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10 Of The Most Memorable Kylo Ren Scenes

10 Of The Most Memorable Kylo Ren Scenes

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Despite making his first appearance in The Force Awakens as the master of the Knights of Ren and a high ranking member of the First Order, Kylo Ren has gone on to become a beloved villain, or should we say anti-hero, in the eyes of a lot of the Star Wars community.

His intimidating appearance mixed with his naivety and emotional outbursts makes him somewhat of a mix between younger Anakin, and Darth Vader who Ren had always looked up to.

This fascinating character has given us some incredibly memorable moments until he unfortunately met his end in The Rise of Skywalker and for many of us, was someone we were rooting for one second, and wanting to fall into the Sarlacc Pit the next, keeping us glued to the screen the entire time.

Here are some of Kylo Ren’s most memorable scenes from the three films he was featured in.

1) The Droid On Jakku 

Upon hearing the news that BB-8, Poe Dameron’s Trusty droid companion, had escaped off Jakku with the map of Luke Skywalker, Ren fails to control his emotions, sparking his lightsaber and throwing an emotional rage inside the Starkiller Base, hacking and slashing at the walls and control panels.

Reminiscent of Darth Vader, he then uses the force to pull and choke the subordinate who gave him the news.

This is the first time throughout the sequel trilogy that we really get to see Ren break from his usual stoic and disciplined manner and shows us that behind that intimidating mask is really a young man filled with rage who still has a long way to go. 

2) Fight In The Woods

At the end of The Force Awakens, we are treated to an incredible lightsaber duel between Kylo Ren and Rey, and also Finn for a very short period of time.

In the snowy woods of the Starkiller Base, a wounded Kylo Ren filled with emotional anger duels with Finn who puts up a good fight for a while, until he is slashed down by the merciless sith lord. 

We then get one of the greatest scenes in the movie that anyone who watched the trailer all those years ago will remember everyone was theorizing about.

As Ren tries to use the force to pull Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber toward him, it zips past him and into the hands of Rey, commencing an amazing lightsaber fight featuring collapsing trees, monologues about the dark side of the force and even a snowy avalanche. 

3) Raiding The Village

First impressions really do go a long way, who could forget the first time we saw Vader casually strolling through a rebel ship with his loud breathing and large black armor while throwing everyone around without even touching them.

Kylo Ren’s first appearance is just as intimidating as he and his group of stormtroopers raid the village where Poe Dameron and the map of Luke Skywalker is believed to be. 

Alongside freezing Poe’s blaster fire in mid air, Kylo shows no mercy in this opening scene striking down San Tekka and slaughtering the rest of the villagers, immediately giving us a glimpse into who this character is, how much anger and rage he carries around with him, and how desperately he needs that map, an incredible set up for a character we will learn more about as the films go on. 

4) Throne Room Battle

One of, if not the most action packed scene in The Last Jedi is the throne room fight, an intense and exciting battle where Ren and Rey take on multiple of Snoke’s red guards while everything around them crumbles in flames.

While we get to see Rey in this scene really getting to grips with her lightsaber and putting her jedi teachings that she practiced earlier in the film to good use, it’s Ren who really stands out as he takes on multiple guards at once with his lightsaber, stabbing, slicing and crushing any who get in his way. 

It’s not only a great scene to show more of Kylo Ren’s fighting style, it also is a genius way to show just how emotionally confused and angry he had become and how disillusioned he was becoming with the dark side of the force, considering his grandmaster was now gone and his father, who tried to bring him back to the light, had also been killed by Ren’s own hands.

5) Ben Solo

The Force Awakens is all about introducing new characters into the Star Wars universe, however while we do learn more about Rey and Finn as the movie goes on, while he gets a lot of screen time we learn very little about who Kylo Ren actually is, his motivations, and especially his lineage.

Anyone who knows Star Wars knows that if characters can be connected in some way, they probably are, for example C-3PO was made by Anakin all those years ago in Tatooine.

However when it came to Kylo Ren, many fans were actually convinced in the lead up to the film that he was Luke, especially with how he was praising his ‘father’ in the trailers. 

When it was therefore revealed near the end of the movie that Ren was actually the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, it immediately became clear to viewers that the finale was going to be incredibly emotional, and it certainly was.

