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Best Star Wars Toys of 2019 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

If you were to ask any true movie enthusiast what franchise they think left the biggest impact on the entertainment industry, we can guarantee that Star Wars would surely be among the top 3. While the first movie was released back in 1977, this franchise has successfully continued over the course of the next four decades, and today we can all witness that Star Wars-related merchandise is one of the bestselling in both retail shops and online services.

Whether we are talking about shirts, hoodies, mugs, lightsabers, or other accessories, there is no doubt that owning a Star Wars item has always been a huge trend.

Bearing this in mind, one of the most popular products on the market are the toys and LEGO sets. Adequate for both kids and adults, these can allow you to have loads of fun whether there is assembly work included or simple interactive games. However, recognizing the Best Star Wars Toys is a valuable skill that can allow you to surprise your children with the best sets as well as find something that you can enjoy too.

So, to help you with the decision-making process, we made a list of the top five Star Wars Toys, accompanied by a buyer’s guide and answers to the most commonly asked questions. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at what is on offer.

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Comparison Chart

Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter


Star Wars: Rogue One TIE Striker


Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon and Figures (Amazon Exclusive)


Star Wars Force Resistance Ski Speeder and Captain Poe Dameron Figure


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon


Best Best Star Wars Toys Reviews

Playskool Heroes Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

While LEGo is the most trusted brand when it comes to Star Wars toys and sets, the Playskool Heroes company doesn’t fall far behind. Offering pre-assembled toys, these are perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 7 years old that would usually be at risk of choking on the small LEGO pieces. The X-Wing Fighter is the perfect example of an affordable and fun Star Wars toys that the whole family can play with.

Product Highlights

Taking a look at the design of this toy, it is a well-made product that closely resembles the X-Wing Fighter that you would encounter watching the Star Wars franchise. Made out of firm plastic, it may not be the most durable item, but it can still last your kid quite some time as long as they are not putting it through heavy conditions.

To be honest, it is the perfect gift for your young Jedi that has always dreamt of becoming an X-Wing pilot! Apart from the aircraft itself, you are getting a pilot figurine (Poe Dameron), two projectiles, and a BB-8 that will help power-up this bad boy. The included projectiles can be launched, much like the included figurine, which is a great accessory to the overall design of this vehicle.

It shouldn’t take much time for your kid to recognize and get a good grip on how to play with this toy, using the vehicle to its fullest. While it is a great action figure that can perfectly fit a Star Wars toy collection, it still lacks some sturdiness. Still, due to the affordable price, and cool features that are included, we consider this product as one of the best choices.

What’s to like about the Playskool Heroes Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

We can’t deny that there are a number of cool things about this product. Starting off with the included power-up figurine, and two projectiles that can be launched straight away, this is a highly interactive toy that will give your child many hours of entertainment. Apart from this, the price point it is standing at makes it affordable to almost anyone.

What’s not to like about the Playskool Heroes Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

On the other hand, the design itself is not ideal. While it closely resembles the X-Wing Fighter you would see in the movies, it still lacks particular details, and the plastic it is made out of could be of better quality. Still, for the price you are paying this doesn’t come as a huge concern.


  • Affordable
  • Power-up figurine, two projectiles
  • 3-7 years of age
  • Interactive


  • Stiff plastic
  • Lacks details


Star Wars: Rogue One TIE Striker

If you enjoy buying from a trusted retailer and you want only the best toys for your kids, you are in the right place. This Rogue One TIE Striker is certainly one of the best-made toys on the market, and as long as your kids are a fan of the franchise, we can bet it will be one of the best gifts you can give them.

Product Highlights

While there are a number of different sequels to the famous Star Wars franchise, for many it is Rogue One that was the best movie of all. The reason? It included the exquisite TIE Striker which is seen as one of the coolest aircrafts in this series.

Talking about this particular model, it comes at a great price and can be the perfect gift for your kids, no matter what their age is. As the toy doesn’t include any assembly, it is suitable for your youngest kids, while on the other hand, we can bet teenagers will have loads of fun with it as well.

As for what it includes, we are looking at a 3.75-inch pilot figure, two projectiles (nerf darts), as well as the needed instructions to safely use this toy. Looking at the design and all the included components, it is a well-made product that perfectly reenacts the original looks from the Rogue One movie. Additionally, it will fit great into any Star Wars collection, and be essential in any battle plan that your kids may devise.

Apart from the fact that the wings don’t come off as smoothly as they could, and that it is a bit smaller than expected, this one is a worthwhile investment, and a great gift to any true fan.

