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11 Best Clone Troopers In Star Wars Canon

11 Best Clone Troopers In Star Wars Canon

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The Clone Troopers were first introduced in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Created by the cloners on Kamino and modeled after the bounty hunter Jango Fett, they were created to be loyal soldiers for the Galactic Republic during their battles with the droid army utilized by the Separatist Alliance.

During the prequel trilogy, the Clones were largely nameless soldiers that did their duty and followed the orders given by the Republic and Jedi.

However, during the animated TV show The Clone Wars; the Clone Troopers were developed further and became important characters in their own right.

Several Clone Troopers soon became fan-favorite characters. The addition of Clone Force 99 in the final season of The Clone Wars even led to the squad getting its own spin-off show called The Bad Batch.

In this article, we will look at the 11 best Clone Troopers in Star Wars canon. We will introduce the best of the Clone Troopers and look at what makes them so popular.

Commander Fox (CC-1010)

Clone Commander Fox

Fox was a commander that many looked up to and respected. He took part in many dangerous missions and commanded his own group of Shock-troopers. Above all, Fox was loyal to his superiors, namely the Emperor.

This led to Fox taking on several morally ambiguous missions, such as capturing Ahsoka Tano and assassinating ARC Trooper Fives when he discovered the existence of the inhibitor chips.

Like all good soldiers, Fox did not question the orders he was given, he simply followed them successfully.

Captain Fordo (ARC-77)

Captain Fordo - Arc Trooper

Fordo was an ARC Trooper captain that became famous for his role in the Battle of Muunilinst.

He was part of the task force that was charged with taking the Separatist-held world of Muunilinst and helped Obi-Wan Kenobi to capture the enemy leader.

Fordo was later assigned to the planet Hypori where he and his troopers took on General Grievous. Although they didn’t defeat Grievous, the team was able to rescue three captured Jedi.

Fordo was a formidable soldier that skillfully fought with two blasters and a variety of gadgets and skills.

Trooper Hevy (CT-782)

Clone Trooper CT-782 "Hevy"

Hevy was one of the first Clone Troopers to be given an on-screen name and it comes from his love of heavy weaponry. During his time training on Kamino, Hevy was part of The Domino Squad.

This squad was seen as rejects and dropouts during their training due to their inability to complete many of the training exercises.

However, The Domino Squad eventually pulled together and became some of the best Clone Troopers ever produced.

Unfortunately, Hevy died during a battle at Rishi Station. He destroyed the station and sacrificed himself to prevent the Separatists from invading Kamino.


Wrecker from The Bad Batch

Wrecker was part of Clone Force 99, a group of Clones that were designed with different genetic mutations to the rest of the Clones produced by the Kaminoans.

In the case of Wrecker, this gave him size and strength that greatly exceeded that of the regular Troopers.

Known as the Bad Batch due to their mutations, Clone Force 99 operated as a special unit during the Clone Wars. Wrecker had a fierce temper and often struggled to follow orders, but was a fierce fighter.

As well as his physical strength, Wrecker was also adept with heavy weapons.

As was the case with the other Bad Batch Troopers, Wrecker had his inhibitor chip removed by Rex and continued to fight against the Empire.

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Crosshair (CT-9904)

Crosshair from Clone Force 99

Crosshair was another member of Clone Force 99. His mutations gave him superior eyesight which led to him having unparalleled skills as a sniper and marksman.

Crosshair greatly disliked the regular Clone Troopers and felt superior to them. Crosshair began as a member of the Bad Batch, but unlike the other members of the squad, Crosshair remained loyal to the Empire.

He became frustrated with the Bad Batch’s refusal to support the Empire and eventually fought against them before joining Governor Wilhuff Tarkin to oppose them.

Even after having his inhibitor chip removed, Crosshair decided to remain loyal to the Empire.

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Tech from the Bad Batch

Also part of Clone Force 99, Tech’s genetic mutations led to him being leaner and looking younger than the other clones.

He was also highly intelligent and highly skilled in various aspects of technology, such as decryption, translation, and engineering. Tech was the brains behind Bad Batch 99.

His Clone Trooper armor included a specialized visor that worked as a computer display and interacted with a terminal that was in the forearm of his armor.

He joined the rest of the Bad Batch (excluding Crosshair) and defected from the Empire.

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Sergeant Hunter

Hunter sitting

Like Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair, Hunter was part of Clone Force 99.

