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Star Wars Toys to Invest In: Our Top Picks

Star Wars Toys to Invest In: Our Top Picks

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Are you looking for Star Wars toys to invest in? There are many different Star Wars toys out there that you can buy. Some of them are worth more than others, and some of them are great investments if you can find them still available. Many of the Star Wars toys released in the past are now worth a lot of money, and they make good investments. Here is a rundown of the top Star Wars toys that you should be investing in today.

About Star Wars Toys

Since the market for toys is always changing, you need to keep on top of the toy investment world. These toys will go up and down in price depending upon their availability and what people are looking for. In general, the toys on this list are all going to be worth a lot of money because there are not a lot of them available in the marketplace. New toys that are released today tend to be less valuable because they create so many of them.

If you’re going to invest in toys today, invest in ones that are limited editions where there is not a lot of product on the market. You should look for limited editions of things such as coins, figurines, and exclusive releases. These are the toys that will be worth money in the future as there won’t be many of them around. Regular figures and toys that you buy in the store are usually not going to be a lot of money in the future.

1979 Blue Snaggletooth

In the cantina scene, the creature Snaggletooth was there for a brief period. This toy today is around $500. During the manufacturing process of this toy, there was a mistake. This Star Wars toy was part of a playset from the Sears company. The manufacturer had to guess what the character was going to look like and only had a black and white photograph to work from. They ended up making the character way too tall and the wrong color. Because of these imperfections in the toy, it is not worth a lot of money on the current Star Wars toy market.

1977 Luke Skywalker with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber

In 1977, this Luke Skywalker figure was released with a lightsaber that was double telescopic. It was part of a set that was an early bird giveaway with three other figurines. The telescoping lightsaber featured a very small plastic part on the tip of the lightsaber. This was quite easy to break. The original release of this telescopic lightsaber for the action figure can now fetch around $1,000 on the current market, and that is on the low end. Since the telescopic lightsaber was so flimsy, it wasn’t released with the newer figurines so anyone that has this original Luke Skywalker figurine can make a lot of money provided it is still in good condition.

1978 Han Solo with Blaster

This Han Solo figurine features a body with a smaller head. The original figure had a larger than normal head, but this one has a smaller head. If you can find one of these 1978 Han Solo figures with the smaller head, it will fetch around $1,000 on the current market.

1985 YakFface

The Yak creature had a very small part in Return of the Jedi. This figure line was shut down because at the time there wasn’t a whole lot of interest. This figure only shipped to Europe and Canada and the United States never got this figure. Since this toy was in limited release, it is now worth around $1,000.

1979 Boba Fett with Rocket Blaster

This Boba Fett figurine was originally released with a plastic rocket blaster. The small plastic piece was deemed to be a choking hazard. The figure was pulled from the market because of this flaw. It was taken off the market before the movie Empire Strikes Back opened. Since there are only a few of these around you might find one for around $2,000. If you happen to find one in packaging that has not been open, you’ll be looking at around $27,000 for one figure.

1988 Vlix

In 1988 there was an animated Star Wars show called Droids. This show followed the adventures of R2-D2 and C3PO. There was a character called Vix in the show. There were not many action figures made for this television series — this particular figure with only released in Brazil. If you can find one in the packaging, you could be looking at around $4,000 for one figure. This is another example of Star Wars Toys to invest in.

1980 – FX-7

This figure was a Droid that helped Luke Skywalker during Empire Strikes Back. It was released in 1980 but only in the UK. If you can get one in good condition, you could probably get quite a lot of money for it. One person purchased this figure for around $12,000. You will get the most for it if you happen to find one that is still in the original packaging.

1978  Vinyl Cape Jawa

This Jawa figure from 1978 had a vinyl cape. If you can find one that still has the cape and it is in excellent condition you can go for around $18,000. Only the original release of this figure has the vinyl cape. The manufacturer wanted the cape to be more durable, so they gave it a cloth one after the original release. If you have the original plastic tape for figure, then you could be looking at a lot of money.

1978  Double-Telescoping Lightsaber Obi-Wan

Like Luke Skywalker figure, this Obi-Wan Kenobi figure has the original double telescoping lightsaber. This piece was quite breakable, so it is worth a lot of money. This one isn’t as popular as the Luke Skywalker version so the price can vary quite a lot depending on who is looking for it, but it is still an excellent figure to invest in if you can find one that still has the double telescoping piece in place.

1978 Double-Telescoping Lightsaber Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the most sought-after figures in the Starwars Universe because he is so popular. This one with the double telescoping lightsaber is also quite popular. If you manage to find one intact, you could get several thousand dollars for it depending upon the condition of the figurine. Darth Vader toys are one of the best Star Wars toys to invest in simply because of his popularity.


  • Investments in Star Wars toys change over time and your price may go up or down
  • Pay attention to the market to find out what is popular
  • Avoid regular figurines as they are not worth much
  • Look for items that are special editions or exclusives as they are worth more
  • Keep your investments in good condition as they will go up in value if they’re well looked after

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