What’s to like about the Star Wars: Rogue One TIE Striker

There are a number of awesome things about this product, including the affordable price and innovative design. Looking at what it includes, it comes with a compact vehicle, power-up pilot figurine, and two NERF projectiles which make this toy much more entertaining.

What’s not to like about the Star Wars: Rogue One TIE Striker

Unfortunately, we have to say that some parts of the toy seem to be quite pointy around the edges which can make it dangerous for kids that are below the age of 7 years old (if they are using the toy without you being around). Additionally, it would be better if the wings could go off more smoothly. Still, as it comes at a fine price, it shouldn’t bother you that much.


  • Affordable
  • NERF projectiles
  • 3.75 inch pilot figure
  • Well-made


  • Wings not smooth
  • Edgy sides


Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millenium Falcon

Another product from the Playskool company, this Millenium Falcon edition is a great 2-in-1 set that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding Star Wars fan. Including a number of cool accessories, and featuring a detailed interior and a reliable through the air system, it is a must in your collection.

Product Highlights

The Galactic Heroes are one of the most successful sequels, and now, you can enjoy the diverse playset offered by Playskool. While the brand suggests that it is most suitable for kids over the age of 3 years old, we can ensure you that it can provide you, an adult, loads of fun.

The best thing about it? The innovative vehicle design that can either be opened up to experience the detailed galactic interior or put into the air for some additional fun. If you have rewatched the escape scene more than once, you will know that reenacting the same can be quite entertaining and that is exactly what this playset will allow you to do. The slide-out handle is responsible for easy in-the-air maneuvering, and no matter how tricky it may seem, your kid will get a hold of it in no time.

Talking about what comes with this set (apart from the vehicle), there is a Han Solo figure, a Chewbacca figure, an R2-D2, a sensor dish, a projectile cannon, and a label sheet featuring an instruction guide.  This product can be used along with the C-3P0 figure, but that is something you will have to buy separately.

Still, much like any other product, it does have a few cons. Firstly, it could be sturdier when you consider the price that you are paying and the company that developed this toy. Additionally, some people claim that the previous version was a better one so that is something that the developing team should consider. Apart from that though, we can’t deny that this is one of the cooler sets on the market and that it is worth the price you are paying.

What’s to like about the Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millenium Falcon

Where should we start? This set comes with a number of different figurines, and a compact vehicle that will allow you to serve some galactic justice. While the product could be sturdier, we still have to agree that for the given price it is quite durable. The best thing about it? There is no assembly required as everything is pre-installed and ready to play with right out of the box.

What’s not to like about the Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millenium Falcon

Talking about the few cons, we mentioned that the given product could be made out of more durable plastic.


  • Affordable
  • Hans Solo, Chewbacca figurine
  • Compact vehicle
  • Detailed interior


  • Could be sturdier
  • Customer service is slow in responding 


Star Wars Force Resistance Ski Speeder

Buying the original merchandise is the perfect sign of a true Star Wars fan. Thus, if you are looking to go out and reenact some galactic adventures, you will need a Force Resistance Ski Speeder and a Poe Dameron figure, without which this vehicle wouldn’t be able to run.

Product Highlights

Another toy that is suitable for kids of ages 4 and up, this set is a classic, and if you are into Star Wars aircraft, you will know that the Force Resistance Ski Speeder is one of the best ones in the whole galaxy. And you know what else? Poe Dameron is one of the best pilots out there! That makes this set a perfect choice as it includes both, with the figure being at 3.75 inches and the vehicle compact and well-made to be safely used by both kids and adults.

Apart from the vehicle and figure, you are getting two projectiles (power-up), as well as an instruction guide that will give you the info on how to use and have fun with this toy. A great thing you can buy along with it is the Wear Force Link Gear that comes with an array of cool sounds and phrases cited directly from the movie. While this is not necessary, it can improve the experience and give you the true feeling of being in a Star Wars scene.

There are a number of cool things about the vehicle design, with our favorite being the detachable right wing which can be blasted in order to create an exquisite battle atmosphere. Apart from the fact that the customer service is not ideal, and that the figure of Poe Dameron is made out of cheap molded plastic, we have to say that it still belongs among the top Star Wars toys. As a product that you shouldn’t miss out on, we absolutely recommend buying it in a bundle with the above mentioned Wear Force Link Gear.

What’s to like about the Star Wars Force Resistance Ski Speeder

Unlike other toys, this one is well-made and the vehicle features an exquisite design that closely resembles the one from the movies. Our favorite thing? The detachable right wing that we have already mentioned as one of the coolest features in the whole set.

