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Which Jedi Uses An Orange Lightsaber And Why? Find Out Here

Which Jedi Uses An Orange Lightsaber And Why? Find Out Here

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Years of devotion to the Star Wars saga have left many fans hoping they could wield a lightsaber and command the Force, as well as tour the galaxy with their favourite Jedi heroes.

When questioned, most Star Wars fans would readily admit that younglings are promoted to the rank of Padawan in the Jedi Order. Those who are devoted and competent enough may go from Padawan to Jedi Knight, and from there they can progress to Jedi Masters.

Orange is a rather uncommon colour for lightsabers. The majority of the information concerning it may be obtained in legends. Although it appears in the Jedi: Fallen Order, which is regarded canon.

List of Orange Lightsaber Users:

Star Wars Canon

  • Cal Kestis

Star Wars Legends

  • Tulak Hord
  • Dorjander Kace
  • Soon Bayts
  • Jaska
  • Kyle Katarn
  • Yaddle
  • Yoshi Raph-Elan
  • Torhaa Phaa
  • Lar Le’Ung
  • Polvin Kut
  • Zayne Carrick

The use of a lightsaber in this hue was limited to one character and one unique group of characters. If you’re interested in learning more about which Jedi wields an orange lightsaber and why, this article will be of assistance.

What Exactly Are Lightsabers?

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When the Jedi, the Sith, and other force-users need to attack or defend, they turn to lightsabers for assistance. These weapons are comprised of a plasma blade, which is propelled by a Kyber crystal and is released from a hilt and can be turned off at command.

The Kyber crystals, which are uncommon, force-attuned crystals that grow in nature and may be found on various planets, are responsible for the different hues of lightsabers. Kyber crystals are initially colourless, but once they are discovered by a Jedi, they begin to change colour.

Generally speaking, the colour of a lightsaber comes from a “lightsaber crystal,” which may be either an organic or synthetic mineral formation that concentrates the energy of the blade. In certain Star Wars stories, locating or making this crystal is considered a rite of passage for young Force users who are just starting out. In their quest for that elusive Goldilocks crystal that is neither too hot nor too filled with horrible evil, they will go to the most remote reaches of the galaxy on a regular basis to find it.

What Is An Orange Lightsaber?

Orange Lightsaber

An orange lightsaber represents a Jedi Master who has a tremendous deal of wisdom and knowledge. Orange lightsabers are very unusual in the universe, and there are only a handful of Jedi Masters in existence. In the hands of a Sith Lord or an apprentice, the use of an orange lightsaber symbolizes enormous strength and leadership ability.

The logical conclusion would be that an orange kyber crystal would result in an orange blade colour, and this would be accurate for the weapon choices available in Jedi: Fallen Order as well. Energy, fire, warmth, citrus, and sunlight are all represented by the colour orange in a lightsaber blade.

Who Is Yaddle?


She is the most prominent figure in the Star Wars universe who wields an orange lightsaber, since she is the enigmatic Yoda and she is also very mysterious. Jedi Master Yaddle was also called as “The One Below” and was a member of the Jedi Council during his time on the planet. When you see her, you will immediately recognize her as being of the same species as Yoda, but she is not as aged as he is.

A character encyclopedia for Star Wars claims that she was born some 509 years before the Battle of Yavin, and that she was eventually taken into custody by the Jedi Temple. She had a long and illustrious career as a Jedi Master, and she was a member of the Jedi Council, where she was seated beside at least one of her former Padawans. Yaddle retired from active duty soon after Qui-Gon’s death and Shaak Ti was appointed to fill her position.

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Yaddle is a Jedi Master who first appeared in The Phantom Menace and is noted for being the quietest of the Jedi Masters, even more placid and calm than Yoda himself. Yaddle was widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable members of the Jedi Council. 

She was patient and gentle, and as a result, she was granted permission to use some of the most mysterious and dangerous Jedi skills, such as morichro, on others. This technique permitted a Jedi to immobilize their opponent’s physiological functions to the point of death by slowing down their biological processes.

In one scenario, it was revealed that Yaddle had been a padawan to Jedi Knight Polvin Kut for over 300 years before she was appointed to the Jedi Council. On their way to the planet Koba on a mission with her master, the two Jedi were deceived and attacked by the Advozse warlord known as Tulak, who killed them both.

Kut, whose family had been massacred by the Advozse, was killed when he sought to avenge Tulak’s death, allowing his padawan to be seized by the Advozse in the process. In order for the Advozse to leave Koba, Yaddle was exposed to numerous sorts of investigation, including beatings and torture. Tulak imprisoned Yaddle in an underground hole before fleeing, allowing her to perish in the process.

Eventually, a devastating earthquake shook the planet where Yaddle was imprisoned, allowing her to escape. Although he might have returned to punish his prisoners, Master Yaddle remained behind to assist them in rebuilding their house from the wreckage. She demonstrated that she had long since forgiven the several generations of people who had conspired to keep her imprisoned.

Why Do Bearers Of Orange Lightsabers Seldom Use Them?

Despite possessing an exceptional connection with the Force, those who wield orange lightsabers are adamant about never utilising them. Sentinels who value stealth and creativity are less likely to draw their weapons at the first hint of a dispute than their more aggressive counterparts. Even if they were forced to resort to violence, they would first try to negotiate, barter, and reason their way out of a bad position before resorting to violence.

This is the most plausible explanation for why we don’t see many orange lightsabers in the Expanded Universe: those who own them have made a pact with themselves not to commit violence until it is absolutely necessary. As a result, it is appropriately seen as a sign of compassion, diplomacy, generosity, and a desire for peaceful resolution.

Why Is An Orange Lightsaber Used By Yaddle?

As previously stated, the Kyber crystal is colourless until it is obtained and then becomes coloured. Upon acquiring the crystal and incorporating it into their lightsaber, the colour of the crystal will vary based on the owner’s relationship with the Force. For example, the Jedi utilize blue or green  because of their spiritual connection with the universe.

An orange lightsaber, on the other hand, has never been observed being used on the evil side. As a result, we can only speculate about what it means based on the legend and the bits of evidence provided by the one and only Jedi who wields an orange lightsaber. Color orange is considered to be a symbol of regeneration and renewal on the planet Naboo, according to its inhabitants.

The colour orange for a lightsaber has already been established as being highly unusual. Perhaps it has something to do with the wielder’s ability to maintain his or her composure in the face of violence.

If a Jedi is opposed to violence, it stands to reason that their lightsaber will stay unused until absolutely essential. There are just three situations in which we observe this brilliant orange blade:

  • On the planet Asmeru, on a mission.
  • In the course of a battle against the Red Iaro.
  • As she embarks on her last trip to Mawan.

Furthermore, we might hypothesise that this hue represents individuals who were humane warriors who were forced to turn to violence as a desperate last choice. It is reserved for those who pity their adversaries and who steadfastly adhere to the light side of the Force.

Perhaps it is also intended for people who are really diplomatic and push for peace above all else. Who knows? However, it is a true monument to Yaddle’s compassion, since it is rare in a cosmos that is filled with conflicts and violence.

There is nothing quite like the impact of the Star Wars universe on the rest of the globe in terms of impact, duration, and intensity. Even if you haven’t watched it, chances are you know someone who is a major fan. Even if you aren’t a fan, you are undoubtedly familiar with the characters Yoda and Darth Vader.

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