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10 Things We Learned from the Rise of Kylo Ren

10 Things We Learned from the Rise of Kylo Ren

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The very popular Marvel’s Star Wars comic series has come to an end with the release of the final issue of The Rise of Kylo Ren. If you are yet to read them, there’s a spoiler alert as we will reveal all the details about Kylo Ren.

So, only continue reading this graphic novel if you’ve already read it, or you cannot wait to know everything about this Star Wars fan-favorite character.

Let’s get started!

1. Ben Did Not Destroy Luke Skywalker‘s Jedi Temple

In The Last Jedi, Luke was under the impression that Ben destroyed his Jedi Temple after their battle. According to him, Ben did burn everything to the ground and took some students along with him. However, if you read The Rise of Kylo Ren Issue 1, you’ll see a worried and confused Ben who is nowhere near the Jedi Temple.

In fact, while he looks towards the temple, it is at that time that it is destroyed by being blown up. To this, Ben was shocked as well as sad because he didn’t want this. So, it was not Ben behind the temple destruction. The real culprit was the Knights of Ren, who did it to take revenge against Luke.

2. Ben’s Friendship When Younger

Nothing was mentioned about Ben’s friendship in the Star Wars story and film trilogy, but The Rise of Kylo Ren enlightened us with a little bit of Ben’s life while he was young. In The Last Jedi, Luke talks about the other students he enrolled while he began his training temple.

Out of them, we get to know about three students: Hennix, Voe, and Tai. However, we don’t have any further details about them until later.

Hennix approached the Force quite differently than the other students. For him, the Force was a puzzle, and he aimed to solve it. Ben loved his company as he was different as well as funny.

Voe was a strong student in Force, but at the same time, had a combative relationship with Ben. As you all know, Ben was quite a strong member of the Force. Voe tried her best to reach his level. Even Ben knew that she aimed to be either like him or even better than him. However, she was ashamed and angry for feeling that level of anger for Ben in the end.

Lastly, we have Tai, who shared a separate relationship with Ben. Tai knew that Ben was keeping a distance from others. However, he was a little close to him. Gradually, this ended up creating a stronger bond between the two of them.

Tai constantly encourages Ben to be himself while Ben is struggling with his dark side. Tai senses this struggle and makes him believe that he is not that bad as he perceives himself to be.

3. Ben’s Meeting with the Knights of Ren During Luke’s Mission

Issue 2 talks about how Ben, Luke, and Lor San Tekka go on a mission together to a deserted Jedi Temple. As soon as they reach the temple, they come across the Knights of Ren. The Knights were there to steal ancient Jedi artifacts.

At this time, Ben meets their leader, Ren, for the first time. During the brief fight with Luke, Ren acknowledges Ben and tries to persuade him to join the Knights. For this, he even leaves his helmet purposely in the temple to eventually help Ben contact the Knights.

4. Ben Always Thought About Snoke and Palpatine

You can get a brief idea about how Snoke was always on Ben’s mind, trying to talk and mold him. Leia considers that it was Snoke who took Ben to the Dark Side. These speculations end with the release of The Rise of Kylo Ren.

It shows how Ben talked with Snoke even when young. After what happened at Luke’s Temple, Ben turned to Snoke – someone who was with him since the beginning.

Another thing that was revealed in The Rise of Skywalker is that apart from Snoke, Ben also had Emperor Palpatine in his mind. This made sense in a way, as Snoke was actually a clone that was created by none other than Palpatine.

But that’s not it. In a later issue, Palpatine’s voice gets strong enough to encourage Ben to fight against Ren and to claim leadership over the Knights of Ren.

5. Ben’s Final Turn to the Dark Side was Sensed by Young Rey

Issue 4 highlights the big fight between Ben Solo and Ren. This occurs after Ren kills Tai. Ben Solo realizes that it’s time to act upon it, so he attacks Ren taking his dead friend’s lightsaber. This leads to Ren’s death and Ben turning to the Dark Side.

Ben could feel the hate, shame, and anger, all at once. He can hear Snoke and Palpatine convincing him to strike Ren down and claim his birthright. And, as he deals with the final blow, Leia could sense his turn. Surprisingly, we also see young Rey feeling something cold on Jakku.

6. Kylo Is Ben’s Childhood Name

While we see the dark turn in Ben’s life, The Rise of Kylo Ren also reveals a brief story behind his name. The name Ren is naturally derived from the Knights of Ren. However, the story behind Kylo is different. Its origin is from an innocent place.

In Issue 2, Snoke had a conversation with Ben stating that he was not Snoke from birth but became one later in life. This made Ben thinking that what name he will take if he joins the Knights of Ren.

He wanted a name that could bury his past while retaining a part of him as he feels that his whole name comes from lies. This means Kylo was who Ben thought that he was. It was not the name of any famous Jedi he never met. Kylo revealed his true self.

7. Snoke was Injured by Luke

It’s not shown directly, but the fact is Luke was the reason behind Snoke’s face wound. In Issue 1, Ben tells Snoke, “Look what Master Luke did to you.” That’s the only detail we get about it. However, there are some speculations and theories behind this injury and how it happened.

And it surely would be interesting to know more about the relationship between Luke and Snoke. It is clear that Luke and Leia both knew about Snoke due to his First Order ties. But, when and how did they happen to be in the same place is still a question.

8. A Jedi Holocron Discloses a Main Character from the High Republic

A Jedi Holocron is highlighted during the conversation between Ren and Ben about Hennix and other Luke’s students. When Hennix opens it, the hologram of a woman says, ‘Hello searcher, I will guide you on your way.’ This is the same Holocron that Luke finds in the deserted temple in Elphrona.

9. Elphrona

You can see in Issue 2 that how Luke takes Lor San Tekka and Ben to a deserted temple on the planet Elphrona. Luke aims to pull whatever Jedi artifacts he can to rebuild the Jedi Order. The Jedi stored many artifacts, including Jedi and Sith Holocrons, weapons, and texts, in the outpost on Elphrona, built during the High Republic.

Unfortunately, in Issue 2 of the comic series, the temple got destroyed when the three students Tai, Voe, and Hennix, find Ben while he was trying to locate the Knights of Ren. A battle follows in which Hennix is killed by Ben (probably by accident?). He then abolishes the ancient Jedi outpost to bury the two Jedi under it.

10. Ben Solo’s Conflicted Nature

The constant conflict inside Ben Solo can be seen clearly in all four issues. Even Rey talks about it as she knew that the conflict is still dominant. He feels the constant struggle between the light and the shadow in the series.

However, Ben explains this ongoing conflict saying, ‘Whether it’s Snoke or Luke Skywalker, neither sees me as a person. I’m just a legacy…a set of expectations.’ He has been told which path to take the entire life. While Snoke groomed him to accept the shadow, he was guided by Luke, Han, and Leia to accept the light.

All these things give new meaning to his mantra, ‘let the past die and kill it if you have to.’ After all, he is tired of the continuous pull of both light and shadow, and he thinks that the only way he can get rid of them is by killing himself.

This conflict continues even when he becomes the Supreme Leader. Ultimately, he chooses his side, as Ben Solo, at the end of Rise of Skywalker at a considerable cost of killing his father, friends, and many others. Only Rey survives. As soon as Ben Solo abandons the Dark Side, he ultimately sacrifices himself for Rey’s safety.

Final Words

It’s an emotional journey of a man who never really found his place amidst the family expectations, legacy stories, and the constant pull of the light and dark. His life story has made Ben Solo one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars series. Is there any other thing that you learned from the Rise of Kylo Ren? Do let us know!

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