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Star Trek Merchandise: Inspired Gifts for The Trekkies in Your Life

Star Trek Merchandise: Inspired Gifts for The Trekkies in Your Life

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Gifting a Trekkie is the best way of letting them know that you are one of them. It shows them that you share more than a passive interest in the Star Trek universe and that you have accepted their nature. This will ultimately lead to them opening up to you, and you may just make the cut of binge-watching buddies, Star Trek fair buddies, or in a perfect scenario, getting a Star Trek-inspired gift in return.

As much as the gift will show your thoughtfulness, it does not have to be expensive to drive the point home. Some gifts are impactful because they are practical, while others trigger emotional or sentimental reactions and can prove to be collectible. Some very well-chosen ones even ensure the gifted has to invite the gift bearer to play, killing two birds with one stone.

Here are some gifts we thought your Trekkie friends and relatives would appreciate.

Star Trek: The Original Series on DVD

TOS dvd

Most of your Trekkie friends are probably thrilled about the upcoming productions in the Star Trek franchise, and you want to be there for them and with them. You may want to take a walk down memory lane to see what Gene Roddenberry had visualized for the future of this Star Trek franchise. A huge chunk of its foundation, Trek lore, and ideals comes from this 60s sci-fi classic.

So that you are all on the same page, this complete package brings you the full series from where you can refer anytime you fail to see the relationship between scenes. These moments are not uncommon in Star Trek territory.

This is almost 69 hours of Star Trek history packed in one.


Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet

Star Trek themed sticky notes

It is a booklet with a hardcover that neatly binds your sticky notes so they can last for long if you want to use them sparingly. Any Trekkie will enjoy this as a gift or to receive a note from it because it uses the starship language to communicate combined with images of all your favorite characters.

The sticky notes give your messages prominence as they stand out by adding a personal touch to otherwise boring instructions

Hundreds of colorful self-sticking sheets come in various shapes, and the booklet is compact enough to fit in your purse or back pocket, allowing you to bring it wherever you are going.


The LED 3 Dimensional Crystal Ball Lamp

Star Trek Crystal Ball

This crystal ball has a starship inside it which takes you back to the realms of the Star Trek adventures. It comes with LED lighting that keeps changing to give that impression of movement through space and time. Looking at it glowing at night transports you into space for a moment.

The solid base prevents the crystal ball from rolling, reducing the risk of breakage. Lithium-ion batteries power it, so it will still provide reasonable light when the power grid has issues.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Bluetooth Speaker

Star Trek Bluetooth Speaker

It is a 12” long replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Starfleet vessel led by Commanding Officer Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This alone will drive any Trekkie wild. It stands on the Delta symbol as a base.

It is also a Bluetooth speaker with up to 60 minutes of white noise emulation that plays a ship’s engine noise for background sound. It also comes packed with all-starship engine sound effects from torpedo blast, red alert, warp acceleration to the more calming engine hum. You can switch between sound modes from engine effects to the soothing engine noise if you want to fall asleep like a Starfleet crew member on a ship.

It comes with LED lights that can be turned on and off at the touch of a button, making it the ideal Star Trek night light. It is Bluetooth 4.2 compatible, and you can connect your phone or any other device to listen to your music or podcasts at your convenience.

This is your ultimate Trekkie gift.


Star Trek Catan

Star Trek: Catan Boardgame

This is a unique combination of a board game classic and starship adventure that will appeal to a Star Trek lover. You are given the power to make the universe-altering decisions you are accustomed to seeing fleet commanders making and employ your own tactics on the board.

You can explore and settle in the resource-rich planets in Federal territory, build outposts and starbases to extract resources, establish supply routes, trade with opponents and federation neighbors, and keep your opponents at bay using the Klingons if they come too close for comfort.

It comes with interchangeable planet sector tiles, many starships and outposts, a Klingon battle cruiser, and everything it takes to have that Star Trek experience.

The game is ideal for 3 to 4 players and can be played for up to 90 minutes, making it perfect for a Trekkie game night.


Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

star trek changing mug

This ceramic mug does more than just contain your beverages. It simulates the Star Trek transporters used to beam people from the starships to the ground and other ships.

It features images of your main characters from the original series: Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura. The hot beverage makes them appear and disappear like they have been beamed into and from the mug.

It is a simple yet practical gift that keeps your special person thinking about you every time they pour that hot drink.


Star Trek Captain’s Log Passport Sized Mini Notebook

Captain's Log Book

Captain James Tiberius Kirk, one of the Starfleet’s most celebrated commanders of all times, was once referred to as ‘A walking stack of books’ by Commander Gary Mitchell. This zeal to always keep learning something new helped him through many predicaments that any Star Trek fan can attest to.

A captain’s logbook is a handy tool to have as you navigate through this life. It is good for noting down your observations and lessons learned in the classroom. This one fits snugly into your back pocket or purse and comes with inspirational quotes, charts, and lots of space to accommodate your notes. It also features a time map of the Star Trek universe for your reference.

It comes highly recommended as a practical gift.


Star ‘Trek Spock with Ears’ Crew Socks

Spock themed socks

These socks are multi-purpose; whether you just want to keep the cold away, it is casual wear for running, hiking, or weight lifting. They come with the uniqueness of having the protruding ears of the half Vulcan half-human Spock that makes them the most easily identifiable happy socks. The flaps can also be used on the hanging line after laundry if you want the socks to dry faster.

You can add a few coins to get the ultimate Star Trek deal, the Star Trek Spock and Kirk 2 Pair Crew Socks Pack. This deal throws in another pair of socks with Captain Kirk’s image. It is a perfect gift for a Trekkie for attending those Star Trek events and a good accessory for Halloween costumes.


The Star Trek Captain Kirk Lunch Tote

starfleet lunch bag

This bag has a minimalistic design that enables attention to be focused on the Delta and the maroon color, which together symbolize a captain of a starship; in this particular case, it is Captain Picard and his USS Enterprise-D. It will be an aptly timed gift considering Star Trek Picard is currently going into its 2nd season and is based on Jean-Luc Picard’s life.

The lunch bag is very functional and has dual compartments lined with PEVA to contain spillage and keep your snacks dry. Each closure has its own zipper pull, and the handle is padded for easy carrying.

The Star Trek insignia is meticulously embroidered in black, gold, and silver.


The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek -  Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This pizza slicer’s design is borrowed from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Starship, which is laser etched on the wheel of the stainless steel blade to remove any doubt. It allows the owner to display their Trekkie side functionally, without drawing too much attention (fellow Trekkies will catch on quickly, though).

The saucer bit of the Starship functions as the blade, and the warp engine provides an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use. The sleek stainless steel finish and heavy metal construction guarantee the gift is durable and resistant to corrosion, so it will not contaminate your food.

BUY NOW These ideas are based on what we found in our search and, of course, what we like. There are many other incredible items out there that we are yet to encounter. We are open to other gift suggestions as we also continue shopping.

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