6) Kylo Ren Vs Knights Of Ren

Throughout a lot of the sequel trilogy, the primary character arc we see Kylo Ren go through is his struggle with believing in the dark side of the force, or turning to the light, especially with characters including Rey and his own father pleading him to come to his senses.

By the time The Rise of Skywalker rolls around, Ren is a changed man and while he may be weaker and more confused about his own aims and objectives, he can still definitely put up a good fight, even against those who used to be his own men.

In an attempt to reach Rey to help her take down the ever-powerful Emperor Palpatine, Ren slashes, stabs and flips his way to victory, making for an intense and action packed fight that is so memorable as a great way to round out this character’s redemption arc. 

7) Kylo Ren Meets Palpatine 

Considering Kylo looked up to Darth Vader when we first saw him at the beginning of the sequel trilogy, we knew it would be an intense encounter when he finally met the teacher of Vader himself, Emperor Palpatine, at the surface of Exegol. 

The meeting near the beginning of Rise of Skywalker is definitely atmospheric if nothing else as Palpatine intimidates Kylo, mimicking different voices inside his head and commenting that Snoke had trained him well, but not well enough, and who could forget the constant light flickering that only gives us glimpses of the frail but immensely powerful Palpatine. 

Palpatine offers Ren the entire Star Destroyer fleet if he can kill Rey, Palpatine’s own granddaughter. This commences many of the events of the film and is the final decision Ren has to make to prove where his loyalties lie, making for an intensely emotional scene where we still don’t know wether to root for Ren, or to really accept that he still can’t escape from the dark side of the force.

8) Killing Snoke 

If there is any scene that really tries to replicate the similarities and shared traits between Vader and Kylo Ren, it’s definitely this moment in The Last Jedi where Kylo Ren saves Rey from the clutches of Supreme Leader Snoke, the all powerful and ever mysterious figure we have seen guiding and leading Ren throughout the previous film.

Something many fans have pointed out about this scene, and what makes it so memorable within the Star Wars universe, is how much it parallels that intense final scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke is the one almost giving into the rage and anger of the dark side of the force until it is Vader who sees the light and finally stops Palpatine.

In a similar way, Rey in this scene lashes out in anger as Snoke proclaims that he will obliterate Luke Skywalker along with every rebel on the planet.

It is actually Kylo Ren who is the calm, collected and patient one in this encounter who cleverly turns the lightsaber on the side of Snoke’s throne and activates it, cutting Snoke in half.

After watching a lot of Ren’s backstory throughout the movie, this is the perfect way to show his disillusionment with the First Order and Snoke’s teachings as he acts like a true Jedi rather than a Sith Lord.

9) Sacrificing Himself

Considering we first see Kylo Ren as a malicious, violent and emotionally driven killer who doesn’t hesitate to cut anyone down who gets in the way of his mission, this in an incredibly impactful final scene where we see him use his force healing powers to sacrifice himself and bring Rey back to life who had died using everything she had left to defeat her grandfather, Emperor Palpatine. 

During the last few moments between the two, they embrace in a kiss before Ren dies peacefully with no hesitation, knowing that he had done the right thing.

Not only is this a poetic end for two characters whose relationship has been growing since The Force Awakens, it is also a fitting end for Ren who throughout the film receives visions of his late mother and father leading him towards the light, and causing him to make the most selfless decision possible. 

10) Killing Han Solo 

When viewers found out about the relationship between Kylo Ren and Han Solo in The Force Awakens, they always knew it was going to be an intense encounter, but nobody could have predicted just how sad it would be. 

Despite Han’s hopefulness that he could bring his son back to the light after his fall to the dark side, Ren leads him into a false sense of security as the two rejoice at the very end of the movie, only for Ren to activate his lightsaber, stabbing Han and throwing him down the shafts of the base. 

With an enraged Chewbacca wailing with emotion and a scene of Leia feeling a heavy disturbance in the force, this was a scene that had everyone in the cinema blubbering wrecks, making for the most memorable Kylo Ren moment throughout the sequels that is integral to his character development as he begins to see the error of his actions after this event.


While we can only hope Kylo Ren somehow makes an appearance in future Star Wars media, maybe as a force ghost or in a flashback, when it comes to the sequel trilogy he is definitely a standout character with some incredibly memorable scenes that we can never forget.

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