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How to Throw a Star Trek Birthday Themed Party

How to Throw a Star Trek Birthday Themed Party

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If you have a Star Trek fan in your life, how about throwing a surprise Star Trek birthday-themed party this year? Sounds like a great idea, huh?

Now, to throw any themed party, you need to make sure you have everything covered. After all, you want your surprise party to be a success, don’t you?

Imagine your Trekkie and the guests stepping into the room through the translucent curtain (the transporter beam) to find a futuristic setting for the night’s party! It can be anything – Quark’s bar in Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation’s Ten Forward, or a historic bar made on the holodeck. You have many options to design a Star Trek birthday-themed party for a very happy birthday.

But for this, you’ll need some planning and organizing to ensure that your science fiction-based event turns out to be a successful one. Need help with this? Awesome! This guide is what you need. It talks about everything you need to consider for making it a Star Trek special night.

Let’s get started!

1. Create a Customized Space Invitation

Explore your creative side and design a party invitation featuring either the Starship Enterprise or any other starship on the front. Inside, invite your friends and family to join you for the celebration in space, the final frontier, along with the party details – date, time, and location. You may further add a directive that the guests should come dressed as any Star Trek characters to enjoy a little cosplay.

star trek invite

2. Set a Cosmic Mood with a Futuristic Décor

Create a backdrop of your party venue by converting it into space, literally. Hang a crystal and metallic beads door curtain in the doorway so when your guests arrive, they ‘transport’ into the space party room.

If you want to create a spaceship-like effect, get some supplies, including poster board, cardboard, paint, chalk, or any other art supplies of your choice, and use them to create things you might find on a spaceship or in the Star Trek series, like instrument panels and twilight-filled windows. You can also outline the room’s walls, doorways, dance floor, and bar with rope lights.

If you’re short on time or don’t wish to explore the DIY options, the easiest and fastest way to turn your place into space is by getting some black trash bags and many glow-in-the-dark stars. Turn your walls black and fix these twinkling stars in a way that your guests are left with the wonder and mystery of the cosmos while emulating the Star Trek franchise.

3. Set Up the Bar and Buffet

cheering with glasses

If space is not an issue, you can set up the food and drink section on the opposite sides of the room so that your guests can circulate while enjoying their pop culture food and beverages. Talking about the menu, it’s a good idea to have various beverages like Blue Romulan Ale, Worf’s prune juice in a decanter, or even simple hot water for Star Trek Captain Picard’s Earl Grey tea.

You can arrange various warm Star Trek dishes like Ktarian eggs (scrambled eggs with dill) and Klingon’s favorite octopus in the food section. You may further include some 21st-century food options like ribs and chicken drumettes to appease your guests’ taste buds.

You may arrange for some Chocolate Rice Krispie treats cut to look like Borg cubes for desserts. Or simply get those Star Trek-themed cookie cutters and ice cube trays and bake your favorite cookies or brownies like they are straight out of the Star Trek universe.  

Last, don’t forget to fill a large white bowl with Gagh. If not Gagh, get that facsimile of 2-foot-long gummy worms!

4. Plan some Games and Activities to Entertain Your Guests

A party is more than just decorations and food. As a host, you need to organize some fun games and activities to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. For a Star Trek birthday theme, you can do it in multiple ways. Set up stations where your guests can move from one activity to another.

Alternatively, you can create a list of activities you’ll host during the party. Arrange games like trivia challenges or quote identifications. Set up a station in a way that your guests can vote for their favorite Star Trek captains.

5. Set Up a Photo Booth and Arrange for Some More Entertainment

You can also arrange a photo booth stocked up with various costumes, backdrops, alien face painting supplies, and cool cut-outs. The backdrop can be anything like a simple sparkling beaded curtain.

As your guests must have been dressed as Star Trek characters, adding a photo booth will be a great idea to capture the moments. Also, taking selfies and posing with other Star Trek characters is fun, isn’t it?

Apart from these activities, don’t forget to set the party’s mood with some sweet Klingon Opera. Turn on the playlist that includes all the popular space-themed jams like Ground Control to Major Tom, Star Man, and Rocket Man. This will keep your Star Trek theme alive throughout the party. When you want your guests to relax for a while, you can also consider playing some Star Trek episodes on the big screen.

6. Arrange for Your Character Costume

If you’re asking your guests to adorn any Star Trek character, how can the host/hostess be left behind? The theme party etiquettes also demand that you dress up accordingly.

As a host, you can become Captain Kirk or any other Captains’ of your choice by donning a solid color shirt, slim-fit black slacks, and black shoes. Add communicator pins to your outfit, and you’re good to go.

As a hostess, you may adorn yourself with a Uhura look – high boots, a short dress, and a poufy hairdo!

If you’re deep into this theme party thing, purchasing a total replica uniform sounds fun, right? Check out some of these amazing options for your Star Trek costume:

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For Host: Star Trek Discovery Command Jacket

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For Hostess: Star Trek Classic Deluxe Dress

7. Plan for the Final Post-Party Wrap Up

After all the fun and frolic, unfortunately, at some point, the party has to end. So, make sure that your ending is just as good as the entire event. You wouldn’t want to run around like a crazy person, finding trash from different corners and cleaning up your house.

To avoid this scenario, make sure you plan your party time in a way that you have enough time to clean the mess after your guests leave. Wrapping up things at a convenient time will help you have a relaxed post-party wrap-up.

Also, when your party is about to end, you may offer some kind of prizes to the guests who stunned everyone with their costumes, performances or were just great at games and activities.

These prizes can be simple Star Trek toys, collectibles, or even a gift card – whatever your budget permits. Handing out prizes would signal guests that the party is coming to an end. This way, you’ll be able to wrap up things in some time while bidding farewell to all your Star Trek guests.

Tip: If you’re still doubtful about how to end the party, simply play the Star Trek end theme song.

Wrapping It Up

Following these ideas should cover all your Star Trek birthday theme party requirements. However, it’s recommended to make a plan while using your creative juices or taking a little help from the internet. Doing so will guarantee a fun-filled themed party that your guests might have never seen before.

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