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Most Valuable Star Wars Toys

Most Valuable Star Wars Toys

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Star Wars is arguably the greatest sci-fi themed media franchise of all time. This franchise that began with the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope has gone from strength to strength, shattering numerous cinema and box office records along the way.

It is therefore not surprising that action figures associated with the film are generally desirable and widely popular. It is not uncommon to see kids and grown-ups alike who have miniature props and figurines of characters from the film. Some of these toys are quite common and can be gotten easily at the local store.

Nevertheless, there are rare toys from the earlier years of Star Wars whose rarity ensures that they command huge fees. There are quite a few of these figures and we will take a look at some of the most valuable Star Wars figures in this post.

The Figure of Anakin Skywalker with Coin

Quite a number of actors were cast as Anakin Skywalker in different installments of Star Wars. However, the very first actor to star as Anakin Skywalker was Sebastian Shaw. Luke removes Anakin’s mask at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi to reveal the British actor. And, for several fans of the movie, Shaw remains the real Anakin Skywalker, even though he was replaced in later versions of the film.

Kenner Anakin with coin

Nevertheless, an action figure was designed after Shaw’s likeness sometime around 1985. Sold together with this figure is a collector’s coin. These two items are quite rare and they attract a considerable amount of money, costing just under $1,000. You can get this set on eBay and some other online sites.

LEGO Imperial Shuttle

Lego makes limited run lego sets, which then goto the ebay aftermarket for higher prices. The “Ultimate Collector Series” UCS for short are high-end sets, which have larger piece counts sets which are in the thousands tend to be the pricer sets. This is The LEGO Imperial Shuttle is the elegant transport device that conveys the lords of the Empire from one place to another. In addition, this reliable vehicle transports the secret strike team of the Rebel Commandos across the universe.

The LEGO Imperial Shuttle collector figure is desirable not only because of its significance in the films but also for its sleek and elegant design. Moreover, this miniature shuttle includes five figures including Darth Vader, the Shuttle Pilot, an Imperial Officer, a Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker. This iconic vehicle features two rotating laser wing canons. It is dependable and features a four-seat cockpit. The roof of this cockpit can be opened, allowing you to access the interior of the shuttle. This also allows you to place the accompanying mini-figures in the cockpit easily. This set can be foung on ebay, it is in the region of $300-400.

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Here are a few of the high priced items from Lego:

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Chewbacca with Green Bowcaster

Chewbacca with green bowcaster in case

An action figure of Chewbacca with a green bowcaster is one of the oldest Star Wars action figures. Its production dates as far back as 1977. This Chewbacbca action figure model comes with a green bowcaster which makes it unique and valuable because the majority of the bowcasters that come with latter Chewbacca collectibles have generally been blue then black.

Just like it is for many Star Wars collectibles, the cost of this action figure is variable, depending on a number of factors such as the present condition of the toy as well as whether the original packaging is still present. Of course, the seller’s discretion also plays a role in how much a Chewbacca action figure with a green bowcaster costs.

Therefore, while you could come across a unit of this toy with a price tag in excess of $5,000 in mint conidition, it is also possible to see others being listed for less than $1,000. The photo listed at the time it was published is $399.00, which is missing the oringinal packaging.

Star Wars Original Music Helmet

The sleek official 1:1 replica of the Rebel Pilot Helmet “X-Wing” made by the original creator, Andrew Ainsworth, from the original molds of the Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope of 1976! These same molds were taken again 40 years later in 2016 in the movie: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The helmet is fully functional and superbly detailed. The inside of the helmet is signed by Andrew Ainsworth himself.

Hand-made from high-tech composite materials, a yellow Acrylic visor, and hand-painted ABS body, the helmet is lightweight, padded with foam inside and has a chin strap to wear it with maximum comfort. The helmet comes with a display and a signed plaque for your collection, a Certificate of Authenticity numbered and an Andrew Ainsworth signature.

Originally created by film studios for the first Star Wars movie, New Hope, Shepperton Design Studios today offers this fully portable replica of the “Rebel Pilot Helmet (X-Wing)”. Although it is currently sold out on eBay, it can be found on Amazon for $600. As expected, it is built to the same exacting standards of quality and precision as any other product in the “Original-Stormtrooper” range made entirely in England! (and not in Asia).

Stormtrooper Helmet

This Stormtrooper helmet uses all modern production processes while retaining the atmosphere and spirit of the original. Molded from the original 1976 mold, it is an almost-exact replica of the Stormtrooper seen on the screen. A small price of $50 is to be paid on Amazon for this highly detailed helmet. It is made of wear-resistant soft white ABS and ideal for reconstructions and parades of the elite troops “Stormtrooper“!

The helmet is lightweight and padded with foam inside for better comfort. The flat and green lenses take the exact color of the originals of 1976. It has dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm, approximately looking exactly like the one used in Star Wars.

It also comes with a deluxe display and a signed plaque for your collection, a Certificate of Authenticity, and is numbered and signed. Relatively cheap on Amazon, it could be gotten on eBay for a price of around $150. It’s a must-have!

We did a write on on all the The black series helmets here, these are really cool, life-size helmets are reasonable priced.

Star Wars Issue #1 (1977)

With just over 1,500 copies sold making it really rare and exceedingly costly to have, the Star Wars issue #1 makes it to the list. Marvel released this comic book which was sold for $0.30 ($0.35 in other select markets) before the premiere of Star Wars in 1977.

Star Wars Comic #1 (1977)

Although acquiring the Star Wars Issue #1 is almost impossible since it is rare to find, the $0.35 reprint can be found on eBay (for a small fraction of the previous amount). It can be found for a price of around $10,000. Good luck! 

