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Best Darth Vader Figure: Our Top Picks

Best Darth Vader Figure: Our Top Picks

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It is safe to say that, in the past few decades, no movie franchise has been as successful as Star Wars. It’s no wonder why, though. It offers fantastic graphics, good actors, and an intriguing storyline that gives us an insight into how space battles would unfold. This franchise gave birth to one of the most popular heroes ever – Luke Skywalker.

However, Star Wars also gave birth to Darth Vader, who is probably the most infamous figure of any sci-fi series. With the huge popularity of this franchise, it comes as no surprise that merchandise sales are astronomical. In fact, revenue figures reach into the billions of dollars for Star Wars merchandise.

Apart from mugs and shirts with Star Wars themes, action figures have become quite popular. Perhaps surprisingly, the Darth Vader figure is something that both kids and adults seem to love. Bearing this in mind, we have done some research to find great value offers you might be comfortable with.

As a result, we have come up with five of the best Darth Vader figures in terms of quality and price. Let’s take a look and see what these models have on offer.

Best Darth Vader Figure Reviews

Star Wars Series Darth Vader Action Figure

Editors Pick
Star Wars: The Black Series Darth Vader

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If you enjoy buying official merchandise and only want products inspired by the Star Wars brand itself, then this is a great choice for you. Coming in the form of a 6” black figure, this Darth Vader will look great on any desk. It is also compatible with other figures from your collection. Affordable and supported by reliable customer service, it is a product kids and other fans will love!


Whether you are a collector or simply a Star Wars movie fan, you shouldn’t miss out on this Darth Vader. As for the design, the details of the character are inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope. To an average movie guy, it might look like a regular Darth Vader, but this figure is actually a special edition. It is highlighted by numerous details, as well as intricate articulation.

In terms of quality, there is nothing to be concerned about. The Hasbro company has been the official manufacturer of Star Wars merchandise for years now. Hasbro ensures optimal value for the given price. One of the coolest details has to be the red lightsaber that Darth Vader is so easily recognized by.

In our opinion, this is the top Darth Vader figure on the market. The cape is very well done, with our only concern being that the lightsaber is a bit bent. Other than that, there is not much that we can say against this product. As for its posture and how it stands on the desk, we are more than satisfied. It is also very sturdy, so giving it to a child for playtime shouldn’t damage the figure.

However, keep in mind that, due to the small parts, this product is not suitable for those below the age of 3. Overall, we do think that the Star Wars: A New Hope Darth Vader action figure is something that any true enthusiast should invest in!


  • Affordable for most parents
  • Sturdy – not easy to break
  • Detailed and textured
  • Great articulation
  • Removable blade


  • Could be bigger
  • Some reported the blade was a bit bent


Star Wars Hyperreal Episode V Darth Vader Figure

Collectors Choice
Star Wars: The Black Series Hyperreal Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 8"-Scale Darth Vader Action Figure – Collectible
  • 8" Scale
  • Hyperrealist
  • comes with stand/scene

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03/07/2024 12:16 am GMT

Although the aforementioned product is the best Darth Vader figure in regard to price to quality, this one is probably the most detailed. While on the pricier side, it features a number of accessories and an incredible build focused on the skeletal structure. Inspired by Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, you will be able to reenact your favorite scenes with this figure!


Much like the Star War Series Darth Vader 6” figure, this one is manufactured by Hasbro. Again, this guarantees the quality of the product. There are more than a few details that we are fascinated with. First and foremost, the cape of this figure is well-made and uses real high-resistance fabric. This is quite uncommon for most other action figures.

Additionally, looking at the construction, Hasbro puts a focus on seamless and flexible joints, as well as detailed skeletal structure. The result of this combination is that you can put Darth Vader in 28 different poses. This is incredible for a single figure. It is safe to say that, for any true collector, this will be the best addition out of all. Not only does it look great at any display, but it also can be used to interact with spaceships and vehicles from the Black Series.

As we have mentioned above, the figure itself is inspired by Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Hasbro did a great job providing all the necessary details. The figure is just the right size, sitting at 8”. Anything above that would be tricky to handle. Be aware that, while it complies with most safety points, this product still includes small parts in the form of accessories.

As a parent, you have the duty to monitor or keep this figure away from a child that is below the age of 3. Other than the figure itself, we love the multiple hands that are included. Also included is a sturdy figure stand, as well as a couple of other items, including a removable lightsaber. Still, we have to say that, while Hasbro did an excellent job in terms of details, the sturdiness is not on point. It looks like they invested more time into articulation than making sure the figure is not too fragile.

On the other hand, as long as you are not too rough, the cape and the blade should withstand any use. Another minor disadvantage is the fact that the lightsaber doesn’t illuminate. This is the case with certain Darth Vader action figures. While there is room for improvement considering its high price, we still think that it is a great choice!


