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Forsaken Mandalorian And The Drunken Jedi Master

Forsaken Mandalorian And The Drunken Jedi Master

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 “A well-made fan movie that manages to evoke the “real” Star Wars movies and TV shows… odds are good that you would think you were watching a real deal Star Wars/Lucasfilm production.”
– Bryan Kristopowitz, 411 Mania

“Fan projects of this nature tend to be cheesy, with bad effects and acting, but…not this time.”
– Peter Paltridge, Pop Geeks

NOW LIVE! Strap in for a fun STAR WARS fan film from writer / director Anthony Ferraro: “Forsaken Mandalorian and the Drunken Jedi Master!”

The goal was to make a fan film driven by dramatic performances rather than winks and nods to the franchise. But not to worry, we do some winking and nodding 😉”  ~Anthony Ferraro, Writer/Director 

A forsaken Mandalorian hunts down a Hutt Courier to recover an asset that unexpectedly leads him to team up with an outcast drunken Jedi Master to fulfill his sworn duty.

“Hope Hinges On Two Men With No Hope”

Anthony will be launching “FORSAKEN MANDALORIAN AND THE DRUNKEN JEDI MASTER” on his popular YouTube channel “Create Sci-Fi”. A How-To channel for independent filmmakers, hobbyists and digital dads, with over 1.6 million views and 28K subscribers. Many prop and costume builds from this film are on the channel providing a deeper dive.

drunken jedi fight

Deep into COVID lockdown, it occurred to me I could shoot a Star Wars fan film outdoors with a Mandalorian as a lead character. The Mando costume by design is full body PPE. I wrote two-person scenes to be filmed safely with a skeleton crew and cast myself as the “Drunken Jedi” to add more stealth to the production. The project was born out of a need to keep creative during the pandemic but, at the end of the day it’s one of my finest films and I am excited to share it.” – Anthony Ferraro

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