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A New Hope Jabba The Hutt Is Now Considered Canon

A New Hope Jabba The Hutt Is Now Considered Canon

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Many people who are big Star Wars fans will already be aware of the fact that Jabba The Hutt wasn’t always the giant slug creature that we see ogling Princess Leia.

According to some cut scenes, he was actually a large rotund human in the first installment in the Star Wars franchise. 

But, it’s not until later on in the franchise that we get to see him in his most recognizable, gooey form.

In Star Wars #16, however, writers have actually given a nod to the original Jabba The Hutt that was cut from the movie, thereby making him canon in the franchise. 

To find out more, keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

The Origins Of Jabba The Hutt 

Before we jump straight in, and take a look at human Jabba The Hutt’s appearance in the Star Wars magazine, let’s take a look at the origins of his character for those who don’t already know. 

Jabba eating a snack
Jabba eating a snack

When Jabba The Hutt was originally devised by Lucas, he was not at all like the slimy, sluggish creature that we’re all familiar with. Instead, he actually looked more like a wookie in many ways, as he donned a furry costume that was more mammal-like than an animalia. 

Lucas hired an Irish actor called Declan Mullholland to play his character, where he wore a brown furry costume, but his scenes were cut from the movie.

This is what can be seen when fans first take a look at the original Jabba The Hutt

What’s interesting is that this scene was never intended to be viewed by the public. In fact, Lucas intended to fully replace Mullholand’s performance with a stop motion sequence. 

In 2004, Jabba The Hutt was made to look even more slug-like, thanks to the help of modern CGI effects.

This means that his character has undergone several different changes to give us the version most recognizable today. 

Original Jabba The Hutt Made Canon 

In the Star Wars comics that we have in circulation today, we witness the human Jabba The Hutt as he makes a surprising appearance. 

Currently in the comic books, we find ourselves following the adventures of the Crimson Dawn. Han Solo is being auctioned off, and as you can guess, all of the big crime bosses want him. Here enters Jabba The Hutt. 

Our heroes are making an attempt to save him before he’s sold off to a seedy crime boss, and as chaos ensues, we can see Jabba The Hutt in all of his human-like glory make his appearance. 

He looks very much like the version that we see cut from the original movie.

Sporting a furry matted head, and a very unflattering double chin. In his speech bubble, he claims that he would love an excuse to attack the Empire, but that he can’t unless they decide to attack them first. 

Whether or not fans believe that this version of Jabba The Hutt is indeed canon or not, it is interesting to see him represented in a completely different way.

He is very similar to the gangsters that we might find depicted in the lore of our world today. Perhaps this shows just how important design is when it comes to making a movie. 

A well designed character can help to secure them within the cultural narrative. Without his sluggish, obscene appearance, is Jabba The Hutt really that special? 

Weird Facts About Jabba The Hutt

Jabba’s Homeworld

Jabba’s homeworld is actually grosser than he is, believe it or not.

The planet where the creature comes from is known for its hot and dry climate, which is surrounded by bogs. The perfect environment for this species if you ask us. 

Jabba Is Stinky 

If you’ve wondered if Jabba smells as bad as he looks, the answer is yes. Jabba’s favorite food is a special variety of toad that has an exceptionally putrid smell upon digestion. 

Jabba Eats Humans 

As well as toads, Jabba has actually been known to eat human beings on occasion.

In fact,  we can see him gobbling somebody up in the 1995 Dynasty Trap. Surely there can be no worse fate than being digested in his stomach. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, human Jabba The Hutt is considered to be canon by many fans. He is depicted in the new issue of the Star Wars comic as he appears in the original uncut version of A New Hope.

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