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What is a Vibroblade in Star Wars and who uses it?

What is a Vibroblade in Star Wars and who uses it?

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When it comes to weapons in Star Wars, if you can’t find a blaster or a lightsaber, the next most likely item you’ll find is the vibro blade. There were a variety of vibro weapons including cutters, swords, rapiers, knives, staves, whips, axes and more. But what makes the vibro versions different from their non vibro real world counterparts? We’ll find that out in today’s article. So let’s get into it. 

Vibroblades : At a glance 

The Vibroblades, also known as the daggers, make use of miniature vibration generators that are powered by power cells and are housed inside the blade’s hilt. The blade itself has an extremely modern and futuristic design along with a high-tech feel to it. As the blade moves at such a rapid pace, it becomes incredibly dangerous even when just lightly touched.

When used in conjunction with electrical weapons such as Electrostaff Vibroblades, these blades can be very deadly. Because of the conductivity of the blades, when they come in contact with electricity, they can have the unfortunate propensity of electrocuting their wielders. This could possibly lead to a tiny explosion as well.

Praetorian Guard with Vibroblades
Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi

As for the blade itself; it was very common to see warriors like Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers as well as officers of the Republic Military using Vibroblades, which were made of cortosis-weave and were incredibly effective. Vibroblades were capable of withstanding attacks from Lightsabers and Energy Swords, but their effectiveness dropped as more Jedi and Sith were eliminated. 

During The Galactic Civil War, cortosis was incredibly uncommon and costly, and as a result, there were no such variants available. Despite this, a newer and more practical Vibroblade was developed: the prototype Vibroblade, which could be installed in a variety of weapons as an improvement.


Vibroblades are available in multiple options, the most common ones are as follows:

A Vibrosword


Vibroblades are available in a variety of lengths and powers, with the Dire Vibroblade being one of the longest and most powerful. Due to the length of 

the blade, it could easily be handled with two hands, improving its effectiveness and combat style. 

This was the primary weapon of the Aggressor-series Battle Droids, and like other Vibro Weapons, it was powered by ultrasonic vibrations to deliver its devastating power.

The Old Republic variants have a cortosis-weave that could withstand the attacks of Lightsabers and other weapons. As Jedi and the Sith became weaker and weaker, the development of Vibroswords, which were capable of deflecting light blaster shots, became necessary. 

Some species were bigger and stronger than any humanoid, and they were able to wield a Vibrosword with just one hand, 

allowing them to carry two weapons at the same time. This weapon also incorporated ultrasonic vibration generators, which were first for the military.

The Vibroswords, on the other hand, were much bigger than the Dire Vibroblades, to the point that they could be dangerously heavy for the wielder to bear.

Sith Tremor Swords

The Sith Tremor Swords were as massive as the Vibroswords, but were longer and lighter in weight than the latter. When the Master Blades of the Bladeborn defeated 10 opponents using Lightsabers, they were awarded this weapon, which reminded them of the old Sith swords they had used in battle. 

As a consequence, these swords were covered with cortosis-weave in order to shield them from the cutting force of the Lightsabers.

The Vibro Double-Blade

Vibro Double-Blade

The Vibro double-blade was simply a pair of Vibroblades together. Its combat technique mirrored that of a dual-bladed Lightsaber in appearance and function. The Echani wore it because it was constructed of cortosis-weave and was comfortable. It was, however, much heavier and more difficult to handle.

Strong strikes made all the difference since they were able to cut through almost any material with ease. Even greater assistance was provided by the ultrasonic waves. Although it was more convenient to use, it lacked cortosis-weave armour, making it ineffective against Lightsabers.

The Vibrorapier

This blade produced no sound as a result of the ultrasonic vibration generator being removed due to the unique design. Many experienced fighters believed it to be the most effective method of launching stealth assaults.

The Vibrodagger

Hunter holding a vibroblade
Hunter – The Bad Batch

In comparison to the conventional Vibroblade, the Vibrodagger was an even more compact version of the weapon. It was more balanced when used as a Vibroweapon, and it could be used efficiently as a melee weapon as well. It also included power cells, which supplied the energy required by its vibration generator, allowing it to become more dangerous than a standard dagger.

A Vibroknife

The Vibroknife was the normal form of the Vibrodagger, and it was made of steel. It was around the same size and was utilised by everyone from civilians to troops. It was very useful both as a tool and as a weapon. And, of course, because of the vibrations, it was much more effective than before.

A Vibroshiv

The Vibroshivs were tiny Vibro Weapons that ranged from daggers and blades to knuckles in size, and utilised ultrasonic vibrations to make them more destructive against their opponents. Despite their small size, they were quite strong, and they could be employed in a variety of ways. When it comes to cutting capabilities, a blade of equivalent size could not compete with the Vibroshivs.

A Vibroknuckle

A Vibro Knuckler is a hand-worn Vibroblade that provides an individual’s fist with an additional boost of power. One blade was positioned in front of the user’s hand, or four smaller vibroblades were inserted between the knuckles of the user’s hands. 

This weapon was the weapon of choice for most criminals who wanted to be well-armed while operating in the criminal underground.

Various other variations of the Vibroblade were weapons that made use of the same vibration technology, and they were manufactured by a number of cults and species to suit a variety of goals, each with its own unique design. There are many types of vibroblades, including the Zabrak Vibroblade, and the Echani Vibroblade.


Is Vibroblade a Beskar?

Not every vibroblade is lightsaber-resistant. However, some such as the beskad, which incorporates the material beskar, have been used to stand toe-to-toe with Jedi Knights. 

Can a Vibroblade block a Lightsaber?

Vibroblades were practically worthless against lightsabers in the New Canon because they were incapable of stopping them. In the Legends Universe, however, every Vibroblade iteration came with a “Cortosis weave”, making it Lightsaber resistant.

Does Mandalorian have a Vibroblade?

Yes, the Mandalorian revived the Jango Fett weapon known as a vibroblade, which had been lost in the Star Wars films. 

In Summary

In addition to being utilised by bounty hunters and criminal lords as secondary 

weapons, the Vibroblades were also favoured by mercenaries, soldiers, assassins, and pirates as well as other groups. 

The Vibro Weapons also acquired a lot of popularity during the Jedi Civil War. That happened as a consequence of a rise in the prevalence of personal energy shields among the general population. The employment of blasters against such shields proved ineffectual, but Vibro Weapons were capable of ripping through them and their users with ease.

Vibroblades were used by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, Republic Troopers, and a huge number of privateers. People had their blades modified or refitted depending on the favours they 

received from others. Since the time of the Old Republic, these modified Vibroblades have been in use.

Several Bounty Hunters (including Sugi) were armed with Vibro Weapons during the Clone Wars period.

Vibro Weapons were also utilised as main weapons by the Clone Assassins and the BX-series Commando Droids, among others. 

The Imperial Dungeoneers would later deploy a new hybrid of Vibroblades, known as the Power Swords, in their struggle against the Orcs, whom they would eventually defeat. The Hutt Cartel, Jabba the Hutt, the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, and a bevvy of Jedi and Sith were among the other notable organisations.

Hoping this guide helped. 

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