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Can Boba Fett Really Kill A Jedi?

Can Boba Fett Really Kill A Jedi?

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In the Star Wars franchise, there are dozens of characters who offer up amazing stories of their own, many of which develop cult fandoms surrounding them. One of the most popular cult fandoms in the franchise surrounds Boba Fett, a bounty hunter that strikes fear throughout the galaxy thanks to rumors of his deadly abilities. 

Can Boba Fett really kill a Jedi? Known for his extreme fighting skill and deadly shots, it seems very likely that Boba Fett could potentially kill a Jedi. However, his reputation as a “Jedi killer” might be a little bit overblown due to the fandom’s take on the series. 

Truth be told, no one but the Star Wars writers really know whether or not Boba Fett could kill a Jedi. That said, there’s nothing stopping us from speculating based on what we know about the series. 

Can Boba Fett Really Kill A Jedi?

For the most part, there’s nothing canon in the Star Wars series that suggests killing a Jedi is impossible for people who don’t use The Force. So, in theory, any character in the Star Wars universe can potentially be a Jedi-killer, and that includes Boba Fett. 

But, even with the potential there, you still need to have a little more skill than your average hitman to be able to kill one of the best fighting groups out there. Does he really have what it takes?

Why Is Boba Fett So Dangerous?

Boba Fett’s reputation is one that’s very well-earned. He’s the genetic clone of the famous bounty hunter, Jango Fett, and that alone means he’s got an amazing body for everything that has to do with fighting. 

Along with having amazing genes for the job, Boba Fett also studied under Jango, learning tricks from his own “dad” in ways most other clones didn’t. When you pair that training with the fiery vengeance he has against the Jedis who killed Jango, it’s easy to see why he has that rep.

Does Boba Fett Have Weapons Capable Of Killing Jedis?

It’s important to remember that Jedis are all still human (or alien). They still have bodies that can have lethal injuries, and having high-end weapons means that a bounty hunter has the potential to kill them. No one, even a Jedi, is immune to a bullet. 

Boba Fett has a lot of equipment that makes him a lethal match for just about everyone. He has guns, rocket launchers, a jetpack, and more. So, by arsenal alone, he absolutely has the potential to kill. 

Why Is Boba Fett So Revered As A Bounty Hunter?

If there’s one thing that is hard to do in the Star Wars universe, it’s staying alive. Every major fight scene seems to have at least one or two people dropping dead if you think about it. Boba Fett survived these extremely violent wars:

  • The Rise of the Galactic Empire. He was busy running bounties while wearing Maladorian armor, giving credence to the existence of Maladorian pockets around the galaxy. 
  • The Galactic Civil War. During this time, he worked for the notorious outlaw Jabba the Hutt, as well as Darth Vader himself. He was the only bounty hunter who was able to steal Han Solo’s carbonite body and get it to Jabba for a bounty. 
  • The Clone Wars. Boba survived an assignment that killed Jango Fett: the attempted assassination of Senator Amidala. 

Between his survival rates and the sheer number of high-end villains who’ve hired him, it’s understandable why he might be one of the best baddies in the franchise. 

Does Boba Fett Use The Force?

While he’s an excellent marksman and swordsman, Boba Fett is not a Jedi. So, while he does have amazing fighting skills, that psychokinetic ability that makes Jedis so powerful still remains within his grasp. Even so, for a clone without powers, he makes for a remarkable adversary. 

Did Boba Fett Ever Kill A Jedi?

The best evidence that you could get of his killing abilities is based on his past track record. If he killed Jedis before, it’s safe to say he could do it again. However, that’s where things hit a snag in the “Jedi Killer” reputation he has. 

Boba Fett, to mainstream knowledge, never really killed a Jedi. That’s actually where the majority of the contention in the fan debate comes from. It’s clear he tried, but can he? Well, it’s difficult to say. 

Who Had Close Scrapes With Boba Fett?

Considering how deep his vendetta goes against Jedis and the type of people who hire him, it’s not surprising that Boba Fett came into several close scrapes that almost involved him killing Jedis. Some of his near-kills include:

  • Luke Skywalker. Yes, the OG Jedi hero was shot in the shoulder by Boba Fett during an altercation they had while he worked for Darth Vader. In the same altercation, Fett also temporarily blinded Skywalker, short-circuited R2D2, and sliced Skywalker several times. 
  • Mace Windu. Perhaps the most high-profile altercation between Fett and a Jedi knight had to be his time hunting down Mace Windu. He tried to shoot at Windu multiple times but failed. 
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi. Another major tussle in the Star Wars universe involved Boba Fett hunting down Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly after he became a bounty hunter. Much like with others on this list, it was a close miss.

Subtle Notes About Boba Fett’s Reputation

If you take a look at a lot of scenes throughout the Star Wars franchise, Boba Fett’s lethal reputation regularly gets mentioned by high-ranking Empire officials and outlaws alike. Things like off-handed remarks by Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader do back his rep up. 

There’s a lot to suggest Boba Fett could be a Jedi killer, even if they never bluntly mention it in the movies. If nothing else, all the reputational talk about Boba Fett might lead up to a yet-unmade movie showing him killing off a younger, lesser-known Jedi. 

The Non-Canonical Kill

There’s definitely evidence that Boba Fett had the means and potential to be a legitimate Jedi killer in the Star Wars universe. Despite the evidence, he never quite crossed the line in a canon scene. What many people didn’t know is that Boba very nearly did cross that line. 

According to preliminary sketches involving potential movie plotlines, the story of Revenge of the Sith almost had a far larger role for Boba Fett. Sketches revealed that one of the storylines cut short involved Fett finally getting his sworn vengeance on Mace Windu. 

The preliminary sketches showed Boba Fett standing over Windu’s body, alongside his own fleet of stormtroopers. This scene was cut out, but Mace Windu’s death still happened and was a key factor in Anakin turning into Darth Vader

Does This Count As A Jedi Killing?

If you’re 100 percent into keeping things canon, then it doesn’t really count. Despite the official sketches illustrating the moment, Revenge of the Sith never outright says Boba Fett was Windu’s killer. 

In the actual series, Windu’s death is actually caused by Emperor Palpatine–not Boba Fett. Palpatine, unlike Fett, had an excellent command of The Force, making the death a little more believable to audiences and megafans alike. 

What The Non-Canonical Kill Tells Us About Boba Fett

The mere fact that writers were ready to write Boba Fett in as the killer of one of the more famous Jedis says volumes about his abilities. If they didn’t see him as a seriously lethal killer, they wouldn’t have even broached the possibility. 

If the writers behind the Star Wars series felt that Boba Fett was capable of killing a formidable Jedi like Mace Windu, that speaks volumes about his skill and is evidence to many fans that he had what it takes to be a Jedi Killer. 

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