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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Jedi Master Yaddle You Didn’t Know

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Jedi Master Yaddle You Didn’t Know

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When The Phantom Menace first appeared on our screens, there were a lot of things to take in, it was our first on-screen glimpse into life in the galaxy before the Empire’s control, and it meant that fans were scouring for interesting details and easter eggs as the movie progressed.

In what is considered to be the most “blink and you’ll miss it” cameos of all time, Jedi Master Yaddle can be seen sitting in the Jedi councils’ meeting.

As the first member of Yoda’s unnamed species to appear on the screen outside of the great Jedi Master himself, this cameo is massively significant, and despite her recent appearance in the animated “Tales of the Jedi” series, much is still unknown about her, it means that to learn more about this mysterious Jedi master, we’ll have to turn to the extended “Legends” media for more information about her!

So, if you want to discover 10 of the most interesting facts about the peculiar Jedi Master Yaddle, then keep reading on and we’ll fill you in with everything you need to know.

She Was Initially A Design For Yoda

You read that correctly, when the concept art by the artist Ian McCaig, Yaddle wasn’t meant to be an entirely new character whatsoever, instead, she was simply a design for a younger-looking Master Yoda.

However, this decision was ultimately changed, presumably to keep Master Yoda recognizable to older audiences, and therefore Master Yaddle was then born!

She Was A Member Of The Jedi Council

Although eagle-eye viewers will have spotted her cameo during Episode 1, many people don’t realize that this Jedi Master was a crucial part of the Jedi council, and she also helped to train many padawans too, with the most notable being the Thisspasian Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis, who was widely considered to be one of the smartest and most knowledgeable of all the Jedi on the council, and he can also be seen joining Yaddle in the council when discussing the invasion of Naboo too.

She Survived Order 66 (Legends)

With the destruction of the Jedi order as Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66 to the clone forces across the galaxy, Jedi younglings, padawans, knights, and masters all succumbed to the clones, including key figures such as Ki-Adi-Mundi, and even Plo Koon.

However, in Legends, Yaddle was one of the very few Jedi that was able to escape the wrath of the clones, and although her story after the events of the Clone Wars is mostly untold, there have been a few Jedi who have been aware of her existence and legacy, so what happened to her is unknown.

As of the release of Tales of the Jedi” in 2022, in the canon story, we now know that Master Yaddle was killed at the hands of Count Dooku, as she had caught him plotting with Darth Sidious, who was still known as Chancellor Palpatine at the time, which cemented his turn to the dark side.

Count Dooku vs Yaddle

She Fought Darth Vader (In A Vision)

In the Legends media it is said that she managed to survive Order 66, which meant that she was likely on the list of Jedi that Darth Vader and his inquisitors sought about hunting down, scouring the galaxy searching for any hint of the presence of force sensitive people, and although the two never actually met, they did end up having a lightsaber duel of sorts.

During a desperate attempt to try and resurrect his deceased wife Padme, Darth Vader was transported through a portal created by Darth Momin, where he was then surrounded by numerous Jedi, all ready to fight him with their lightsabers ignited.

Of the Jedi that was there, Yaddle was the last one remaining, although Vader bested her easily, and it’s hard to argue that the duel would have gone any other way had the two actually met either.

She Possessed Rare Force Powers

Unlike the canon, the Legends media contains a lot more overpowered and rare force powers that aren’t seen in many of the movies or series, and Yaddle was one of the Jedi who was able to use several of these previously unseen force powers!

Although all of these powers made her quite the considerable warrior, it was the power entitled “Morichro” that was the most worrisome for her opponents, as it allowed her to manipulate the Force in a way that would bring the bodily functions of the opponent to a near standstill, which would bring them within inches of dying.

As well as this, she was also able to utilize “Force Light”, a power that would help to weaken the opponent’s connection to the dark side of the Force.

She Was Imprisoned For Over A Century (Legends)

One of the most prominent appearances of Yaddle in the Legends media is the tale of when she accompanied Jedi Master Polvin Kut to deal with the warlord Tulak on the planet of Koba.

During the fight, her master was overwhelmed with anger and was ultimately killed by the slaves of the tyrannical warlord. Overrun, Yaddle was then captured.

Despite being tortured repeatedly, she never gave up information on the Jedi, and instead, Tulak decided she would be thrown into an underground pit for her to live out the rest of her life.

She became something of a legend to the inhabitants of Koba, who would feed her as a ritual, with many people not even believing she existed, it was during this time that she was able to meditate and gain unity with the Force.

She Didn’t Hate The People Of Koba

Despite being imprisoned for such a long time, upon her escape, she helped to liberate the people of Koba from the son of Tulak, who had initially imprisoned her, only then did she make her way back to Coruscant and the Jedi, proving that she truly was a kind and considerate Jedi Master.

She Became A Jedi Master Straight From Being A Padawan

Upon her return to the Jedi after her imprisonment, it was decided by the Jedi Council that Yaddle didn’t require any more training, and was immediately elevated from the rank of Padawan straight to Jedi Master, and was also granted a place on the Jedi Council too.

Although Grand Master Yoda was initially torn about allowing this to take place, especially considering that it defied convention and tradition, the rest of the council was in favor of the decision, so it went ahead.

Jedi Master Yaddle
Yaddle – Tales of the Jedi

She Died Stopping A Bioweapon

In a different story from Legends, Yaddle accompanied Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in stopping a bioweapon that was going to be used to destroy the city of Naatan on the planet Mawan by the warlord Granta Omega.

The weapon was fired, and Yaddle took the full force of the blast, absorbing it using the Force, which sadly killed her instantly.

She Died At 483 Years Old (Legends)

In the Legends canon where she stops the bioweapon, Yaddle was 483 years old, which compared to Grogu’s infancy at the age of 50, and Yoda’s grand age of 900 when he became one with the force in Episode 5, it means that Yaddle’s death could be equated to a human dying in their 40s.


So, with so many stories detailing her life and death, and despite her limited appearances in the actual Star Wars canon, there’s no doubt that Yaddle is one of the most interesting low-key characters in the Star Wars universe, and hopefully this list of facts was able to shed some light on the rich history of this incredible Jedi Master!

Quick FAQ

  • Is Yaddle still Alive?

    In both Legends and Canon she is dead.

  • What color lightsaber does Yaddle use?

    Yaddle used a green lightsaber.

  • Was Yaddle married to Yoda?

    Yes. The council allowed it due to the rarity of species

  • Did Yoda and Yaddle make Grogu?

    No, it’s not official, yet. Technically they did have a son.

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