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ReINCEPTION – Mind Altering

ReINCEPTION – Mind Altering

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We have another book drop for you guys.

The author, Sarena Straus, has written an sci-fi thriller that explores the unintended consequences that happen when good-faith technology is taken way too far and abused outside it’s intended purpose.

This novel touches on many of the issues facing current society around personal privacy, reproductive rights, and working-class divide. It’s inspired by Sarena’s time spent working as a Bronx DA prosecuting crimes. Readers who enjoy stories from Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series or such classics like The Time Machine and A Clockwork Orange will love this suspenseful, thought-provoking novel.

Here is quick breakdown of the story:

A hundred years in the future, ReInception is used to modify the brain and eliminate unwanted behaviors- everything from overeating to the worst criminal impulses. Unmodified 20-year-old Leandrea Justus feels ordinary compared to her perfect friends who like living in a ReInception regulated world. Not everyone is in favor of modification- some remain quiet, while others are outwardly insubordinate. After a protest turns violent, a rogue member of the serving class known as The Prole saves Leandrea and exposes a new reality to her: The true purpose of ReInception may be far more nefarious than advertised. Now, her free will may be her greatest asset. But Leandrea’s discoveries about ReInception are putting her life at stake. Can she save society or will the secrets she uncovers start a Civil War?


ReInception by Sarena Straus
Winding Road Publishing LLC
Publication Date: October 25, 2022
Paperback ISBN:  979-8986604336
Page count: 289