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11 Awesome Women of Star Trek

11 Awesome Women of Star Trek

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Did you know that Star Trek has some of the most phenomenal women playing different roles? Since the show made its debut back in the 1960s, viewers continue to watch amazing women play crucial roles. They exude strength and are inspiring to many generations that continue to enjoy the show.

Today, many women emulate the awesome women of Star Trek who’ve managed to keep the show diverse and intriguing. You notice fans wearing a costume similar to the uniforms the women wear in Star Trek.

Here are the most awesome women of Star Trek:

1. Lily Sloane

Lily Sloane

Lily Sloane is among the most prominent women of Star Trek to date. Her character continues to inspire generations who watch the show from the start to date. She was prominently featured in the Star Trek movie First Contact when her name blew up.

It all began with her spending time with Zafram Cochrane as he worked on a substantial project. He wanted to find a way to be a pioneer in creating a warp-driven spacecraft that would revolutionize the times and change history. Not only was that a great ambition, but such a creation would phenomenally impact the Earth and every other living thing.

But Lily got injured and fell unconscious during this time. It was up to Crusher to rush her to the Enterprise where her life would be okay. Crusher hoped it wasn’t too late for her because her situation was getting critical with every passing moment.

Only things got worse when the ship got attacked as she was getting the help she needed to regain consciousness. She came too as all hell broke loose and, in panic, escaped from those around, not sure who to trust at that moment.

Her panic state made her unpredictable when she took Picard hostage until she was sure she was on the Enterprise then let him go. After that, she realized that the Borg was the real threat and joined in the fight against it. It was the only way to make it out alive as the attack raged on.

Picard was becoming unhinged due to the Borg’s destruction, but Lily managed to help her see hope. With all the crew ready and willing to fight to the end, the Borg wouldn’t win. This not only saved the remaining team but Earth too from any further destruction.

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2. Seven of Nine


Her costume of choice was a catsuit, and she brought on a certain sex appeal to the show needed at the time. Her role is widely known as a means for the show to attract more male viewers who would otherwise never be interested in it. The show needed to expand its audience reach and grow numbers.

But she managed to turn the tables on the ridiculous expectations set on her shoulders and become one of the strongest female characters in the history of Star Trek. She no longer played a mere role as a sex object but a role model to many aspiring, strong women of all ages worldwide.

Her role begins while traveling with her parents at the tender age of 6. She was assimilated to become a Borg but later gained her freedom thanks to Captain Janeway.

Her journey to being human again made her realize her terrible role as a Borg and the pain she’d caused. All these made her into a strong person who managed to save the ship twice, drawing strength from her strong spirit. She earned her place as one of the top women of Star Trek.

3. Kira Nerys

Kira Nerys

Her role in the great Star Trek show was purely to bring an element of conflict that would have viewers glued to the screen. The creators saw a chance to bring in a character who wore a uniform with a different color. She was a match for the Federation Captain, and her purpose was evident from the start.

She stuck to her guns from the start, given her past as a resistant group leader. Though her current position was that of a liaison officer, she still had the spirit of a freedom fighter deep down. Also, she had no trust in politics and instead held fast to her religion.

Kira wasn’t only empty talk since all she said she could easily back with action earning her a spot among the most awesome women of Star Trek. Everywhere she turned, her beliefs met endless challenges, but she never once backed down. However, she grew as a person by learning to be open-minded to positive aspects that were different from what she knew.

4. Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway

She was officially known as Captain Janeway and was one of the most formidable leaders ever to grace Star Trek. Janeway was known to uphold all the different ideals of the Starfleet and ensured her crew was always safe.

Also, she showed plenty of skill when it came to physical and verbal confrontations while making tough choices. Her crew was held to a higher standard, which she set an example of how she carried herself. Despite her tough exterior, they always knew they could turn to her when facing certain problems, for she was always willing to listen and help.

Who else could match her as one of the most phenomenal women of Star Trek who fought Borg and other enemies while forging new friendships?

5. Guinan


Guinan played a crucial role in the Enterprise despite being a bartender on the ship, which she played to perfection, earning a spot on the top women list. Many might downplay her role as a minor, but she managed to advise some of the top leaders on crucial matters, and her advice was well received.

Everyone was grateful when her friendship with lonely Ro shed light on a conspiracy that Picard learned about through her. If they didn’t share the deep connection, things would not have worked out as they did.

