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LEGO Star Wars 6253568 Y-Wing Starfighter Review

Move over X-Wing — this Lego Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter set is here to prove that the Rebel Alliance is definitely more than a one-trick pony. While admittedly not as iconic as the famous X-Wing fighters, the Y-Wing is still no slouch when it comes to capable starfighters in the Star Wars universe. Mainly used for bombing runs against capital ships and ground targets, Y-Wing fighters are also used for dogfights against enemy forces.

Now thanks to this Lego Star Wars set, you can build your very own large-scale Y-Wing replica.

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LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Review

There is perhaps no space fighter from the Star Wars franchise more popular than the TIE fighter. First appearing in the original Star Wars film, Episode IV – A New Hope, these single pilot fighter vehicles are a vital part of the Imperial fleet — so much so, that even Darth Vader himself piloted one. Now thanks to Lego Star Wars and this 1,685 piece set, you can build your very own TIE fighter.

As you can probably imagine due to the huge number of pieces that come with this product, it’s quite a detailed recreation of a TIE fighter.

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LEGO Star Wars TM Betrayal Review

Depending on who you ask, you’ll find no shortage of Star Wars fans who will tell you that Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, is the greatest Star Wars film of all time. In fact, it’s also commonly considered one of the greatest movie sequels of all time as well. This is largely because the movie features SO many iconic scenes. The Battle of Hoth, the Darth Vader –Luke Skywalker plot twist, the introduction of Yoda, and pretty much everything that happens on Cloud City. Now, thanks to Lego Star Wars, you’ll be able to recreate the famous Betrayal at Cloud City with this 2,812 piece set.

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What Order To Watch Star Wars

With the Star Wars film rapidly approaching a whopping nine mainline series entries (on top of multiple spin-off films already released, with several more in the pipeline), one of the most common questions that newcomers have is what order to watch the Star Wars films in. After all, the fact that the very first Star Wars […]

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Who Is Qi’ra In Star Wars?

There’s certainly no shortage of iconic characters to be found in the Star Wars universe. Whether they originated in the films, books, video games, or other forms of expanded universe media, there are all kinds of interesting and unique characters. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpetine, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt — […]

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What is Your Star Wars Name?

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like if you existed within the Star Wars universe? Would you fight for the Rebel Forces, defending the galaxy against the encroaching Empire? Or would your feet be firmly planted on the Dark Side? Perhaps you would be a Jedi master? The options are seemingly endless. And […]

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