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What are the Hardest Star Wars Lego Sets?

What are the Hardest Star Wars Lego Sets?

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Lego bricks represent a new, fun and creative way to while away your free time while creating realistic models of various items. For die-hard Star Wars fans, that means building any craft that ever appeared in the Star Wars movies. From the Millennium Falcon to Star and Super Star destroyers, armored terrain transports to Imperial Shuttles, you can assemble them all.

These crafts come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate people from all walks of life, ages, and interest. On one end of the scale are some relatively small pieces that take minutes to assemble. On the opposite end are some massive crafts with intricate designs that will take days to assemble. Ships on this end of the scale are mighty fun but will give your brain quite the workout.

So, what are the hardest Lego sets?  Well, here’s a list of the toughest sets that push Lego bricks enthusiasts to their limits.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Hailed as the largest Star Wars piece ever-built, Hans Solo’s starship is comprised of an impressive 5,197 pieces. It stands 8 inches tall after assembly and measures 33 inches long and 22 inches wide.

However, it’s the unbelievable detailing on the starship that makes it one of the biggest Star War-themed Lego sets ever made. Every feature of this spacecraft is crafted to scale – including the rotating laser guns, retractable boarding ramp, and the removable cockpit and ramp.

Most of the starship’s pieces are in shades of gray, which pushes the amount of time and effort necessary to build the craft through the roof. Luckily, the supplied step-by-step instructions keep the process simple and enjoyable.

It ships complete with five legendary figurines – Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and of course Hans Solo. The figurines and the intricate design make the Millennium Falcon the centerpiece of any Lego or Star Wars collection.


  • Largest Star Wars Lego set ever
  • An intricate level of details
  • Over 5,000 pieces
  • Ultimate Star Wars collection centerpiece


  • Unsuitable for ages below 16 years
  • Pricey for some

LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer

The destroyer measures over a meter long, stands 8-feet high, and weighs 8 pounds when fully assembled. That should give you an insight into the amount of effort that goes into assembling the 3,152 pieces. To kick up the challenge, most of the pieces on Darth Vader’s personal craft are in a shade of gray. That makes assembling the knife-shaped craft with a liftable center console a real labor of love.

Although the craft comes with a heap of modified 1×1 and 2×1 bricks, they are in numbered bags to keep the assembly process smooth and seamless. An included detailed step-by-step manual helps to eliminate guesswork to let you keep most of your hair. A few minutes sorting out the pieces before you begin keeps things enjoyable and entertaining.

The signature dagger design is the only saving grace when building the Darth Vader’s craft. It means there aren’t as many interchangeable parts, and that helps to speed up the process somewhat. Make no mistake, though; you still have to put in hours before the craft is ready for display. It ships with five figurines – Admiral Piett, Bossk, Dengar, and the unmistakable Dart Vader. This destroyer is more of a collectible than a toy and it ships with a display stand.


  • Intricate shape and design
  • Parts are primarily in a shade of grey
  • Measures well over a meter long
  • Over 3,000 pieces


  • Discontinued by the manufacturer
  • More of a collectible than a toy

Star Wars Sandcrawler

Straight out of Episode IV, the sand crawler measures 18 inches long, stands 9 inches high, and 6 inches wide. The desert-going vehicle lets you recreate some of the unforgettable scenes from the episode while giving your brain quite a workout. It takes 3,296 pieces to assemble the imposing sand crawler, but the colorful bricks make the process a tad easy on the grey matter.

The 7 included figurines, coupled with the craft’s mobility and functioning parts, makes for a realistic Star Wars experience. A twist of a knob moves the desert vehicle to a safe location where you can unload the droids – R2-D2, Treadwell, R5-D4, Gonk, R2 Unit, and R1-series droid in place. A working crane, functional side flaps, and front ramp make for an easy unloading process. A hatch makes it easy when moving the boxes that come with attachable handles.

Assembling the excruciatingly detailed craft will tax your brains to the limits as you must get the parts right to ensure that ramp and side flaps work seamlessly. The moveable flaps and tops let you repair and service the engine with the provided droid parts and keep the iconic sand crawler in great shape.


  • Highly functional toy
  • Many figurines
  • More than 3,000 pieces
  • Lots of features


  • Relatively small in size

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

When fully assembled, the imperial shuttle stands 28 inches on the provided stand with a wingspan of 22 inches when wings are deployed. That should give you the amount of effort necessary to assemble the 2,503 pieces into a realistic shuttle. The shuttle is built to scale as the ones used to ship secret rebel strike teams across the galaxy. The battle-ready craft boasts a pair of rotating wing-mounted cannons to protect the commando squad.

As if that’s not taxing enough to assemble, the shuttle also has an opening canopy detachable landing gear and foldable wings, calling for precise assembly. The canopy opens to reveal a cockpit that seats four of the provided figurines. Usually, it’s the Stormtrooper who gets to stay on guard as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, the shuttle pilot, and Imperial officer huddle inside.

A detailed instruction manual keeps the over 2,500 uniformly colored pieces from crushing your spirit. Following the instructions makes the assembly process easy and ensures the cannons, landing gear, and the wings move on command.


  • Lots of moving parts
  • 2,503 pieces
  • A large percentage of uniformly colored bricks
  • Exceptional display item


  • Quite heavy at 8.93 pounds
  • Not very sturdy


What are the hardest Lego sets? Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Sand Crawler, Imperial Shuttles, and Super Starship Destroyers all fit the bill. These Star Wars-themed Lego sets boast over 2,000 pieces each, come with plenty of moveable parts, have intricate shapes and design, and limited color variation. Assembling them correctly not only takes a lot of time but also gives the brain quite a workout. They also make an impressive addition to a Lego or Star Wars collection.

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