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COGNITION – British Short Sci-Fi Film

COGNITION – British Short Sci-Fi Film

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I always want to support the little guys, especially in the sci-fi niche, we always want more and fresh ideas to keep coming out. So today we are featuring someone from the UK.


Planet Vega, a breathtaking world of unparalleled beauty… 10-year old Abner dreams of nothing more than exploring the entire universe as he gazes up at Vega’s majestic Twilight sky.

But those dreams are far from realistic – He and his father Elias live a humble, nomadic lifestyle on the endless desert-scapes of Vega. But miles away there is another Vega, a state-controlled Vega, separate from the colonies. A Vega that is home only to an Elite class to have built a technological Empire that is unexcelled in the universe.

This is a world Elias fears, a world he has kept Secret from Abner all these years. But he can only shepherd his son for so long… This uncompromising short Sci-Fi drama fuses two distant worlds in a roller-coaster ride through the darkest chasms of the mind.

Watch the Official Trailer here:

If you want to check out more info about the team, check out

COGNITION will be available in 9 languages across 92 countries, from February 2nd 2021 on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube Premium

Cognition is a very personal film for me, I have always been fascinated
with the inner workings of the mind, and what it means to confront your trauma / demons and follow your dreams….. I hope the audience will enjoy coming on this psychological rollercoaster ride.

Director and producer Ravi Ajit Chopra