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Where to Find the Best Jango Fett Helmet Replica

Jango Fett – a Mandalorian human male-was regarded as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Republic’s final years. Known for his unarmed battles and proficiency in marksmanship, Fett used to cover himself in a sleek armored suit as well as a helmet that helped him conceal his scarred face.

In no time, this Star Wars: Attack of The Clones costume accessory got popular across the globe, and the fans are still going gaga over it.

So, if you’re one such fan who is actively searching for the best Jango Fett helmet replica, you’ve come to the right place, as today, we’re sharing some interesting tips on where to find one.

Buying Guide: The Best Jango Fett Helmet Replica

Considering the following points will bring you a step closer to getting the best Jango Fett helmet replica:


Do you need the helmet for some school role play, a prop for a theatre performance, a Star Wars costume party, or just to keep it as a display? Knowing the purpose will bring more clarity as to what type of helmet will suffice your need.


You’ll get a variety of options when it comes to selecting a Jango Fett helmet. Also, they come in various sizes. So, that’s another thing you need to consider after deciding the purpose. You don’t want to end up buying the wrong size after all the research, right? So, determine what helmet size will be perfect for your needs and explore only those options. This will, in a way, narrow down your selection and help you find the accurate helmet.

Quality and Material

If you’re buying it to simply add to your Star Wars collection, quality and material aren’t a big issue. But you’ll need to consider these aspects if you’re wearing it. Comfort and durability will depend a lot on the material with which it is made of. Fiberglass, hard resin, plastic, and latex are some of the materials used to make these helmets. So, compare each one of them to find which suits you best.


Finding the right replica also depends on where you’re getting it. Is it a reputed place? Is the supplier trustworthy? Check the reviews and recommendations of the supplier you’re planning to buy the helmet from.

After all, you aim to get a high-quality Jango Fett helmet that suits your needs accurately, right? It is always recommended to go with suppliers that are backed with some great customer reviews and recommendations.

In need of some recommendations? Great! We’ve listed down a few options based on customer reviews. Hope the below list helps you in selecting the best Jango Fett helmet replica.

Our Top Picks for Jango Fett Helmet Replica

1.     Star Wars the Black Series Life-Size Prop Replica – Boba

This helmet can be an iconic addition to your Star Wars collection. The interior padding and adjustable fitting provide the required comfort. So, it is great for both – wearing as well as for the display purpose.

Additionally, the presence of electronic lights and the illuminated rangefinder heads-up display cannot go unnoticed while exploring the helmet. Overall, choosing this helmet will be a perfect addition to your Mandalorian armor set.

Want to add this white helmet to your collection? Click on this link: Boba Fett Prototype Armor Electronic Helmet.

2.     Rubie’s Costume Co Star Wars Jango Fett Costume Helmet

This adult one-piece Jango Fett full overhead costume accessory is designed to fit older teens and most adults. It is made from roto cast vinyl material and features a see-thru lens in front with a movable helmet sight. This brand provides officially licensed Star Wars costume accessories, so authenticity is not a concern. Above all, all you need is a soft cloth to keep it in sparkling clean condition.

Check out the price here: Rubies Star Wars Jango Fett Costume Helmet

3.     Boba Fett Cosplay Mask Helmet Props for Halloween Dressing Up

This has to be your ultimate choice for various reasons, especially if you need it for cosplay. First, the Cosplay_Rim brand is a sub-brand of XCOSEER and is committed to offering some of the best cosplay costumes and accessories.

So, getting this prop helmet from here would be a safe bet in terms of quality. Secondly, the material used is a hard resin, which means it is comfortable to wear and durable as it won’t be easy to tear.

Third, it fits most adult men and women. However, it may be large for teenagers. Overall, it is a great helmet prop for various occasions like Christmas, Halloween, or even Star Wars Theme Party and Role Play.

Planning to buy this SW helmet? Click here: Boba Fett Helmet Mask Costume Props.

4.     Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Premium Electronic Helmet

This full-scale premium electronic Boba Fett helmet features a movie-inspired design and a highly-detailed deco. Just with a press of a button, the viewfinder that comes with illuminated rangefinder HUD drops down while activating LEDs. Additionally, the interior padding, adjustable fitting, and electronic lights make it a premium choice as a Jango Fett helmet replica.

Need more details about this electronic helmet? Click here: Boba Fett Premium Electronic Helmet.


Apart from this list, you’ll find various other options from various sources. However, as said earlier, it is recommended to buy only from a credible source backed by customer reviews and recommendations.

Also, considering the above tips will give you a clear picture of the features and specifications you need in a helmet. In turn, this will narrow down your choice and help you get the right Jango Fett helmet that fits your purpose.

Are there any other tips you’d like to share with other Star Wars fans? Have you already purchased any of these Jango Fett helmets? How was your experience? Do share your review with us in the comments.

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