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New Show Savage Marines with Casper Van Dien

New Show Savage Marines with Casper Van Dien

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In a dark future of corporate control and ownership, a lowly factory laborer, Samuel, is determined to provide a better life for his wife and their unborn child. Signing up for the hazardous job of a salvage marine, Samuel embarks on a grueling tour of duty in a war-torn galaxy. Brace yourselves for a sci-fi adventure filled with deep space combat and the drive to survive. You can Watch on and Crackle Plus streaming networks.


  • Casper Van Dien as Samuel Hyst
  • Armand Assante as The Shift Manager

Here’s a snippet for his interview with

FH: Can you tell us a bit more about your character Samuel? Have you, perhaps, taken some inspiration for him from your earlier work? Maybe Rico? *laughs*

CVD: Yeah, I think I got a little bit of it from Rico, but he’s older now. Has a lot more wisdom… I hope. Sam does it for his family. A higher purpose. Rico, joined to get the girl. Two very different motivations and I relate to them both. Anytime that I have the honor to play a military man, I look to my dad. He served in the Navy as a Pilot and a CDR. He is my hero and I always wanna do right by him and those who served.  

FH: Do you think your family’s military history helped you nail these military roles, as well as your own college prep?

CVD: The men of my family who served, gave me the freedom to do what I love. For us to all be here and getting a shot. It’s the least I could do, to give it my all, after the sacrifices of those brave soldiers. 


You can watch the Official Trailer below:

If you might remember Casper Van Dien was Rico from cult classic “Starship Troopers” (1997). He also have a bunch of new projects coming out this year, so you if enjoy his works there is more to come.

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