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What Star Wars Items Are Worth The Most Money

What Star Wars Items Are Worth The Most Money

If you still have some of your Star Wars paraphernalia in its original packaging, and you’ve kept it in good condition, you could own something that’s worth a whole lot of money. Now, some items are rarer than others, the rarer it is, the more money they will be worth.

So which Star Wars items are the ones that pay the big bucks? Throughout this article, I’ll go through the Top 10 items that are worth the most money.

So if you recognize any of these items, you might want to get digging through your attic to find them. Then you can get them to auction and reap the rewards…or keep them in hopes that they go up in value over time. 

Top 7 Items Worth The Most Money

Action Figures With An Original Collectors Coin/Collectors Coins

More often than not, collectible items tend not to be worth all that much, however, this is not the case with the ‘Power Of The Force’ collectible coins. At one time, these coins were available with the purchase of an action figure. They were often mail-ordered prizes. 

If you have quite a few of these coins knocking around, they can be worth anything from just a couple of bucks to a few hundred dollars, depending on the coins that you own. Although, the real money comes when you have a coin and action figure that is still in its original packaging. 

In fact, if you have the ‘Yak Face’ action figure and the coin you could be looking at upwards of a couple of thousand dollars. Only a real superfan is likely to remember this character, and the action figure was actually cut from production making it very rare. 

Most of the Yak Faces that were produced were sent mainly to Canada and parts of Europe too, which is perhaps why the figurines can sell for such a hefty sum in the USA. As of 2015, one Yak Face with the collector’s coin sold for $7500. 

Some ‘Revenge Of The Jedi’ Merchandise

Revenge of the Jedi Poster

If you’re an avid Star Wars fan you’ll probably already know that the third installment of the trilogy, originally had a different name.

1983’s Revenge Of The Sith was first released as Revenge Of The Jedi, and some of the merchandise for the film had already begun production before the change in name. This is why it is possible to purchase Revenge Of The Jedi toys and posters.

Many Star Wars fanatics will pay some serious money to get their hands on some of these rare items. This is because of the limited number of them circulating. One Revenge Of The Jedi poster was sold at auction for more than $16,000.  

A Rare Blue ‘Snaggletooth’ Action Figure

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these action figures, you could be able to sell it for hundreds of dollars. This particular figure comes from the original Star Wars film called A New Hope. The figurine’s actual name is Zutton, but it is more commonly known as Snaggletooth. 

The character actually wore a red outfit throughout the film, but in early production, the action figure had a blue outfit.

Blue SnaggleTooth
Blue Snaggletooth figure

If you have a red Snaggletooth, it’s unlikely that it will be worth all that much, but if you do have the blue version, you’ll likely make a fair bit of money back off it. 

And while this isn’t exactly priceless, it is a really popular collector’s item, that is sure to sell. So it’s definitely worth having a root around for, if it looks familiar. 

The Canadian ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Multipack 

Canadian ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Multipack

Many American fans highly covert this Canadian multipack. And if you think this looks familiar, and it’s still in mint condition, then you could be looking at a small fortune if you take it to auction. 

In fact, this multipack has sold for upwards of $32,500 dollars. The pack was sold exclusively to Sears stores in Canada, and they were popular and in high demand on release, and it has only since increased. 

Star Wars Comic Issue No.1. 35 Cent Variant

Star Wars #1 - 35 cent variant

If you’re a fan of collecting comic books, then you may want to add this one to your list. But finding one is no easy feat. In fact, it is estimated that only 1500 issues of this particular comic were produced globally. This means that many collectors are willing to pay over the odds for it. 

Certain Unpainted Boba Fett Prototypes

Some unpainted Boba Fett prototypes have auctioned for over $100,000. Yes, you did read that right – over $100,000. 

Rare Boba Fett figure

Most Boba Fett action figures in general tend to be amongst the favorites for collectors. And many of them can sell for high prices, it is, however, the unpainted prototype version that will really bring in the big dollars.  The most recent sale was in June 2022, for $236,000.1

Luke Skywalker Action Figure With Telescoping Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker is an obvious hero to many of the fans, so it’s not hard to see why so many different action figures were produced. Luke Skywalker action figures with a telescoping lightsaber are fairly rare though, 

At one point there were also Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi telescoping versions too. Unfortunately, these turned out to be really fragile, and most of these action figures tended to break and so they were scrapped from production – including Skywalker’s version. 

Luke Skywalker figure with telescopic saber

This meant that these action figures became incredibly rare and so they became an extremely valuable addition to a collector’s set. In 2015 one of these figures sold for over $25,000.2

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to buy toys and posters at the time of production and to just shove them away, in an old cupboard or the attic perhaps.

But if any of these toys mentioned today sound familiar to you, it might be worth having a rummage to see what condition they are still in. 

If you were lucky enough to purchase a rare collectible item, it could now be worth upwards of $25,000.


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