Stormtrooper Blaster E11 all Metal (Airsoft version) 

This is an all-metal replica of the “Stormtrooper” Blaster E11 from the “Star Wars” saga. With A1/1 scale replica and matte black finish, this replica resembles the real stormtrooper Blaster E11. It also has the same weight as the one used in the film.

S&T E11 Blaster - Airsoft

The Stormtrooper Blaster E11 has an electric propulsion type AEG with adjustable HOP-UP. It is semi and fully automatic. The handle and lower frame are made of polymer. The metal loader can accommodate 50 balls.

Its length is 500mm (closed stock) and 680mm (extended stock). It also weighs 2,671 kg with a full metal gearbox. The battery compartment can accommodate a battery up to 80 mm long and 30 mm wide. It is wired on the back with a small Tamiya connector. The battery is sold separately (7.4v LiPotype recommended). It also has a magazine and an instruction manual included in the purchase. This very beautiful replica by A & T armament can be found for $509 on various Star Wars affiliated websites.

R2D2 Droid

Handmade from fiberglass and high-tech composite materials, the R2D2 robot is signed by Andrew Ainsworth himself. It weighs 20kg with dimensions 50 x 70 x 100 cm. Its dome can be rotated and has internal lights looking like the one in the film. It also has an internal speaker taking the original sounds of the R2-D2 character. Its articulated arms that can be locked to roll. This rare replica has its braided metal flexible hoses connect the power supply to the feet while not forgetting a Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by Andrew Ainsworth.

RD-D2 Droid

Update: There is a life-sized version of R2-D2 on sale at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that is fully customizable. It costs $25,000. It follows you around and interacts with you. It is available at the Droid Depot at the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

Vinyl Cape Jawa

Finding an ordinary Jawa is virtually impossible although an action figure of Jawa from 1978 was discovered. This action figure has a vinyl cape and it is really rare. Conmen have tried to pass fake ones as the real ones so buyers must be careful while trying to buy this item.

All that money for a character that played little to no role in any of the movies. One eBay seller pocketed a whopping $52,000 while parting with the vinyl-caped Jawa.

Boba Fett Action Figure

Remember when you saw a rare back-strapped Boba Fett action figure on an episode of Pawn Stars which was not for sale? Well, one actually made its way to the market. A random man walked into a store wanting to sell, claiming it was one of a kind.

Apparently, it was the only toy of its kind as an expert was brought to corroborate this claim. A $125,000 price was placed on the action figure. In the end, the seller went home with $150,000 after exchanging this prized asset, making it the most expensive Star Wars toy ever sold. Legendary!

The Stormtrooper Complete Costume

This Stormtrooper costume uses all modern production processes while retaining the atmosphere and spirit of the original.

HD GLOSS has developed with the most advanced technology to create the best brilliance in its class, a Stormtrooper costume! Resistant to MAR and scratches, these new high-end armors are more robust and very durable. 

These new armors meet the criteria for admission to the garrison of the “501st Legion”! It has a Professional integrated strap system. It has a black undershirt (complete combination, from head to foot, elastomer, it adapts to all body types), gauntlet, neck seals and vocal amplifier are also included! (The “SEA SmallTalk ST2” consists of a 2W Amplifier and a Microphone “Electret”, with clip and fixing system.Size 64 x 96 x 35 mm for 146g, requires a 9v battery). A new thermal detonator with metal clips is also included with an adjustable height feature. The new GLOSS MK3 functional headset HD is lightweight and comes with flat and green lenses that reflect the exact color of the 1976 originals.

You can get this toy on Amazon at about $1,000.

Shadow Trooper

This collectible by Rubie is officially licensed by the creators of Star Wars and made according to the castings of Lucas Films Studios!

It includes a black full zip front combination, and ABS molded armor pieces for the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, waistband, shell, thighs, and shins. The armor clings to the suit with Velcro fasteners while the chest piece has elastic straps for adjustment. It has a thermal detonator attached to the belt (canister) and a pair of black gloves. It also has slits at the mouth of the helmet for ventilation

Its “Deluxe Collector Edition” helmet is made of PVC from a one-piece mold! (Lenses are black, not silver as some pictures show). All the elements of the armor are made of injected ABS, according to the original Lucas Studios mold.

The Shadow Trooper collectible on Amazon is listed for just slightly above $700.

Obi-Wan Kenobi with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber

In 1978, Kenner produced the Obi-Wan action figure with a double telescoping lightsaber. However, the production of the double-telescoping lightsaber was quickly stopped. As a result, while there are numerous Obi-Wan collectibles around, it is extremely rare to find one with a double-telescoping lightsaber. Because of this rarity, this action figure is incredibly expensive, costing nearly $100,000. Not quite long ago, this set was sold for $76,000, making it one of the most expensive Star Wars toys ever sold. Therefore, if you happen to possess one at home, you should consider selling it. It would fetch you a handsome amount of money.

Luke Skywalker with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber

Obi-Wan was not the only action figure with a double-telescoping lightsaber produced by Kenner in 1978. In fact, a toy of Darth Vader and Luke was also released back then. However, because of the delicate nature of the double-telescope, it was changed before shipping. Therefore, it is very rare to come across a Luke Skywalker collectible with a double-telescoping.

Nevertheless, if you have one, you could sell it for as much as $25,000.


There is no gainsaying the fact that Star Wars action figures could fetch a good remuneration. You might want to reconsider your stance towards that seemingly useless Star Wars toy in your wardrobe. You would surely make a lot of money from selling it.

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