Fett. While he was healing in the bacta tank, Boba Fett meditated and studied the dark side of the Force

Cobb Vanth used it after him when he needed to heal from a gunshot wound.

Are Bacta Tanks The Only Option For Healing?

As previously mentioned, other forms of bacta can be used as well, These include patches and syringes, along with the bacta suits.

Bacta bombs were also used on the battlefield to heal soldiers upon impact

 Bacta Bomb

Before bacta became the most popular healing method, another compound called juvan was used. Not much is known about juvan, except that it was briefly mentioned before the introduction of bacta and had the common name rejuv.

How Much Do Bacta Tanks Cost?

The bacta tank alone costs around 100.000 credits. As such, they were only present in hospitals and on large military ships and bases.

The fact that they are highly sought-after pieces of medical equipment contributes to their cost as well.

Can Bacta Tanks Be Used To Heal Any Injury?

Although bacta tanks are a revolutionary healing invention, they cannot fix everything. Both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker suffered severed limbs, the bacta tank did not heal them.

If it did, they would not need prosthetics. Bacta was unable to allow Vader to breathe without his apparatus either.

Skywalker in the Bacta Tank

He continues to use the bacta tank even though it cannot completely heal him because submerging in it numbs his pain.

No matter how advanced medicine in the universe becomes, it will have limitations. 


A bacta tank is a highly sought-after healing apparatus in the Star Wars universe. To heal, patients are submerged in tanks filled with a bacterial substance called bacta. They can heal almost anything, except severed limbs, and have been used by several major characters including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.


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