Her origins were from El-Aurian, but her people were scattered everywhere by the heartless Borg. However, she was not one to mess with, and even Q knew so explaining why she’s among the top women of Star Trek.

To better understand her strength, you’ll notice that she played a major role in stopping a rebellion in Ten Forward. Most of the people had serious sleep deprivation leading to the unrest. She shot a few beams from her energy beam rifle, which solved the matter.

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6. K’Ehleyr

Though she died earlier on, Star Trek fans will forever remember her character with fondness. Her role began when she was on the Enterprise to find a way to handle an issue with a ship of Klingons.

They were under the presumption that the Federation and Klingon were still at war, but an alliance was in place. Finally, she managed to calm the water when the Klingons lowered their weapons and permitted her to board their ship.

However, she had an edge to her, which contributed to her death at the hands of Duras. Duras was contending to take on the position of Klingon chancellor but was involved in a conspiracy. To keep it a secret, one of the strongest women of Star Trek had to die.

7. Captain Rachel Garrett

Captain Rachel Garrett

She is the only female captain of the Enterprise in charge of the Enterprise C. Enterprise C came forth during the 24-century mid-battle when a temporal rift occurred. This changed history forever, and the Enterprise was now in the middle of a war.

Despite trying hard to keep the occurrence a secret, Picard pressed for answers about when and where they were. Captain Rachel learned that her ship needed to be defeated and accepted without a second thought to this sacrifice to save thousands more.

Her perfect example of sacrifice was emulated by her crew, making her among the most awesome women of Star Trek.

8. Naomi Wildman

Naomi Wildman

Being an only child in a ship full of grown-ups was easy for Naomi Wildman. She liked being the only kid around but always ensured she pulled her weight. Her favorite part of it was assisting the captain and also studying everything she could find.

Her quest for perfection made her mirror the person she most feared, who was Seven of Nine. Her fear would be short-lived after having to face it and come clean about her goals. The two became more than just friends but had a great relationship as colleagues.

She continued to prove herself worthy of her friendship with Seven of Nine, making it to the list of most phenomenal women of Star Trek.

9. Natira


You would be forgiven for mistaking Natira as a follower of given rules from her first appearances on the show. All her orders came from an oracle, and she was the high priestess of Yonada. Though she believed in the oracle and obeyed commands, she also followed her heart.

Her spirit began to shine once she met McCoy, who only had a year to live. She proposed that he spend the year with her, which he accepted. Later on, she’d discover all the lies about everything she believed in.

Natira’s strength would shine when she learned of the oracle’s deception of her location. She was on a ship and not a planet. Despite it all, she chose to remain on board for her people when McCoy suggested they leave together.

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10. Ro Laren

Ro Laren

Ro Laren was brought up in a refugee camp during the Cardassian occupation, where she saw too much pain and torture. Her most horrific memory of those days was when her father was tortured to death during an investigation by a Cardassian. She held that memory close, and it’s what drove her strong spirit and helped her survive trying times.

Her assignment to the Enterprise was under false pretenses, which Guinan found out. She encouraged Ro Laren to tell Picard the truth, and she eventually did in hopes that she wouldn’t get in trouble. Her truth saved the Maquis, who were caught up in a conspiracy that would blame them for an attack. If not for her admission, the Maquis were set to stand trial for the situation and take the fall for something they didn’t do.

She would later join the Enterprise crew serving them well but opted to leave after some time for the Maquis. The choice was hard, but it was one she had to make, proving once more how strong her spirit was. Everyone, including Picard, understood her decision, and it’s why she’s one of the most awesome women of Star Trek.

11. Edith Keeler

Edith Keeler

No one can deny that Edith was a visionary who ran a soup kitchen providing a warm meal during the tough times of the Great Depression. The soup kitchen was in New York, one of the places hardest hit by the depression.  She was able to predict great times in history when humanity would harness incredible energies.

These energies would make space travel possible, and those who took part would learn how to feed millions of starving people. She had the right concept of the changes the world needed but was killed before starting an American peace movement that would’ve prevented WW2.

Edith truly was one of the most amazing women of Star Trek who was ahead of her time in many ways. She foretold the atomic bomb and space travel before it happened. 

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In Summary

Women of Star Trek continue to play a significant role and make the show what it is. They’re strong, inspiring, and determined in their different parts. The list highlights their strengths and drives while serving their missions.

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