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What Is The Mandalorian’s Armor Made Out Of?

What Is The Mandalorian’s Armor Made Out Of?

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When The Mandolorian first aired, it gave us millions of questions.

Like who Baby Yoda (sorry, we mean Grogu) is, and the history behind the Mandolorian race.

We knew about the Mandolorians, but they hadn’t been shown all too much in the Disney-era of the Star Wars franchise.

The introduction of The Mandolorian also brought out questions surrounding Mando’s legendary armor.

This armor is worn by the warrior race of Mandalore, and with the bloody history of the Mandolorians and their planet being destroyed, we’ve only seen a few examples of them in the movies; Jango and Boba Fett.

The armor is made out of an alloy called Beskar Iron, and we’ll discuss this in more detail in this article, we’ll also be discussing a few other questions surrounding Mandalorian armor, to give you a better insight into the Mandalorians way of life.

What Is Beskar?

Beskar, also known as Mandalorian iron, is an alloy that is typically used in Mandalorian armor, but weapons have been crafted out of it too.

Beskar Alloy ready for manufacture

It is one of the strongest and most legendary metals in the galaxy, it has been known to deflect blaster shots and could repel lightsaber strikes with no problem.

It isn’t completely impenetrable, Beskar armor could be damaged with a direct stab of a lightsaber and it can also be damaged by weapons that are made out of Beskar too, this is why the Children of the Watch (the orthodox cult that Mando was apart of) considered forging weapons out of Beskar taboo.

The infamous Darksaber’s angular pommel, hand guard and slit-shaped blade emitter, were all made out of Beskar, which makes the Darksaber distinctly Mandalorian.

What Are The Origins Of Mandalorian Armor?

The first we see of Mandalorian armor is of course none other than Boba Fett.

The first and most notable appearance of Fett and the armor was in The Empire Strikes Back, he was seen before then in special editions and whatnot, but the 1980 movie is where us fans all fell in love with him.

boba fett

Disregarding non-canon, from what we now understand of Mandalorian armor, is that it stems from the Mandalorian civil war that happened in 42 BBY, which was a conflict fought between the New Mandalorian peace movement and martial traditionalists for control over Mandalore.

During this civil war, The Mandalorian Supercommandos played quite an important role among the Mandalore clan, and the design remained that way all throughout The Clone Wars, right up until the events of The Mandalorian.

The Supercommandos’ helped to cement the current design of Mandalorian armor that we know today, before then there were tons of variations.

Perhaps the more simple explanation of why the armor remained so popular is in thanks to Boba Fett, his trademark armor grasped fans from the get go in The Empire Strikes Back.

The T-shaped visor has become pretty much a staple and has made it so the Mandalorians are instantly recognizable.

How Is Mandalorian Armor Made?

The Armorer from The Mandalorian
The Armorer

First things first, let’s give you some background on what entire Mandalorian armor entails.

So of course, the most notable piece of armor is their helmet.

It’s the main element of the armor, and we know that followers of the Mandalore creed refuse to remove their headgear in front of anyone.

There’s also usually a chest plate and armor-plating on the wrist, shoulders and legs, designs can vary but they usually won’t be a full suit of armor, this is probably to ensure a Mandalorian warrior has enough flexibility in battle.

To make the Mandalorian armor, the Beskar we mentioned earlier is smelted down and molded into a series of plates.

This process is seen in the third episode of The Mandalorian, as Mando gives The Armorer beskar bars, so that she can repair his current armor.

Mandalorian isn’t always made out of Beskar, take Boba and Jango Fett’s armor for example, their armor is made out of a much cheaper and less durable material, durasteel.

This answers the question as to why we see Fett’s armor so scuffed and looking well-loved, whilst Mando’s armor is constantly unscathed no matter how many fights he’s in.

Why Is The Armor So Important To Mandalorians?

We see a bit about why the armor is so important in The Mandalorian, Mando wears his armor as a means to follow “The Way”, which is a code and a set of rules that has been passed down through generations of Mandalore clans.

For some Mandalorians, wearing their armor is a tribute to those who have fallen and to their planet.

It’s almost similar to some of the real-world religions who have their own set of rules and how they should dress, the Mandalorians must follow “The Way“, and mustn’t remove their helmets.

They maintain their armor in a way that essentially carries on the legacy of past Mandalorian warriors, to keep their memory alive.

Of course, wearing armor constantly not only is their way of life, but it’s also essential in a practical sense.

Their armor is made out of one of the strongest metals in the galaxy, and allows them to fight easily and move freely.

Why wouldn’t you wear this armor that could potentially save your life in an instant?

Final Thoughts

There you have it, you now know that the Mandalorian’s armor is made out of Beskar.

Beskar is without a doubt one of the strongest metals in the entire galaxy, it’s no wonder that Mandalorians craft their armor out of it, it can deflect direct blaster shots and even swipes of a lightsaber!

It’s so important for Mandalorians as it allows them to follow The Way, and it keeps them safe.

Of course it has its weaknesses, in that it can still be directly penetrated by a lightsaber, and it isn’t too durable against weapons made out of Beskar.

But still, we’re sure most warriors in the galaxy would prefer to have Beskar armor than any other armor.

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