What’s not to like about the Star Wars Force Resistance Ski Speeder

In case anything goes wrong with this toy, the customer service doesn’t seem to be that ideal. Additionally, we would like it more if the included figure was better made.


  • Affordable
  • NERF projectiles
  • 3.75 inch pilot figure
  • Compact, vehicle design
  • Detachable right wing


  • Customer service is not great
  • Cheap plastic figurine


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon

Last but not least is the Millenium Falcon toy which you simply can’t miss out on. While it is on the pricier side, especially when comparing it to the above-mentioned products, this one is worth every single dollar.

Product Highlights

This set includes an array of innovative and great features that make this set one of the best play sets on the relevant market. Firstly, the Millenium Falcon has a compact and innovative design, and if you ever wanted to become a pilot of one of these and successfully reenact all the great scenes from Star Wars, now is the time. Apart from the Millenium Falcon, you are getting  Chewbacca, Jakku, and BB-8 figures that makes the whole set even more attractive.

While no one can deny the excellent design, what made us fall in love with this product is the great sound effects and phrases that come included with it. Also, you are getting two power-up NERF projectiles, a few accessories, and the valuable instruction guide that will give you excellent insight on how to get the most out of this playset.

The only visible con seems to be that it doesn’t include the Hans Solo or Rey figures, which is a concern for many collectors. Still, it is a great value product, and certainly one of our favorites.

What’s to like about the Battle Action Millennium Falcon

It has a compact and well-made design, which is probably one of the best out of all five products that we have listed here. Along with that, the cool sound effects make this product makes means that it is an even better choice than you might realize.

What’s not to like about the Battle Action Millennium Falcon

It sadly lacks the Rey and Hans Solo figures, but you can buy these separately if you want to (if you are a collector)


  • NERF darts
  • Light and sound effects
  • Number of figurines and accessories
  • Well-made


  • Doesn’t include Rey and Hans Solo



No matter how easy making the right decision on a Star Wars toy may seem, there are points you should consider to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, instead of being scammed. Bearing this in mind, we came up with the most critical features as a part of our buyer’s guide that should instruct you on how to make the right decision.

Star Wars Ship Types

Choosing the ship type depends on what movie you liked the most and what your personal preferences are. The most popular aircraft options seem to be the Rogue One TIE Striker, X-Wing Fighter, Force Resistance Ski Speeder as well as the classic Millenium Falcon that is driven by Hans Solo and Rey.


The size depends on what ship you are buying and how complex the design is. Still, what you should be looking to get is the one with an adequate scale that can fit the hands of a four-year-old boy or girl. It is usually somewhere in between 9 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and 7 inches in width. On the other hand, the perfect figure will be at 3.75 inches or around that mark. Avoid getting figures that are bigger or smaller than this as they may not be compatible with other sets.

Age Range

While Star Wars toys can be enjoyed by both adults and kids, we would still recommend searching for a play set that is adequate for ages 3 and above. This way both youngsters and teenagers will get the opportunity to reenact scenes and serve some galactic justice at the same time.

Number of Pieces

This all depends if you are buying a LEGO playset, or you are going for pre-assembled toys. The latter usually consists of no more than a few pieces. On the other hand, an average LEGO Star Wars set normally has somewhere between 500 and 1,000 pieces there and waiting for you to assemble and enjoy.


In most of the cases, a Star Wars toy will be made out of plastic. Still, if you do not want that, try to search for one that is BPA-free and made out of polypropylene.


What Does TIE Fighter Stand For?

TIE fighters are the characters from the Star Wars franchise and act as pilots of the popular TIE (twin ion engine) Striker aircraft. Much like Spartans, they undergo an intense physical and psychological training program before they are ready to enroll in the given role.

How Much are Star Wars Toys Worth?

This all depends on the brand you are buying, how old the play set you are looking at is, as well as what it includes. Believe it or not, some can reach more than a few thousand dollars on the relevant auction market.

Where to Buy Star Wars Toys

This is easy –  simply enter any of the online selling services, and find the best offer there is.

How Big is a Star Destroyer

While the one from the movie seems to be around 1,600 meters long, the classic Star Destroyer toy stands at 15 inches in length — still very impressive.

What Type of Ship is the Millennium Falcon?

It is a light freighter.


Star Wars toy collecting is quite a hobby, and some people are ready to invest thousands of dollars to have the best playsets. Our personal favorites are the Playskool Galactic Heroes as well as the Force Resistance Ski Speeder products as affordable, compact, and entertaining playsets, that are perfect for both kids and adults.

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