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How Big Are The Star Trek Eaglemoss Ships

How Big Are The Star Trek Eaglemoss Ships

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You’ve probably heard of Eaglemoss’ Star Trek die-cast ship designs if you keep your ears to the ground for the latest Star Trek stuff. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to collect the models because of the cost or because you don’t really want that much metal in your home. 

The Eaglemoss collection has an incredibly diverse range, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about them, including how big they are and how much space they will take up in your home.

What Are The Eaglemoss Models And How Big Are They?

Eaglemoss now produces three different model lines. The Star Trek Starship Series, for example, is a set of normal sized spacecraft from across all areas of the Star Trek world. 

The Standard Eaglemoss models are around 5.5 inches long and are crafted of die-cast and hand-painted, and the The XL models are 10+ inches. 

The second model line is a larger type of a few of the main collection’s models. These XL variants are 10+ inches long and manufactured with the same materials as the regular models.

Smaller Eaglemoss Models

The tremendous craftsmanship packed into these little models is the first thing shoppers will notice. Consider the Enterprise-D, as depicted above. 

The over-sized round saucer part accounts for every window, elegant hull lines, and escape pods. It’s even more impressive than the show’s small filming model. 

Eaglemoss does an excellent job of conveying the ship’s massive scale, despite the fact that it is only a few inches in length.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these models will most likely prioritise build quality over all else. Each of these designs oozes accuracy. The metal hull plating and contours are identical to the elevated version on the Enterprise. 

Take, for example, the Bird of Prey or the Romulan Warbird. The classic Klingon look is perfectly preserved aboard the Bird of Prey, with every geometric line down to the disruptor gun reproduced correctly. 

All windows and hull detailing is present, similar to the Enterprise-D, which is astounding given the restricted surface space available to build these designs.

The Warbird and Bird of Prey even feature a surface-level hull scarring texture surrounding the model if you look closely. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t due to model deterioration, but rather what appears to be a dedicated (and effective) attempt to replicate decades of combat and battle damage. Because none of these extraterrestrial ships are intended to be spotless, this inclusion is spot on.

The Tellarite Cruiser’s presence in this collection demonstrates Eaglemoss’ devotion to legend. If you look through Eaglemoss’ catalogue, you’ll see ships like the Curry-class cruiser, which appeared in.365 second of one DS9 episode, and the Steamrunner-class from First Contact. 

The Tellarite cruiser is a rare ship, appearing only as a fuzzy CGI model in three episodes of Enterprise. Eaglemoss, on the other hand, has given the ship a makeover that will surely thrill all who care about these things.

Indeed, this physical model shows more detail of the ship than the ship’s representations in the series. 

You don’t have to worry about your money going to an improper rendition of the spaceships you hold dear since every vessel in Eaglemoss’ collection has been approved by CBS.

The plastic is prone to slipping out of its foundation or slipping out of the ship. If you don’t intend on fiddling with your models too often, this won’t be a problem. 

But, if you plan on pulling the figures from the plastic holder frequently, ensure your hand is anchoring the foundation and plastic stalk when retrieving the model.

Every spacecraft also includes a full magazine that discusses not just the ship’s features and design, but also its significance in Star Trek lore. Take, for example, the Tellarite Cruiser. Despite its minor role in Star Trek legend, Eaglemoss gives it the royal treatment.

Extra Large Eaglemoss Models

Eaglemoss’ XL range of ships are models like no other. These vessels are roughly twice as large as their smaller equivalents. As with most anything, size matters, and this model series is no exception.

Prometheus XL – 10.5″ length

The larger surface allows the metal contours and increased texture work to truly pop, especially when compared to the model’s smaller version, which already had a strong showing. 

Eaglemoss’ model’s vast geometry of this ship’s saucer part renews my admiration for Doug Dexler’s design. The XL model draws the viewer’s attention to the hull’s many elements, such as openings, symbols, and curvature. 

Those who want  XL versions must be prepared to pay a premium. These vessels are much more costly than the smaller counterparts, at $75 per model (excluding subscription pricing, which Eaglemoss offers). 

Some may consider these XL models to be pricey, but we can guarantee you that the added price is due to the increased number of materials used in the model, including the additional time spent painting the ships.

With that in mind, we can give some advice: if you’re only interested in one or two Eaglemoss models, the investment in all of these XL designs is well worth it. They look absolutely fantastic on stands in your living room or bedroom. 

Regardless of how they’re used, these models give viewers a new respect for the Star Trek universe’s stunning designs.

Star Trek Eaglemoss Subscription Services

A subscriber option is available for those who do not want to limit themselves to only one or two models. 

Those who choose this option will receive a 20% discount on the XL Voyager model, as well as three special free gifts totaling $100 as part of their membership, which they can cancel at any time. 

Additional ships will be delivered on a monthly basis at the same 20% discount. If you’re interested in learning more about the subscription, go to

Final Thoughts

Eaglemoss has replicated somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200 ships from the Star Trek TV shows and movies over the past few years.

Their series of Trek ship models began as a membership service, but if you move quickly enough, you may buy any of these replicas individually.

Eaglemoss set out to recreate every spacecraft ever shown in a Star Trek production, and while a few minor backdrop ships may still be missing, they’ve come a long way, with several themes that regular observers would be hard-pressed to recognise.

Depending on the space you have to accommodate one of these amazing die-cast metal ships, as a hardcore Star Trek fan, or even a casual viewer, you will definitely enjoy having a high-quality replica of Star Trek’s astounding spaceships in your home.

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