  • Great skeletal build
  • Seamless joints
  • More than 28 poses
  • Detailed design
  • Accessories are excellent


  • Not as sturdy as could be
  • Lightsaber doesn’t illuminate


Star Wars The Vintage Collection Darth Vader Figure


Star Wars: The Vintage Collection The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader 3.75" Figure

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For a Darth Vader figure that is not as big and pricey as the others but is still detailed, you are in the right place. Once again inspired by The Empire Strikes Back, it is a part of the Vintage Collection series. This series was manufactured by the Kenner brand and was popular back in the 1990s. The best thing about it is that it can interact with other vehicles and figures (3.75”) that are available!


It is safe to say that this particular action figure is not for everyone. It is for fans of the vintage action figures that were sold back in the ’90s. If you are looking to bring back the old memories and celebrate the Star Wars franchise, it is a superb choice. While the figure stands at no more than 3.75 inches, the overall build of it is great. The thing is, you don’t need it to be bigger.

The whole idea is to have it on your desk as a compact and detailed display figure. This Darth Vader will remind you of the story that lies behind. He began as a Jedi Knight, only to fall victim to the dark side. While an infamous character for eradicating the Jedi order, it is hard not to sympathize with him. What we love about this figure is that you can reenact multiple poses. This is possible due to the reliable articulation provided in the design.

For the given price, it is safe to say that this is the best value offer in the Star Wars series. We do have an issue with the shoulder detailing. However, apart from that, there is not much to say against this product. The blade is removable, as well as the helmet. Not to mention, you will get four different accessories that characterize Darth Vader. Affordable and well-made, it is a 3.75” figure that you shouldn’t miss out on!


  • Great price
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Detail is exquisite
  • Great articulation
  • Four accessories


  • Shoulder detailing
  • Packaging could be stronger


Star Wars Rebels Electronic Darth Vader Figure


Moving on with our list, it is time that we present a unique figure that is popular for its interactivity. Highlighted by recognizable Star Wars battle sounds and lights, you are sure to enjoy this Darth Vader on a daily basis!


There are a couple of reasons why we consider this product to be a great investment. First of all, it is made by Hasbro, the licensed Star Wars manufacturer. This means that this product is of great quality. This also means that some common worries related to electronic figures are not going to be an issue with this figure.

Talking about the overall design, this figure is sturdy and well-made, sitting at 12 inches tall. While those dimensions are quite larger than the aforementioned products, the result is great interactivity.

The detailed design focuses on the removable helmet, shoulders, belt, and good structure. You will also love the articulation. Another feature that sets it apart is the effects that you can produce by squeezing the legs together. These include battle sounds from the Star Wars series.

Also, the lightsaber will illuminate. It is quite flimsy, though. We also love the red-eye vision and rubbery cape. Last but not least is the option to record your interaction with the figure through Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX. Overall, this figure is a superb choice in terms of electronic effects and detailed design!


  • Price is very reasonable
  • Battle sounds
  • Illuminating lightsaber
  • Highly detailed
  • Innovative studio app


  • Packaging
  • Flimsy lightsaber


Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Centerpiece


Last but not least is this electronic action figure that is inspired by the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. It will allow you to reenact the boarding of Tantive IV, as well as interact with other characters from the collection. It is affordable and action-packed, which makes it a must-have for any true fan!


This figure is quite similar to the aforementioned one in terms of the concept. However, the detailing is different, considering the movie that it is inspired after. While the articulation is not as vivid, this figure still produces a great display that is highlighted by a lightsaber-illuminating effect.

Additionally, due to the multi-light parts that are included in the statue base, the whole scene will look alive. Darth Vader is set in a battle pose. He is holding a lightsaber in the right hand and protecting himself from the fire with the left one. The helmet and rubbery cape are of great quality, as well.

Since this figure is battery-powered, you will need to invest in three AA batteries to power it up. Keep in mind that these are not featured in the package. A good thing about it is that you can take the Darth Vader off the stand base. On the other hand, it is a bit more complex to assemble than most of the figures from the Black Series. Still, considering the overall build and the fact that it is made as a display figure, this Darth Vader is worth it!


  • Affordable for most people
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Reliable light effects
  • Great stand base
  • Great display


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lacking battle sounds



We did our best to provide you with a couple of Darth Vader figures that differ in design and articulation. Any Star Wars merchandise collector should be an owner of a Darth Vader figure. It is now your turn to choose the one that suits your preference.

Our personal favorite is the Episode V Hyperreal that is highlighted by intricate skeletal structure and 28 different poses. Our second best, considering that the aforementioned might be too pricey, is the Star Wars Rebels Electronic Duel. This figure is perfect for fans of interactive figures! Plus, it is sturdy too!

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