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The Black Series Helmets – Awesome Complete List

The Black Series Helmets – Awesome Complete List

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This conceptual approach from Disney’s takeover of Star Wars has boosted the sale of merchandise, just like Marvel, as many fans want to have memorabilia of their favorite character or something that is symbolic of their favorite canon.

This is where Hasbro’s ‘The Black Series’ comes in, a line of merchandise that includes action figures, vehicles, models, lightsabers, and other collectible items, with particular focus of adding to previous merchandise with new products based on the new canon developed by Disney.

Particularly of note for us today are the helmets produced in Hasbro’s The Black Series helmet each is unique, references its own lore, and are actually well made.

Today we will list every helmet out there at the minute along with our review of each helmet, so you know how to find the merchandise that makes you feel special. Find our list below!

All Star Wars The Black Series Helmets

The merch line started back in 2015, yet, as of 2023 there are 25 helmets out there that you can collect, each with their own unique reference to a character, film or series.

Some helmets have been released but aren’t available to be purchased until certain dates. As we said, this is a complete list, so we will include every helmet that is, or will be available, in the near future.

The helmets are battery powered and often have fun features like LED lights, visual effects, audio effects, and other fun features depending on the helmet. The are also wearable!!! (small-medium size adult heads)

It must be said that these helmets are mainly for display, or cosplay, they aren’t actually safety gear so don’t expect them to protect you like a builder’s hard hat does, this is all about aesthetics.

1. Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changing Helmet

Let’s start with a classic, the recognizable imperial stormtrooper – a classic in terms of the films, but also in the sense that this helmet came out in 2016 and was one of the originals.

Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changing Helmet

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This is your classically menacing stormtrooper helmet, based on the classic designs we see in Rogue One and the original films.

A great feature of this headphone that kids and cosplayers alike will love, is the voice changing microphone.

While the aesthetics are totally on-point here, many find that this electronic voice changer is a little cheap in comparison to the rest of the helmet which is actually really great quality.

Certain reviews suggest that the microphone is more of a volume amplifier and the actual voice changing element isn’t that strong, which will upset some cosplayers.

But, the mic will still make an interesting addition to any cosplay outfit of a stormtrooper. If you want the classic stormtrooper look, then this is the helmet to go for!

2. Artillery Stormtrooper Electronic Helmet

For a more modern stormtrooper look, this soon to be released helmet is up-to-date and should be recognizable from the recent Mandalorian series on Disney+.

It’s very similar to the previous original imperial stormtrooper helmet, but features the unique yellow detailing on the helmet.

This detailing is emblematic of the artillery role in the imperial army that involves firing mortars onto the battlefield like it happens in the show.

Like the imperial stormtrooper helmet, the artillery stormtrooper helmet also has the voice changing microphone.

This helmet is not available until January 2023, but can be pre-ordered on Entertainment Earth.

We wonder if the microphone will be updated and fixed to match how fans have been reviewing it, considering it is nearly 10 years older than the imperial helmet, but time will tell.

3. The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet

This helmet came out in 2021 to celebrate the release of The Mandalorian with its synonymous helmet, reminding many fans of the classic Fett helmet in the original films.

Based on Mando’s silver beskar helmet. A cool feature is the removable tactical flashlight on the right side of the helmet which cosplayers will love the immersive quality of scale.

The interior is padded for comfort and has adjustable strips for fit. Another cool quality that fans will love is the dual red LED lights that turn on when the helmet is upside down, just like in the scene of the series.

4. The Wedge Antilles X-Wing Helmet

From the classic films, we are all used to the equivalent of the imperial stormtrooper helmet, the X-Wing fighter pilot helmet worn famously by Lando Carlissian and Luke Skywalker.

This particular helmet is modeled after the helmet worn by the famed Corellian Rogue Squadron pilot Wedge Antilles, who, for my money, has one of the best names in Star Wars canon.

This has a really cool interactive feature in the helmet where you can flip a switch inside the helmet to make the visor into a flight simulator of Antilles X-Wing, you can even choose between the Battle of Yavin, or the Battle of Hoth on his snow speeder.

With three internal speakers you can get an awesome surround sound system that is immersive, even getting instructions from R2-A3 on your speakers.

Although, the microphone is fake and only for immersion purposes.

5. Bo-Katan Kryze Helmet

This is another helmet from the Mandalorian series, modeled after the female character Lady Bo-Katan Kryze, who is the leader of the Nite Owls, an elite group of female warriors, originally part of the feared Death Watch.

The design of the helmet by the Star Wars team represents the feminine but strong energy of the character.

The helmet is weathered to represent how it is in the series, but is made from the same high quality plastic the other helmets are.

Like some other similar helmets of this style in the Black Series, Bo-Katan’s helmet features a flip-down range finder that is lit up with LED lights and an illuminated HUD. For the cosplayers, this one is a catch.

6. Trapper Wolf X-Wing Helmet

This is another new helmet inspired by Trapper Wolf’s appearance in the ongoing The Mandalorian series.

He is a renowned pilot for the New Republic and the helmet is based on the one he wears in the series, including in his attack on Ranzar Malk’s space-station.

While there is no simulation screen like in Wedge Antilles’ helmet, there are still some cool audio effects in the speakers which synchronize with the LED lights which simulate blaster sounds, explosions and even dialogue from Captain Carson Teva.

7. The Mandalorian Death Watch Helmet

This is the Death Watch style as seen in the hit series The Mandalorian.

This is another beskar helmet based on those worn in the Mandalorian by Satine Kryze’s Death Watch, which also links with the Clone Wars lore.

