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LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter Review

LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter Review

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Quick Overview


  • Functional toy
  • Star Wars collector’s item
  • Impressive size
  • A large number of figurines
  • Pieces come in numbered bags


  • The design is pretty basic

Now you can enact some of your favorite Star Wars scenes right at home, complete with spaceships, transporters, and soldiers. You only need the relevant Star Wars crafts and characters to achieve this feat. You can follow the movie plot or get a little creative with the plotline. Either way, you will have fun by the boatloads.

The First Order Transporter, a reliable armored car in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a perfect pick. It is a hardy troop transport vessel that offers you the chance to recreate many epic scenes from that movie. A Lego First Order Transporter building kit is an absolute joy to assemble, paving the way to hours of endless fun before you get to play out the scenes.

Here is a detailed LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter review to help decided if you should make this piece part of your collection and have loads of fun.


First Order Transport Lego

LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter Review

Star Wars movie enthusiasts will love to have the First Order Transporter as part of their collection. The detailed reproduction assault vehicle, including a functional ramp and hatch, give this set a realistic feel. The Transporter was a significant part of the Force Awakens movie line, giving you plenty of scenes to recreate. It gives you a chance to recreate some of the more remarkable scenes featuring the iconic Captain Phasma, the first ranking female captain among the Stormtroopers.

Who is this Product For?

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fans and love captain Phasma, you will love this set. The Captain is a prominent figure in the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, especially since she’s the first female stormtrooper to rise to such a rank.

The transporter ships with wheels making it the perfect toy set for kids who love to play with their Lego set. It takes 792 pieces to assemble the First Order Transporter, making it quite kid-friendly. It’s recommended for kids who are at least nine years old as the assembly process is quite taxing but enjoyable.

Unboxing the LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter

The transporter pieces are packed in six numbered bags. A bag of stickers and a step-by-step instruction manual are also included. The bricks in each of the numbered bag build a specific part of the transporter. That keeps the assembly process seamless to avoid frustrating nine-old Star Wars fans and causing them to give up.

The set also ships with seven figurines as well as a variety of accessories and weapons. The box contains 2 Flame troopers, 2 Stormtroopers, 2 resistance soldiers, and of course the indomitable Captain Phasma.


Impressive Size

The assault vehicle measures 12 inches long and 5 inches wide, stands 5 inches high and weighs 2.2 pounds, making it the perfect toy for kids aged nine years and above. The transporter comes with a hidden set of wheels to give it that hovering look of an aerial assault vehicle. The wheels make it easy for little ones to play with it while offering limitless scene reenactment options. The trooper carrier’s large size can let you fit between 8-12 troopers in the hold. However, you need to strip them of all their weapons before you can pack that many in the carrier.

Lots of Moving Parts

You can get a whole load of parts of the assault vehicle moving with a simple push or twist of a button. Pushing a button at the back lowers and raises the ramp to let out your attacking force. Another button opens the hatch to let a stormtrooper operate the turret cannons while using the hatch as a protective shield. A little flip on the pilot cabin opens the door to let the pilot slide in and take charge. The top cover opens entirely to give you enough room and options when loading troopers into the vehicle.

A Host of Weapons

The First Order Transporter ships with a host of weapons including flamethrowers and a pair of swiveling cannons mounted next to the cockpit. Two spring-loaded blasters are mounted off to the sides. You can arm the stormtroopers with flamethrowers, titanium or silver look blasters as they head out. Each set comes with six helmets to keep your troopers safe.

Precise Detailing

It takes 792 pieces to assemble the First order Transporter, which is quite a lot for a model of its size. The model is a detailed replica of the assault vehicles in the Star Wars movie down to the curved sloping side panels, realistic vertical thrusters and the angled engines at the back. The model is mostly grey in color with patches of darker grey to give the Transporter a realistic feel.

How to Get the Most of this Product

For a model this size, it takes a large number of pieces to assemble the First Order Transporter. Following the supplied instructions is key to a faster assembling process. You might have to supervise your child if they aren’t proficient builders to ensure they don’t make a mess.

Each part of the craft comes in a numbered bag to make the assembling process easy and enjoyable. Opening each bag in sequence helps the building process.


If you’re not a fan of the Imperial forces and would rather cheer the Rebel Alliance, then check out the LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank. In the movies, the A6 Juggernaut is a monster craft capable of carrying 300 troopers. The Lego set comprises a whooping 1,141 pieces to build a tank that stands 8 inches tall and 17.5-inches wide. That makes for many hours of assembling fun as long as you get it for kids who are above nine years of age.


This LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter review finds that this set not only makes a great toy but also doubles up as a collector’s item. That means it is a great purchase when looking to buy a gift for any child in your life. You can also get it if you are a die-hard Star Wars fan who loves to collect items from both sides of the divide.


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