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Cobb Vanth: Is He Still Alive After The Book Of Boba Fett?

Cobb Vanth: Is He Still Alive After The Book Of Boba Fett?

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The Book Of Boba Fett was responsible for a whole host of casualties, and this has led many to question whether Cobb Vanth managed to make it out alive.

When we last saw Cobb, he’d been wounded badly via a shot made by Cad Bane.

As the scene suggests, he barely managed to make it, and was badly wounded with a shot in the shoulder.

It does seem, however, that Cobb Vanth has made it and will continue to make appearances in the series in the future. 

What Is The Book Of Boba Fett? 

Before we jump and take a closer look at the events surrounding the conclusion of The Book Of Boba Fett, first let’s take a look at what the series consists of, for those who haven’t watched it before. 

The Book Of Boba Fett is advertised as a thrilling Star Wars adventure that follows the legendary hunter as they take a deep dive into the underworld of the galaxy.

They then make a return to Tatooine, which is the legendary territory that was once the claim of Jabba The Hutt

The series premiered in 2021, and can be watched on Disney Plus for those who have a subscription. 

Who Is Boba Fett? 

So, who is the titular character behind the series? Boba Fett made an appearance in the original Star Wars movies, and was thought to have been killed in the Return Of The Jedi.

His end was particularly grotesque in nature, and he was thought to have to spend the rest of all eternity being slowly digested in his Sarlaac’s stomach. 

However, in season two of the hit series Mandalorian, fans were surprised to find that Boba Fett had actually managed to escape his terrible fate. 

The book takes place directly after the events of season two of the Mandalorian, and exactly five years after the events of Return Of The Jedi.

In terms of timeline, this is exactly 9 years after A New Hope

The reason behind why it’s called the Book Of Boba Fett?

Because each of the different episodes are characterized as a chapter, just like they are in the Mandalorian.

This gives an added sense of lore to the series, and truly makes us feel as though we’re taking a deep dive into the world. 

Who Is Cobb Vanth? 

In terms of who Cobb Vanth is, he was first introduced in the Star Wars book Aftermath.

He is a former slave, and battles against the Red Key Raiders in order to defeat the mining collective. 

In the Book Of Boba Fett, he spectacularly faces off against Cad Bane and the Pyke Syndicate

What Is The Aftermath Trilogy? 

The Aftermath Trilogy is a series of books released by Star Wars, written by the author Chuck Wendig.

Wendig wrote the first in the series in 2015, and they gained immense popularity with readers. 

The books take place somewhere between the Return of The Jedi, and The Force Awakens.

It follows the rebel alliance called the New Republic, that are trying to banish the scattered forces of The Empire that remain after the destruction of the Death Star

When the books were first published, critical reception didn’t look favorably upon them, and the series based on the books has gained far more attention than the core texts that they’re based on. 

Is Cobb Vanth Still Alive? 

So, now that we’ve taken a closer look at the series, as well as some of the main characters, let’s move on to take a look at the events surrounding Cobb’s mysterious fate. 

Many fans viewing the series were led to question whether Cobb was indeed alive or not. He appeared to suffer a brutal wound in his encounter with Cad Bane. 

Cobb Vanth, despite acquiring a terrible wound in battle, did appear to survive the events of the series.

He was wounded badly in the shoulder, which we can see later on in the episode. Some people may have missed this, as it appears in the post credits scene. 

We witness Cobb, and Fennec Shand, both very much alive. It is unknown what kind of treatment Cobb will need, and if this will require a full body soak. 

Fans speculate that this will be unnecessary however, as his injuries aren’t bad enough to warrant this procedure.

Despite this, it is what Cobb seems to have asked for at the conclusion of the episode, which leads us to question, is he seeking modifications?

Because Cobb featured so largely at the end of the series, it also leads us to think that he’ll play a big role in the next one. 

Many fans are super pleased about this fact, as we saw Cobb Vanth become a favorite throughout the series, and personally, we’re really happy that we’re going to be seeing more of him. 

Because Vanth has proven himself as a worthy marshall and mayor in Newtown, many fans are wondering if Boba Fett will actually turn to him to rule the people.

He has shown himself to be an incredibly brave and trustworthy character, with strong leadership skills. 

Olyphant, who played Cobb Vanth in the series has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, which means that the actor is being recognized for his good work in the series. 

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Final Thoughts 

To sum up, fans will be pleased to know that Cobb Vanth does make it out alive after the events of The Book Of Boba Fett.

Because we see him recovering via a full body soak in the end credits, it leads us to wonder if he’s receiving any modifications.

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