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Do Stormtroopers Have Names And Families?

Do Stormtroopers Have Names And Families?

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Everyone knows what a stormtrooper looks like whenever mentioned in conversation. You recognize them when they appear on the screen during a Star Wars movie or commercial. Often we hear a voice come from the helmet but rarely see the face underneath. It’s no surprise that we often wonder about the person behind the mask.

Stormtroopers have names and families in some cases. Stormtroopers in the early Empire were likely clones, so they didn’t have names or families. Once cloning became shut down, the Empire hired human soldiers as stormtroopers. These officers most likely had names and families before joining the Empire. The most recent Empire hired children who were raised within the Empire as stormtroopers to swear loyalty.

Depending on what timeframe you look at, a stormtrooper will determine whether they had a name or family. Most stormtroopers refer to one another as numbers rather than their human names, to signify their unity to the Empire. The Empire did not want to promote individual thinking, but rather loyalty to their leaders.

Do Stormtroopers Have Names?

Stormtroopers are usually in one large mass when they are seen on screen or in video games. It is rare to see a stormtrooper working alone. Given that fact, it’s no surprise that you wonder if they have names. Often, they are “trooper” or go by their designated unit number. Names don’t seem to come up unless the stormtrooper is leaving the Empire.

Stormtroopers Refer To One Another By Number

Stormtroopers often refer to their number when addressing another stormtrooper. They follow this rule while officers remain in uniform. It is unknown if their legal names are used once out of the base and uniform. If officers are even allowed out of their uniforms. Stormtroopers who may have enlisted together may exchange legal names in private, but use their numbers when in public or speaking to a commanding officer.

Stormtroopers Had Names Before Joining The Empire

Later in the Empire’s rule, stormtroopers were enlisted rather than cloned. These troops most likely had legal names before joining the Empire. They chose to give up that name in exchange for a number once they entered. The troopers will not be called by their human names, but rather by their given numerical names. This was to ensure absolute loyalty to the Empire and to lose a sense of themselves as an individual.

Children Became Enlisted To The Empire Young

As the Empire grew in power, their reach for more stormtroopers dwindled. They started enlisting children and brainwashing them into serving the Empire. Children were the easiest to manipulate and control. They also did not fight back against the Empire since they grew up only knowing what the Empire told them.

Do Stormtroopers Have Families?

Stormtroopers having families will depend on what era of the Empire you choose. Most stormtroopers remain loyal to the Empire, so if they did have families before joining, they most likely lost contact or were not allowed to see or reach out to them. Due to the brainwashing, most stormtroopers did not even think about their families. Instead, their thoughts remained hooked on working for the Empire.

Early Empire Stormtroopers Did Not Have Families

Stormtroopers during the early Empire days were clones rather than humans. These clones, therefore, did not have families. Their thought process probably didn’t even brush the subject. They were most likely programmed to only think about the Empire, which is why they were so easy to replace if destroyed in battle.

Later Empire Stormtroopers Most Likely Had Families

Once cloning was shut down, and the Empire had to enlist human stormtroopers, those soldiers most likely had families. They would most likely have had to give up contact with their families. They were also most likely brainwashed into forgetting about their families to serve the Empire. Much like the clones, the Empire wanted their new soldiers to only think about their leaders.

The Empire Was Family To The Young Stormtroopers

The children enlisted in the Empire thought that the Empire was their family. Given that they were often brainwashed while growing up, most stormtroopers probably didn’t know anything outside of the Empire. This tactic mirrored the clone stormtroopers who thought of nothing else besides the Empire.

Can Stormtroopers Have Personalities?

Given that there are so many stormtroopers, there are bound to be differences between them. Not to mention, there are multiple ranks of stormtroopers that work within the Empire. Often, they seem replaceable since they come in droves when the Empire attacks an area. However, since the Empire started enlisting humans for their stormtrooper armies, personalities will go with them.

Their Personalities Depends On Who You Ask

In the older Empire, stormtroopers often worked as one unit. This was mainly due to the clones that were used when creating the stormtrooper armies. In later times within the Empire, as humans started populating the stormtrooper ranks, personalities came with them. Any new Star Wars movie or videogame has depicted stormtroopers as having different characters.

Stormtroopers Have Different Ranks, Which Can Alter Their Personalities

Stormtrooper typically stands for the white-uniformed trooper we are used to seeing, however, the title has expanded based on the type of skill they possess. There have been classifications created and different uniforms to showcase these ranks. Often, personalities can differ when two various stormtroopers of varying status interact.

Recent Star Wars Games and Movies Have Shown That Men And Women Can Be Stormtroopers

Men and women can have varying personalities. Given that stormtroopers are one or the other promotes the idea that they can have different characters as well. While this is a new idea in more recent times, the Empire still supports the concept of all stormtroopers acting on the good of the Empire. So, even with different personalities, the stormtroopers are still loyal to their cause.

Can Stormtroopers Have Lives Outside Of The Empire?

Typically stormtroopers remain on Empire ships, so they most likely did not have lives outside of it. Their world revolves around the Empire. Many stormtroopers move up the ranks, so many are focused on that over having a family. Any stormtroopers who wanted to have families outside of the Empire had to break from it. There are some examples of this happening in various Star Wars books as well as in the more recent movies.

Stormtroopers Have To Escape The Empire

Stormtroopers would need to break from the Empire to live as an individual. Stormtroopers can’t just decide to leave the Empire and simply walk away. They would have to escape the Empire when stationed on a planet and discard their trooper uniform. This move can help them blend into the general population and go unnoticed.

Escaped Stormtroopers Can Join Rebel Groups

Many escaped stormtroopers could join groups like the Rebellion after leaving the Empire. Their knowledge can be helpful during sieges or to deliver intel from the Empire. It can also give stormtroopers a sense of community once their connection to the Empire is severed. This change can be especially hard for the troopers who miss operating in a group.

Stormtroopers Can Also Go Into Hiding

Any stormtrooper who is more a loner may go into hiding to stay off the radar of the Empire. They may have a close-knit connection with a loved one or an immediate family they may have created before or after leaving the Empire. These troopers tend to lay low and steer clear of big cities or towns where they may run into fellow stormtroopers.

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