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Most Valuable Star Wars Figures

Star Wars is arguably the greatest sci-fi themed media franchise of all time. This franchise that began with the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope has gone from strength to strength, shattering numerous cinema and box office records along the way. It is therefore not surprising that action figures associated with the film are generally desirable and widely popular. It is not uncommon to see kids and grown-ups alike who have miniature props and figurines of characters from the film. Some of these toys are quite common and can be gotten easily at the local store.

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Best Star Wars Toys for 5 Years Old – Reviews with Comparison

Star Wars has captured the hearts of children for over 40 years, and, with the upcoming finale to the last installment of the Star Wars Saga coming in December, kids are ready for some awesome Star Wars toys under that Christmas tree. The franchise boasts the most successful film merchandise ever according to the Guinness World Records, and it is no wonder!

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188) Review

When it comes to Star Wars, one of the most iconic structures in the Star Wars universe is the Death Star. This is a foreboding space station that is capable of destroying an entire planet. It is one of the objects that we think of the most when it comes to Star Wars. It is the object that Luke Skywalker destroyed in the first movie. In the third movie, Return of the Jedi, it was only partially completed again, and it serves as the backdrop for the battle between the Emperor, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.

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Star Wars Toys to Invest In: Our Top Picks

Are you looking for Star Wars toys to invest in? There are many different Star Wars toys out there that you can buy. Some of them are worth more than others, and some of them are great investments if you can find them still available. Many of the Star Wars toys released in the past are now worth a lot of money, and they make good investments. Here is a rundown of the top Star Wars toys that you should be investing in today.

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