The helmet features the same flip-down range finder and illuminated HUD display as on other Death Watch helmets. As this was an exclusive helmet from Gamestop so this is the only place it is available.

8. First Order Stormtrooper Helmet

This is another stormtrooper helmet that is updated for the First Order as seen in the Disney sequel trilogy. It is different from the classic and is best for fans who enjoyed the Disney sequels.

These are the stormtroopers that follow Kylo Ren and his Imperial orders.

Like the other stormtrooper helmets, this features the comfort pads and adjustable fit as well as the electronic voice distortion, that some fans don’t find too impressive.

9. Boba Fett Re-Armoured Helmet

So this is the classic Boba Fett helmet that older fans would recognize from the original films, but this is the re-armored version that we see on Boba Fett as depicted on The Mandalorian.

The helmet has the classic and iconic dent in the helmet that is typical of Boba Fett’s helmet.

Like the other helmets from the Mandalorian, this features the flip–down rangefinder and illuminated HUD display – exactly like his father. This is a really cool one for old and new fans.

10. Boba Fett Prototype Armor

This is another cool thing for new and old fans to enjoy together. This was released on the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the helmet makes reference to some older Star Wars meta-lore.

Essentially this helmet is based on the original prototypes drawn up for the Stormtroopers, the early versions of Boba Fett’s armor, envisioned as the ‘Super Stormtrooper’, were all white like the original stormtrooper.

This helmet celebrates the old designs, but still includes the cool additions other Death Watch helmets have like the rangefinder and HUD.

11. Captain Cardinal Stormtrooper Helmet

This is a really cool stormtrooper helmet design that is all-over red as depicted on Captain Cardinal at the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Park in Disneyland.

Captain Cardinal was Hux’s personal guard, and one of the first to join the First Order.

The limited edition helmet was released through Target, it features the same voice microphone as other stormtrooper helmets. This is a great one for fans of Disneyland and Star Wars.

12. Luke Skywalker’s ‘Red Five’ X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Modeled on Luke’s original helmet from the film where he flies the iconic ‘Red Five’ X-Wing.

Like the other rebel X-Wing helmets this features the same padding, adjustable strap, faux microphone, but importantly, has the cool battle simulation that is the same as the one on Wedge Antilles helmet!

13. Incinerator Stormtrooper Helmet

This is another new variation on the classic stormtrooper helmet, comparable to the artillery helmet. This helmet is designed after the incinerators, those stormtroopers who carry flamethrowers, so is extra cool.

This has the electronic voice changer typical in these stormtrooper helmets, as well as the red detailing we see on the helmets worn by the stormtroopers in The Mandalorian.

14. Boba Fett Helmet Original Design

This is the original Boba Fett helmet from the Empire Strikes Back, this is actually the re-released version that has more detail.

The helmet features the weathering we recognize on Boba in the original films as well as the flip down viewfinder and HUD on the other similar masks in the series.

15. Imperial Shock Trooper Helmet

This is one for the Star Wars Battlefront fans, this is based on the classic imperial stormtrooper style, but has the markings on it you can identify on the Shock Troopers in the Battlefront II game.

This was originally released with the Gamestop Exclusive helmets. As with the rest of the stormtrooper designs this features the internal voice changing microphone.

16. Darth Vader Helmet

This is the most iconic image from Star Wars, let alone helmets, so this is really a favorite among fans and has been made by many companies previously.

To public’s dismay, this mask does not feature the voice-changer that many masks do. It comes in three pieces: a collar piece, mask piece, and hood piece.

The helmet also has a range of sound effects synonymous with Vader such as breathing, helmet sealing, and helmet removal sounds.

17. Poe Dameron X-Wing Helmet

This helmet features the newer design of the Rebel X-Wing helmet, modeled specifically on that of Poe Dameron’s from the new Star Wars films.

The visor is retractable and the microphone actually works, with responsive dialogue from BB-8 as well as battle sounds.

18. Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet

Again, this is another one for the Star Wars: Battlefront games, based on the Shadow Troopers in the video game. Like the other stormtroopers helmets there is an internal microphone and voice changer.

Mainly based on the imperial stormtrooper helmet, this design instead has an all black finish with some blue detailing.

19. Kylo Ren Helmet

This was the inaugural release of The Black Series and met great feedback. This is the completely original and unique Kylo Ren helmet as seen in the sequel trilogy.

It comes in two parts like the real mask, a front piece and rear piece, and also features a voice changer.

Final Thoughts

What is clear is that the black series helmets from Hasbro is the product line to check out if you want quality and accurate helmets made by professionals, good for display or cosplay without breaking the bank!

The Black Series Helmets Release List

NoHelmet Released
1Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet2015
2Shadow Trooper Helmet2016
3Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet2016
4Poe Dameron Helmet2017
5Darth Vader Helmet2018
6Shock Trooper Helmet2018
7Boba Fett Helmet2019
8Incinerator Helmet2019
9Luke Skywalker Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet2019
10Captain Cardinal Helmet2020
11Prototype Boba Fett Helmet2020
12Boba Fett (Re-Armored) Helmet2021
13Death Watch Mandalorian Helmet2021
14First Order Stormtrooper Helmet2021
15The Mandalorian Helmet2021
16Wedge Antilles Helmet2021
17Bo-Katan Kryze Helmet2022
18Trapper Wolf Helmet2022
19332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Helmet2023
20Artillery Stormtrooper Helmet2023
21Axe Woves Premium Electronic Helmet2023
22Darth Vader Premium Helmet2023
23Phase II Clone Trooper Premium Electronic2023
24Sabine Wren Helmet2023
25Scout Trooper Helmet2023
26Captain RexTBA
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