He was the commanding officer of The Bad Batch and his mutations gave him heightened senses, such as being able to feel electromagnetic frequencies across great distances.

Hunter was a great leader for the unorthodox team and used their individual skills to ensure that the Bad Batch had a 100 percent mission success rate. The Bad Batch didn’t do things by the book, but they always succeeded.

After the Bad Batch defected from the Empire and joined the battle against them, Hunter continued to lead the team.

He also insisted that the team rescue and protect Omega, an unmodified female clone that worked as an assistant to the Kamino cloners.

ARC Trooper Fives (CT-5555/ARC-5555)

CT-5555 "Fives" Clone Trooper
He has the “5 Tattoo”

Five was also part of The Domino Squad. After defending Kamino from a Separatist attack, Fives became an elite ARC Trooper, where he continued to show his incredible fighting skills.

Fives was an independent clone that disobeyed orders when he needed to, but he was still fiercely loyal to the Republic’s cause.

When Clone Trooper Tup’s inhibitor chip malfunctioned and resulted in him assassinating the Jedi General Tiplar, Fives became the first person to discover the existence of the chips.

His research into the chips and discovery of their existence led to Fives being killed.

However, Fives’ information later helped Ahsoka Tano remove the chip from Captain Rex, ensuring Fives’ sacrifice was not in vain.

ARC Trooper Echo (CT-1409)

Echo & Wrecker
Echo on the left

Echo has one of the most fascinating stories of any Clone Trooper. Like Fives, Echo was also a member of The Domino Squad, and his early years as a Clone Trooper followed Fives.

After overcoming the initial difficulties faced by The Domino Squad, Echo became a well-respected and leading officer and eventually became an ARC Trooper.

Echo worked closely with Captain Rex and was able to use his strategic mind to aid the Republic in their continuing battles against the Separatists.

However, Echo was caught in an explosion during a rescue mission on Lola Sayu and was presumed dead.

It wasn’t until the final season of The Clone Wars that it was revealed that Echo survived the explosion as a prisoner of the Separatists.

The Techno Union exposed Echo to numerous painful experiments and torture in the hope of extracting Republic strategies from him.

Echo resisted the torture and was eventually rescued. Forever changed by his experiences, Echo joined the Bad Batch and became part of their team.

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Commander Cody (CC-2224)

Commander Cody on mission

Cody is one of the most well-known Clone Troopers due to his close working relationship with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Cody was a key figure in several of the Galactic Republic’s vital victories during the Clone Wars and he led the 212th Attack Battalion.

Cody led a disciplined squadron and had a keen strategic brain that gave his Troopers the advantage.

One of his most famous victories and performances was the Battle of Geonosis, during Attack of the Clones. Cody was a loyal trooper that the Republic and Obi-Wan Kenobi especially, could always rely on.

Like Kenobi, Cody liked to play the book and was an inspirational leader. Unfortunately, Cody fell prey to Emperor Palpatine’s execution of Order 66.

He was unable to fight the inhibitor chip and turned on Obi-Wan Kenobi. As per the instructions of Order 66, he turned his fire on Kenobi but failed to kill the Jedi.

Captain Rex (CT-7567)

Captain Rex leading the bad batch
Captain Rex – Center (Blue)

Rex is arguably the most popular Clone Trooper with fans. He had a large role in The Clone Wars series and served directly under both Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.

He led several elite squads during both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Rex was a leader who inspired his troops and was an excellent soldier in his own right.

Despite being a clone, Rex was willing to use his own intelligence and judgment to ensure the best results in battle and to protect his Clone brothers.

Rex remained loyal to Ahsoka and the Republic throughout the wars.

This meant that even when the Emperor initiated Order 66 and his inhibitor chip kicked in, Rex was able to resist and helped Ahsoka remove his chip. (Click to here to find out who else resisted Order 66)

Rex became a leader and inspiration to other Clone Troopers who tried to resist the new Empire and helped the Bad Batch remove their own inhibitor chips.

He continued to fight against the Empire and supported the Rebel cause in the years that followed. Rex was even present at the Battle of Endor, as seen in Revenge of the Jedi.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we looked at the 11 best Clone Troopers in Star Wars canon.

The Clone Troopers were an important part of the prequels and the animated series and their rich characterization and immense loyalty to the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order made them huge fan favorites.

Their tragic end thanks to Order 66 just made these characters even more fascinating.

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