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The Kowalski Protocol on Amazon

The Kowalski Protocol on Amazon

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New Science Fiction Novel Now Available on Amazon:

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The Kowalski Protocol is a translation from the original novel in German
Largo, FL – October 19, 2021 –The Kowalski Protocol: Death Feature, a military science fiction novel originally published in German, is now available in English. The book can be purchased on worldwide in both Kindle and paperback formats.

The story takes place on Mars in the year 2187. The main character, Captain Pitt Kowalski, must save the residents of a Martian colony who have been dying from unknown cause. The plot–which is riveting from the very beginning–unfolds in just under 24 hours and features a technological twist.

The author of The Kowalski Protocol series, Armin Weber, has been writing science fiction novels for years. His stories focus on the effects of technical and social progress on people. The concepts in the book are based on what we know about space and technology today, and how it could be used in the future. He published the book in German last year.

The Kowalshi Protocol

Robin Weber, who is originally from Germany and has lived in Florida since the mid 90s, translated
the book. Weber says that he was excited to translate The Kowalski Protocol in part because he
himself has always been interested in space exploration. “My own interest in space and the
colonization of Mars runs deep. I’ve read a lot about the topic, and living in Florida, not far from the
Space Coast, only strengthens this interest. As for the novel: it’s not just a ‘they landed on Mars, now
what?’ story. It’s a twisted thriller with some really intriguing concepts and a great villain!”
The second book in The Kowalski Protocol series, Skylight, is set to be translated and published in
the Spring of 2022. The books will be published and promoted by Nobin Marketing, LLC.

Here is a small excerpt from the book:

The Kowalski Protocol: Death Feature – Excerpt

Tali pulled out her MRT scanner and scanned the boulder.

“Careful, sweetheart,” Ray said, “don’t touch that thing! It could be poisonous or acidic.”

Tali didn’t react to Ray’s comment. “No signs of life, not even from the plants. And, what’s even

more strange: the scanner isn’t registering anything, not from the green patches or from the rock


“What kind of plant is that?” Arietta asked.

Tali, the astrobiologist of the team, shook her head. “On Earth, I would say some sort of algae, or

some kind of unknown moss. But this, this is nothing, I’m absolutely sure of it.”

“What do you mean?” Ray asked. “You’re standing right in front of it, you’re seeing it, like the rest

of us. Or is there anyone here who isn’t seeing this thing?” Ray looked at the others, inviting them

with a hand gesture to share their perspective. No one reacted.

“I wonder,” Pitt said, “how this boulder got here. Maybe it’s a meteorite.”

“With green patches?” Tali said, smiling behind the visor of her helmet. “Come on, Captain.”

Pitt looked around. There were no signs the boulder could have crashed down from above. Their

helmet system would immediately advise them of any damage to the building of that size. But the

system stayed quiet.

“Does anyone see a hole in the roof? Shards of glass or destroyed walls? I don’t. There are only two

possible explanations for how the rock got here. Either the residents lugged it down here, or…” Pitt


“Or?” Ray interrupted. “…or what?”

“We’re dealing with something completely different.”

Without waiting for a response, Pitt took a few steps forward. He touched the rock and was

startled to discover that it wasn’t solid. He could reach through it, like the flame of a candle, or

through a ray of sunshine. The rock was nothing but light. This could only mean one thing: a


Passage from The Kowalski Protocol book

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