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Are 90s Star Wars Toys Worth Anything?

Are 90s Star Wars Toys Worth Anything?

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If you were an avid Star Wars figurine collector back in the 90s, then you might be sitting on a small fortune.

If the toys are loose, you could potentially make up to 20 dollars, but if you resisted opening the box, then some can sell for as much as a few thousand dollars.

Still interested? I hear ya!

However, the toys that are selling for a lot of money were made in the 70s and 80s. Unfortunately, Star Wars toys in the 90s are worth much less.

For example, you can buy an unboxed Princess Leia for $9 (2022).

Often the toys only cost up to $5 originally, and maybe a little more for things like the Millenium Falcon, so there is a good chance that you can still make some profit on your retro collectibles.

In this article I shall take a look at how much money you can make from your 90s Star Wars toys, and whether the investment is actually worth it.

Are 90s Star Wars Toys Worth Selling?

Just like with any collectible figurine, the rarer it is, the more money you will make, no matter which decade it was released in.

Sadly, 90s Star Wars figurines are ten a penny, and are often sold as job lots.

On eBay alone, you can buy a group of opened 90s Star Wars action figures for around 50 dollars (2022). Even so, a never-been-opened Qui Gon Jinn is going for 50 dollars also. 

Then there is a set of 7 unopened figurines featuring the main cast such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker which is going for 40 dollars. 

So with that being said, your 90s Star Wars toys are worth selling because it is likely you will make a profit.

Though the longer you wait – perhaps another decade – the better chance you will have of making an even bigger profit per toy.

Is There A Rarest Star Wars Toy?

The rarest Star Wars toy is said to be the Glasslite Vlix Figure. Originally it was planned for it to be released alongside the Droid toys.

If you can find one of these in your attic, then it could go for a whopping $45,000 dollars (2022) but it must be unopened.

If you happen to have an open Droid series figure as well, then you are looking to make just shy of $100 dollars (2022).

Are Star Wars Toys Worth Selling?

If you have been collecting Star Wars toys for the past few decades, then there is a good chance that you will make some hefty profit, especially if you have some rare collectibles from the 70s and 80s.

Whilst it is unlikely you might make a few thousand dollars, you could make a few hundred. Obviously if they are boxed, the more money you will make. 

However, as a kid who wanted to create their own Star Wars scenes (that’s me!), it is not surprising if the box was ripped straight away and thrown to the side.

Only those who wanted to display the toys would have kept the figurines in the packaging.

That being said, both boxed or unboxed, it is worth selling your Star Wars toys if you would like to make some extra cash, and if you do not mind letting them go. 

What Ways Should You Sell Star Wars Toys?

These days, there are many places to sell items that you want to get rid of.

Selling on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are good options, but to get the most money especially for more rarer items it’s best to list them on eBay.

One of the best places to sell is on eBay because many collectors will be looking and bidding for the best deals. It is also a good way to see what other similar figurines are selling for so you know how to price yours competitively.

Do keep in mind that an online auction like eBay has an abundance of Star Wars figurines, so you will want to make sure they are priced in such a way to entice people, but also in a way that you can make profit.

Another alternative place is Etsy, but it is likely that most people who are looking to buy Star Wars toys will look at eBay first. 

If you do not want to go the online route, you could always set up a garage sale. Not only will you be able to haggle prices with people, you can also set whatever prices you like without somebody checking if it is cheaper elsewhere first. 

Also it means no shipping costs for the buyer, and you will not have to package them up and post them out.

Is Buying Star Wars Toys A Profitable Investment?

Most Likely not.. It’s better to invest in other stocks or bonds.

Star Wars has a huge fan base and lots of collectible which you may be able to make a good investment, however, like most things it will be a waiting game when it comes to how valuable they are. 

So if you have bought a Star Wars Figure recently and have kept it in the box, it still will not be worth much. In fact, you will be lucky if you get it at the retail price. This is because people can still buy the figure from stores themselves.

If you wait a few decades, there is a good chance you will make some profit on the toys you bought. This is especially true if the toy was limited edition, or somehow became a rare collectible.

If the latter happens, then you could potentially sell it for a few thousand dollars. So, keep those toys boxed!

Final Thoughts

90s Star Wars figures are not worth as much as you probably would have liked. Go back a decade or two, and then you could be making some real profit. 

There are many Star Wars toys of the 70s and 80s that can fetch up to a few thousand at auction.

90s Star Wars toys, whether open or not, can still make a profit, but it is likely to be way less than a hundred dollars – and that is for a job lot!

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